Psychic Jean: Giving Life Purpose

What Can Psychic Jean ext. 5132 See for You?

Jean ext. 5132 is a no-tools reader who was born into a family that has been psychic for generations, including clairvoyant, empathic and spiritual healers. Since an early age she has been able to do remote viewing. Reading professionally for over 35 years, she has assisted thousands of people in locating missing persons and missing objects. With your permission, this gift also enables her to access a person’s Akashic records in order to answer questions on personal and familial karmic matters. Jean ext. 5132 is a straightforward, non-judgmental reader who wants to empower you so that you can better prepare for personal and professional challenges and aspirations. Because she has studied with many masters from a variety of traditions, Jean is able to readily connect spiritually with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. By letting Jean work with you and your angels, she will help you resolve your most pressing questions concerning your relationships and financial matters.

We caught up with her, and got some great thoughts and wisdom!

How did she become psychic?

“I was born. I can remember the day I was born. My grandmother would say I was here to help others, and that’s what the Lord brought me here for. I was raised to understand the world of helping other people, and just giving of myself. It was about giving of the self. Through that I learned so many things about how to empower people. I was able to start organizations for battered women and children. It’s really helped me through life. I’ve had to live it. It’s a hard life, but I think everybody with my gift understands that. You learn at that young age what your purpose is, and what you’re supposed to do in this world.

“When I talk to my clients, I try to empower them, to find that place inside them to bring soul and spirit together, to understand what love means. To love from the soul. That’s true love. To love from just the heart is something of just today or tomorrow. To teach people to love from their soul, and the meaning of love, that’s what’s important.”

Why does she read with California Psychics?

“California Psychics is the most incredible avenue for everyone. If somebody has that gift, they should get on California Psychics to give. It’s a great avenue to help other human beings. It’s an honor, absolutely an honor to do this. California Psychics helps their clients grow and straighten things out. It’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.”

What have some of her notable successes been?

“I had a client, she called me two years ago, she broke up with her boyfriend, and thought she’d never find love again. It was a difficult time, she had two children, so there was difficulty with her moving on in life. She was calling every other day. Now she’s not only married with a new child, she also has incredible meaning in her life. She’s changed it around. I’ve seen it time and time again. I had one gentleman who thought life was over. Now he doesn’t even have enough time in the day to do all the things he wants to do. That’s what we do—help people find direction. He’s starting up a new company. I’m so proud of him.

“When a person needs help, I want to be there. That’s what I want to do with my life. I won’t tell you something is like Disneyland. I’ll give you something you’re needing. It’s a gift from G-d and the angels. It’s like a young lady this morning I was talking to. She was saying ‘I don’t want to live anymore,’ and I said ‘Are you crazy? There’s so much for you to do.  Get a pencil and let’s start writing.’ She called back and said ‘I went through the list and you’re right. I’m gonna do this.’ That’s what it’s about. Not just helping relationships or telling people they’re gonna be lucky. It’s about giving them purpose.”

What can Jean ext. 5132 see for you? Give her a call!

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  1. marialaloca77Mariah

    That’s right!!! “Pourpose” That is defenitly a wonderful feeling. Thanks for reminding us. Follow your heart and your gutt. Make them work together not against eachother. If your heart says, “go out, socialize, dance a little, find a way to blend in the crowd like your gutt never let you get away with. Gutts! Use them and take a chance in love! Or Lust! Either way your taking the 1st steps to endless adventures. Give your self the opportunity to be succesful.


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