Psychic Elijah on How to Open Your Heart

Ever get so caught up fantasizing about “the one” you love that you don’t notice all the great people you might be missing out on? Psychic Elijah ext. 5211 talks about opening your heart to new love.

Congrats also to Elijah … he has been promoted to $4.50!

11 thoughts on “Psychic Elijah on How to Open Your Heart

  1. Mary -Mare

    I agree, I have been through enough bad relationships and the last with with a con artist, who I trusted to marry, he ripped me off for one million dollars. I am severly disabled and now alone, not able to keep up my house like a well person. I have been published, am a a writer and graphic artist, but problems with my mental and physical have been making me very depressed. I write true life stories, I have many,
    as I have led a very colorful life so far.
    If anyone needs help with editing, I;m really good and it would help me stop thinking about my currunt boyfriend, who is letting me down in his

    Thanks and God Bless~

  2. Nancy

    How would you suggest changing the patterns of your behavior? Broke up with a guy after a long relationship and would welcome someone new in my life; however, it just isn’t happening. Any suggestions?

  3. Gayle

    I can truly understand where Carolina is coming from…Love hurts, bad! I’m hurting now. I do love myself, but maybe apparently not enough as I love this other person, who loves me, but can’t love me back the way I love him.. its a circle of hurt for me.

  4. Natasha

    I agree Elijah. I think people build walls to protect themselves, but walls keep people out. Also, change the patterns of your behavior, project what you want and it will come to you.


  5. Psychic Anya Dawn ext 9179

    Awesome video and statement, Elijah! I was fortunate to meet and spend some time with Elijah at CP headquarters, and he is a completely kind person. He is very thoughtful and when you call him you will get sincere answers.

    Thumbs up all the way for Elijah!
    Anya Dawn ext 9179

  6. AngelEyes

    Hey Carolina,

    I think we all go through that at some point in our lives, but it’s important recognize that it probably means it’s time to go inside and do some work on yourself. Focus on loving yourself and healing anything that’s been lingering. Once you reach that state of loving yourself, your whole perspective changes and you start attracting people, because you are allowing yourself to love and be loved. The only way out is through, so realize it’s just a period where you should pay attention to yourself and things will start to change.


  7. Carolina

    How do you go about opening yourself to more, I truly feel that I am not getting it somehow 🙁 On the most part I try to be positive and look forward to meeting better people in the future and then something will happen that sends me back to where I began. I just don’t want to hurt anymore..


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