50 Ways to Become Their True Love

True Love Ahead: Become the One They Want

Though there are plenty of specific things you can do to become that special someone in your lover’s life, here is a list of general ways you can become the one they want! Do not feel pressured to do anything on this list that does not feel right for you or your relationship, but do consider stepping outside of your comfort zone. These are ideas that I have gathered based on my experiences in many short- and long-term relationships. For both genders, I recommend first reading the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by Dr. John Gray for a better understanding about the psychology of men and women’s behavior in committed, monogamous relationships.

What Ladies Should Do:

1. Make him delicious home-cooked meals with plenty of flavor.

2. Do not waste so much money on shoes, purses, clothes and makeup.

3. Let him hang out in his man cave without disruption.

4. Shave or wax your armpits and legs frequently.

5. Grow, style, and/or color your hair the way he likes.

6. Participate in his sexual fantasy.

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7. Give him unexpected sexual pleasures at random just because.

8. Close the bathroom door. You may be comfortable with it, but he is not.

9. Be a hard worker. Making good money is not threatening these days.

10. Pursue your passions. Have your own hobbies and interests.

11. Do not talk about past relationships or past dating too much.

12. Compliment him on all the great things he does for you and others.

13. Thank him and show your appreciation often.

14. Be flexible.

15. Do not stalk him via text, email, phone or Facebook. This makes him feel hunted.

16. Wait for him to request next steps with monogamy, commitment and moving in.

17. Get along with his family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, children and pets.

18. Be there for him when he needs a favor, no matter what.

19. Communicate when he reaches out to you.

20. Massage his sore body parts.

21. Very calmly, tell him when he upsets you. Try not to cry, yell or storm off!

22. Offer to pay for meals and things when appropriate—about 1/3 of the time.

23. Ask him about his hobbies and interests regularly.

24. Do his laundry sometimes. Fold and/or hang his clothes too.

25. Give him plenty of space and privacy. This will make him want to invite you into his world even more.

What Gentlemen Should Do:

1. Be punctual for dates.

2. Make a plan and stick to it. Keep your promises.

3. Pursue your goals and dreams.

4. Be a protector.

5. Be honest and upfront about wanting or not wanting marriage/children.

6. Keep your past sexual escapades secret.

7. Do not introduce your current girlfriend to your exes if at all possible.

8. Introduce your girlfriend to your friends and family.

9. Ask her to be official and monogamous sooner rather than later.

10. Find out exactly what turns her “on” and gets her “off.”

11. Ask her to be in family photos and to be your date at family events.

12. Make it Facebook official!

13. If she is not “the one,” don’t keep her around and waste her time.

14. Have a male best friend who respects your relationship.

15. Mention your future together frequently.

16. Agree to attend events with her even if it is something you do not enjoy.

17. Let her know where you are even if she doesn’t ask.

18. Reassure her!

19. Spend at least one day of the weekend with her.

20. Massage her feet or lower back after a long day.

21. When she is PMS-ing, be extra nice, and bring her sweet stuff.

22. Never ask her how much she weighs or point out her physical flaws.

23. Keep yourself well-groomed, especially for dates.

24. Agree to take pictures with her whenever she wants. Take your own pictures too.

25. Send flowers to her office (even if she says she doesn’t like that). She does!

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If they are already into you, doing the aforementioned things will make them fall for you even more. If they are not that into you though, be careful because these things may keep them around longer but will probably not lead to anything serious. Only a person you are serious about deserves your extra devotion. Try not to lead someone on if you are not serious about them. You shouldn’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t suit you and you shouldn’t waste anyone else’s time either.

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10 thoughts on “50 Ways to Become Their True Love

  1. Elena

    The article appears very sexist, something from the 1950. The relationship based on the “rules”, is not honest and is not real. The article is written from the point of view of a man (and not very developed), no doubt! 🙂

  2. anon

    Some of the ones for women to do for their men is outdated & shallow, like color your hair the way he wants…he doesn’t like the way I look what the hell is he doing with me?

  3. Kaitlyn Cardillo

    Way to go, Nicolas! Your comments were much more real world than Barbie and Ken. I’m the only person in my family who can’t cook. I refuse to color my hair. If he doesnt like me for me and I don’t lie him for him, if the relationship in’t “real” to begin with, then what the hell are we basing it off of? Backrubs and laundry and hairdye don’t make true love, compatibility and companionability do. >backrubs help, though, from the woman’s pov. pay attention, guys.<


    ‘Nicolas’, i felt like i was reading an article rather than a comment. Thats very insightful. love your comment hope you find your true love soon. With God, all things are possible, just continue to keep your faith and trust in him. A good article overall.

  5. Emma

    “5. Grow, style, and/or color your hair the way he likes.” This is terrible. If he doesn’t like my style, what is he doing with me after all? It is MY hair, MY style and he has no word in it!!! Melody Lee, are you a guy??? If not, what is the matter with you???

  6. Sandra

    First why should the woman cook? My father was a way better cook than I am. Secondly, I am not a guy’s mother, I do my son’s laundry, that is enough. Some of these tips come off sounding sexist. What did my generation go through Women’s Liberation for? I’m sick of guys who want a woman to play by their rules or they don’t want to play. What is wrong with honesty and being who you are? Why are guys so threatened by that? Of course, being kind and considerate of each other’s feelings is important, but frankly, I’ve noticed guys like women who aren’t very nice to them, to put it politely. I guess I’ll just stay single, since apparently, figuring out the way men think is beyond me.

  7. nicolas

    Well, this leaves me thinking as individual I should write my own list ’bout what she should do but then again is that what l really want to do I wouldn’t ask her ever to do anything she wouldn’t like to do for me and if it’s true love this should not be an issue, however I think stupidly romantic I am indeed platonic and I totally understand that I should at least say something : Well, number one, I will tell her that I am more interested in living life by the golden rules, the ten commandments, good etiquette and protocol not hypocrisy and dirty politics but if I respect pretty much ( and she too ) how life goes, I don’t think we need to worry about laundry meals cooked special this special that don’t do this do that I mean come on, this is fro children my angel can and should know how to tell me she would like to step in to my world and because she is and it is my true love she CAN, and so reversal. I think. Again, I might be wrong. But, I’m trying to be honest. Who makes the bed who doesn’t who pays for meals who doesn’t ? Oh Wow, I don’t know is too much for me to handle. Now there is more, you wrote : “Very calmly, tell him when he upsets you. Try not to cry, yell or storm off” I found that clicked me in the heart. Yeah well again if you go by the golden rules u should know that don’t treat anyone the way u dont like someone to treat u, but in any case she can cry, on my shoulders. I am here to protect her and to make her feel good and to up lift her if need as many times. If I upset her, I should be the first one to know, and to try to fix it right there. I am like that and I have been working on it for three years with my own self so when my true love and angel comes, I don’t have to learn to say I am sorry and learn how to make it up to her. It is not right to do something to upset someone else and think that you have the right to continue to do so, each individual is different and in LOVE u have to compromise and to commit. So what. Also, my primordial thing I would say to her is that I kind of like to have a relationship with GOD or the LIGHT as if he was human and if she kind of like either be that way, or let me be that way or not get jealous of GOD or the LIGHT. Cause I still need to move higher, and she is an angel so she is fine, that’s why my true love HAS TO BE AN ANGEL. Great article, Thanks.


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