Your Weekend Horoscope: Word vs. Will

Defend or Be Overpowered

It will be a battle of the word vs. the will as a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cancer dukes it out against imposing Pluto in Capricorn. Cancer represents your security, your family, your home, and your tribe. With expressive Mercury and action-oriented Mars in sync in this sign, you will be quick to verbally (and if needed, physically) defend the people, places, and things that fall under your protection and care. Pluto in Capricorn represents the power and influence of the old guard—those who seek to use power to maintain the status quo. Will you succeed in defending your turf or will outside forces overpower you and take control?

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Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you could become increasingly aggravated about a private matter on Friday. Something that a family member says might set you off or you might be frustrated about a problem that you are dealing with on the home front. Chances are that there is a much deeper issue than what is appearing on the surface and this weekend’s events are merely bringing it to the surface. Sunday could bring a showdown with a parent, your boss, or someone whose expectations are exacerbating your personal problems. Standing up for yourself, without taking things personally, will help reduce your stress.


People around you will have no doubt that you say what you mean and you mean what you say. Whether you are speaking out from excitement, frustration, or anger, your words will be crystal clear. Your written communication skills will be equally strong, so this is a good time to take on an important written project. Your passion for this project will help you bring it to a successful completion. In both spoken and written communication, you should make sure that you really know what you are talking about. On Sunday, an authority figure might question your grasp of the facts.


You may be in hurry to wrap up a financial matter, but it won’t be to your advantage to act in haste. You might make a mistake, especially if you are acting from a place of frustration or fear. Similarly, an impulse purchase could leave you with buyer’s remorse, so save your receipts and avoid final sales. On Sunday, your partner or someone close to you could call you out on your spending or you might have a conflict with a person or institution whom you rely upon for support. If you aren’t in a position to act independently, you will have to find a way to play by the rules.


You are super motivated to take care of a personal matter. But if anything stands in your way, your high energy will quickly morph into anger. It is a sight to behold when you lose your cool because people never see it coming. Be careful not to start a battle if you can’t win the war. An imposing figure may take issue with your attitude and give you the fight of your life. When you feel your anger rising, take a walk around the block or make an emergency trip to the gym. Deescalate potential disasters before things go too far.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that it can be challenging to get the rest and relaxation you need when emotional unrest threatens to keep you up at night. Instead of tossing and turning, it might be helpful to do some journaling or you might want to reach out to someone who can offer guidance on your concerns. Your frustration may pertain to a work or health situation that makes you feel powerless. There is no point stressing out over something you can’t control. In the weeks ahead, you will have greater control over what’s happening, but for now you need to find a way to relax and ride it out.


An assertive friend may attempt to get you to act on a certain matter, but for you it might feel more like being pushed into something you don’t want to do. You will feel especially irked if he or she is meddling in a matter that pertains to your children or your love life. You don’t necessarily share the same values, so this could be the thing that puts you at odds. Gently let the offending party know you are capable of putting out your own fires. Similarly, you should be careful not to dole out unsolicited criticism or advice.


You are eager to be seen and to get your point across to your boss or colleagues. You are heavily invested in pushing your agenda, so you are prepared to come on strong. Timing and tone are everything. If you let your emotions override your sense of logic, you could end up making a spectacle of yourself. What is really driving this surge of ambition? Are you trying to prove something to a parent who has unrealistic expectations? Or are you trying to make up for past failings? Keeping your emotions out of the equation will help you determine whether you are making the right move.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you might get pretty defensive if a conversation turns to politics, religion, or another topic you have strong opinions about. Raising your voice won’t make you right. Your attachment to the things you believe in runs pretty deep, so it can be difficult to consider that other points of view might be equally valid. You might want to drop the discussion if you can’t debate the topic and keep a cool head. You will need to exercise an equal amount of calm while behind the wheel, as an incident while driving could inspire road rage.


A heated discussion pertaining to debts, taxes, or money that you share with someone else could bring a problem that has been escalating out into the open. Someone may have a lot to say about how you handle money matters and might suggest you are trying to control what is going on. You do have a pretty tight hold on the purse strings. Is it because you are the most competent person involved in this situation? Or are you afraid to give others the freedom to act and to make decisions on their own? One way or the other, it might be time to make a change.


Your significant other or another important person in your life may have something urgent that he or she wants to say about your relationship. You can expect that there might be some frustration or anger beneath his or her words. If this person pushes things too far you are likely to respond with equal force—even it means blowing your cool in public. Word to the wise: You don’t have to show up at every fight you are invited to. Wait until hot tempers cool down before you attempt to resolve matters. Deflect the tension by finding a common enemy that the two of you can fight against.


You might be pretty gung ho about a fitness program and you are ready to go all in. However, if you haven’t had sufficient rest, you could end up causing more harm than good. Similarly, you might be eager to make progress on a work project, but internal unrest could trip you up. If you are trying to overcompensate for insecurity or a sense of powerlessness, things might not go according to plan. In both scenarios, you should slow down, check that you are in the right headspace, and make sure that you have completed all the preliminary steps before you jump in.


Feeling free to express who you are is super important to you now. You have probably been holding yourself back in some way and the pressure has built up. Your sense of competition might be triggered if a friend appears to bring more to the table than you. Stay focused on your own thing, Pisces. You have your own gifts and unique qualities, so you don’t need to compare yourself to others and you don’t need to compete. Curb the urge to come on strong in the romance department. It is more of a turn off than a turn on when you behave like you have something to prove.

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