Your Weekly Career Horoscope for February 25 – March 3, 2013

Mercury Goes Retrograde

The week of February 25 begins with Mercury going retrograde along with the high energy of a Full Moon in Virgo. At the same time Venus enters her sign of exaltation, Pisces is creating powerful changes in focus at the workplace. It is a time to reflect on your deepest inspiration and to open the financial flow to reach your purpose in life. The Virgo Moon demands that you deal with the form and detail of your dreams, so start making notes and communicating in ways that support what you want in life. Want to see if you’ll achieve your dreams? Talk with Psychic Ariel ext. 9775 to see what happens next.


Monday through Wednesday is a great time to get feedback from coworkers to refine your plans. The workplace is full of unseen forces. Take all your Aries drive and energy to review what you’ve already put into motion and listen to others’ comments.


It’s easier to get your graceful view of what should be happening in your career and creative efforts expressed this week with a less frenzied work environment. The week begins with your ideas coming into form, and you’ll be making those new projects work on Tuesday.


Your work during the beginning of the week  is tied to others’ desires and their difficulties in expressing themselves. By mid-week, as usual, you will be the point person to make sense of what teammates are trying to create. In fact, you are the person who can actually get that project to happen over the latter part of the week.


You are so sensitive to the depths of pain coworkers are expressing during the week of February 25 that you need to take time for yourself, yet there is a lot to gain in your career from grasping what everyone needs and expressing it to someone who can make changes. Your creativity will flourish by Friday throughout the weekend.


The week of February 25 is a time to really listen to others and find your own voice as the leader in your workplace to get things accomplished. Put the financial needs for your work group’s plans in place at the beginning of the week and then partner with your most sensitive team member on Wednesday and Thursday to create a meaningful project.

“A positive outcome requires a positive vision. Your vision framed by your love has the power to influence and transform the present and create the future.” – Psychic Kelli ext. 5130


You are the person at the beginning of the week of February 25 to begin to bring the transformational ideas about your business into form. Inspired and inspiring partners who have difficulty in finding grounding for their ideas will be counting on you. You’ll be able to make everything happen through friends and networking.


You may find health and training issues dominating the workplace and your time during the first part of this week, particularly as Monday February 25 rolls around. By Wednesday, you’ll be able to go forward with your plans for clients and do some studying of your own to pursue financing for your ultimate career dream.


The beginning of the week is as a great time to share your creative efforts through networking. Give these great concepts time to germinate with the public, and you’ll see a good return within the next month to six weeks. By Friday, you’ll be on to other great ideas that can take form in the future.


You’ll be doing a juggling act between the demands at home and career efforts at the beginning of the week. Wednesday is the day to share your past efforts over the Internet and with friends to get feedback. Your plans will happen, just be patient and give them a little time.


Strong communication is needed to bring your business concepts to fruition during of the week of February 25. You’ll need to effectively describe the way your creative efforts can take form at the beginning of the week. Networking is your vehicle for success from Friday through the weekend.


Use your passion for learning to really inspire others during the week of February 25. Coworkers and clients will be seriously looking for substance and workable ways that would make your great ideas happen, particularly at the beginning of the week. Build on their questions and by mid-week you’ll reach the public with those wonderful impressions.


With the Full Moon at the beginning of the week of February 25 and Venus entering your sign to join the Sun, Neptune, Mars and Chiron, you are the amazing source of the flow that can make things happen in the workplace and show others what you have to offer. By the end of the week, you’ll see your inspiration taking form after you team up with coworkers or clients.

“The universe is designed for a harmonious inflow and outflow at all times, and when that balance gets upset because some person is out of balance, the harmony stops and something else takes over.” –  Psychic Fiona ext. 5178

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