Psychic Indio: Long Distance Relationships

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Long-distance relationships are incredibly hard to pull off, and often don’t work simply because the couple doesn’t see each other that often. As a result, they don’t have regular physical intimacy or even just plain old hugs and kisses, and there is the mind’s tendency to imagine all kinds of horrible scenarios when not with the other person.

But with electronic communication tools like Skype becoming so widespread, as well as e-dating sites or Internet forums connecting people from different locales, the long-distance relationship is something more and more people are finding themselves in. Consider how many couples work to keep their relationship going while one is in the military and stationed overseas or on a tour of duty. Or, with the economy being what it is, one who has to take a temporary or permanent job in another city and either wait to come back to their partner or wait to raise the funds to relocate their partner to where they are.

All in all, it’s an increasingly complicated world, and while long-distance relationships may not be ideal (though they may be more ideal for some!), they’re getting increasingly common.

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