Psychic Libby: Love Yourself First

You Are Your First Love

The best love advice I ever got was from my auntie. She would always say, “Love yourself first before you can ever love anyone else.” Loving and respecting yourself give you the freedom to trust and have faith in what you want. If you rush love, pressure love, or want it too fast for all the wrong reasons, you can end up in a failed relationship.

My auntie said that when real love comes to you, you feel a very special energy. It surprises you, but you also feel less stress. You feel like you and your partner can talk for hours about anything without worrying that this person is judging you. You feel happier than you have ever felt. It’s like a magical song when you have real love. You feel so free.

Love is a very special word, but it is also very special in our life. I received love from everyone in my family. It was always special. It could be a smile or a big hug or just the special surprise of cookies from my auntie. Love is just giving without a question mark attached to it. It comes from your heart and it is also called happiness and joy.

Love is a spiritual blessing. It is a blessing that comes back to us when we truly appreciate love.

Love is never a negative word. I believe it is a very holy name.

Love gives you joy in growing and adds many wonderful lessons to your life.

Love has made me a very special, spiritual person. It gives me the insight to understand and respect every single person’s emotions when they are hurt and in need of advice. Once we get the insight and understanding of who we are through loving ourselves, we can then help others to understand themselves.

Love is a word infused with passion.

My auntie was a giver of love. Her love gave me the gift of understanding and caring for others. What I do today I do because of all her love. I show my clients that love can remove all fears within their lonely hearts.

We are here to love and respect each other.

4 thoughts on “Psychic Libby: Love Yourself First

  1. nicolas

    LOVE IS LOVE. “Loving your friends ” your mother, your boss, you lover, yourself, you dog, whatever LOVE IS LOVE, I think you can apply this article to every loved or on how to love every loved one, anyway in your life, however figure it out. I think so. 😉

  2. milton samwali

    am happy with your astrological views which very much apply on me , but you should try to probe more on the aspects loving your friends first as the most recommended thing by god depending how faith full you are on to others or depending on how trust worth faith full towards the person you are rendering love and then am unique from others .

  3. nicolas

    Your “auntie” sure was an ANGEL. Your article speaks right through me and gives me the certainty that some of us aren’t crazy love is like you “auntie” believes to be, only think I need to work a bit more glad u say it why do i worry i’m judged but in the past two years that’s fading, I feel it less and less. THANKS. 🙂


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