How Psychic Nevaeh Saved a Marriage

The Walls They Built

I work nights. One evening “Katy” called. She and her husband had separated. As she was crying, she told me she spent many years trying to make their marriage work. She had children, her husband had children and they had a child together, and bringing up their seven children wasn’t working. Everything became too much for both of them, and after a fight, “Katy” moved in with her parents.

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She Assumed It Was Over

When “Katy” first called me, she asked if her husband was coming back to her. He asked for a divorce, so she assumed it was over. However, I kept seeing tile and bare walls. “Katy” told me that her husband did not finish tiling their bathroom. In fact, he had left the bathroom unfinished for two years! The tension was so bad in the house the the children were fighting too and taking sides. “Katy” felt hopeless. She was unsure of herself and her husband’s love. She was also afraid that his children did not like her.

The Nights Were the Hardest

I could feel “Katy’s” love for her husband and his children and she missed them dearly. She said one day they were happy and the next she was leaving the home. She was getting caught up in the anguish and pain. The nights were the hardest because she missed her husband and the sound of everyone in the home she loved for six years. “Is it really over, Nevaeh?” I knew that this couple needed some extra loving care and no, this marriage was not over. I began reading nine voices in her home. Each child and her husband wanted the marriage to work too. So yes, things would get better. It was just a matter of time.

Do Nothing When You’ve Tried Everything

I once interviewed Maya Angelou. I asked her a simple question: “What do you do when you don’t know what to do?” Her answer: “Do nothing, baby.” I know she wasn’t a psychic but I also knew to trust her guides. Do nothing? Would “Katy” be able to? “Katy” is a medical professional, so she is the type to want to fix things fast, and being a Libra moon, she needs balance as well. I told “Katy” what I had felt in this situation. I said, “Do nothing because you’ve tried everything.” No more calls; no more arguing. I could feel this was going to be hard for “Katy.” However, I could also feel her husband stepping up. He knew what had to be done for his sanity and for his family.

He Wanted Her Back

I saw the tile that was lying in the bathroom, and I saw the bare walls. I knew “Katy’s” husband wanted to finish the bathroom. He wanted her back, but first he wanted to finish the bathroom and tile it. “Katy” thought about this as I spoke. I told “Katy” that fixing the marriage was her responsibility too. She would have to calm down and focus on loving herself. “Katy” stopped crying when I told her that her husband was coming back and that he was so in love with her. She was hesitant but hopeful.

Three weeks later, “Katy” called again. She said, “The tile is done in the bathroom and my husband wants me back!” I felt the energy pouring from her voice. I knew her husband was overloaded, but he also loved her dearly and wanted some space to fix the home and figure things out. He may have let go of the bathroom, but not his love for his wife. I read that he wanted the marriage to work, and when he finished the walls he asked her to move back. I could feel his love surrounding the home, “Katy” and the children.

“Katy” changed through our calls too. Her voice was now steady and balanced. I told her, “Sometimes we lose our sea legs because the waves get bumpy. People don’t remember how we fall, but they do remember how we get back up again. And your husband got back up.” She knew her husband was trying. She knew he wasn’t with another woman.

A Vacation, a New House and a New Life

When “Katy” called me again, it was to tell me that she and her husband were going on a dream vacation—without their seven children. Eventually they purchased their dream home, and yes, the bathroom is already tiled!

“Katy’s” call moved me to tears. I saw her change and it impacted me, spiritually. I knew it wasn’t about the unfinished tile on the bathroom walls. It was about the walls she and her husband had built around each other that needed to get knocked down. “Katy” and her husband did that with my help, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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