Psychic Deejay: Are They My Soulmate?

Soulmates: The Eternal Question

I often get asked the question “Is he or she my soulmate?” I do my best to answer as my Guide of Wisdom has explained it to me. I will start with the definitions given to me in hopes that this will help enlighten the process of soul evolution. Again, this is from my guides and angels who I trust for answers and understanding.

Souls are a collective energy of lifetimes of experiences, memories, lessons and growth. You can return for many different reasons and many different objectives. There are all stages of souls in any given human lifetime. I am told there are still new souls born into this lifetime; they are rare but not impossible to meet. For the majority of people we meet, their souls have experienced many human lifetimes. Some we meet are very old souls and they are preparing for their spiritual transformation into future stages.

For each lifetime we return, there are other souls we shared experiences with, and these become our soul groups or soul families. We tend to experience lifetimes with the same souls over and over for different reasons or different lessons or different growth attachments. When your soul finds love with a soul from previous lifetimes, in the current lifetime, this is when they become your soulmate. For some it is one soulmate in this lifetime, but for others it can be more than one soulmate in this lifetime. I am also told you may have soulmates from other lifetimes and for some, even more than once, but it does not mean you will be soulmates in this lifetime. It truly depends on why your soul has decided to come back and for what purpose. Twin flames are different altogether, I’m told, and they need to be addressed separately at another time.

The reason there is such a pull or connection between people who are from the same soul group is because of the familiar feel and comfortable energy over lifetimes. Again, because this is important and often confusing, just because you’re here during this lifetime together, doesn’t mean you’re soulmates for this lifetime. It can be frustrating, because your souls remember many lifetimes together and pull the two of you together, but if the lesson or growth or commitment is not aligning with the reason for the return, or if one person’s growth for this lifetime is not where it should be, then the souls cannot stay connected at that time. Life is not predestined. There are destinies or purposeful things for the soul, but this stage of life includes free will. I’m told that there will be other stages that do not include free will, but for now the focus is on this human lifetime.

The fact is that without being with someone from your soul group, you can still find love, because for this lifetime your objective may have been to be more independent without the help of souls from your past. So when it comes to the question of soulmates, it’s hard to give a clear answer without examining more of who and where you are in this lifetime.

It’s easy for me to see soul groups, because my guides show me a symbol. It’s a beautiful symbol best described as two brilliantly golden rings intersecting, radiating light energy and producing the most amazing, golden-purple glow. So yes, it’s easy for me to see soul groups, but it takes so much more to become true soulmates. When the soulmate connection develops, you experience a love so deep, strong, complex and magical. You begin to know you have never truly loved anyone like this relationship. Most importantly, your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level. The soulmate relationship brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness for both of you, and both of you are so grateful to be together.

The idea of a soulmate relationship is everything you dreamed it could be, and finding your soulmate is one of the most satisfying relationships to embrace. I thank my Guide of Wisdom for such an amazing communication, and if I can help or if you have any questions about your relationship, please call me, Deejay ext. 5435, or one of the many other wonderful California Psychics. We are here for you.

43 thoughts on “Psychic Deejay: Are They My Soulmate?

  1. Amy

    Deejay, I have been told the same information from another psychic so it’s comforting to be reminded. I found my soulmate. We have been in love for over 25 years. He even remembers flashes from our previous lifetimes. I didn’t put much stock in it until the psychic confirmed everything he’s been telling me. I also believe we have been found each other to learn our Kharmic lessons. I’m so grateful that I have him by my side now that I am so ill. It’s real.

  2. cheryl

    I have met a soulmate twice in my life. However why is the timing always wrong for us. I think perhaps it is meant to be close friends. And I’am happy with our friendship. I have found not all soulmates, will be together.
    Thank you, for the article!

  3. Sharon

    I’ve been seeing someone for three years and a standstill right now I just want to know what I should do on alright just leave it alone

  4. sharon

    Hello I’ve been with this man 5yr off an and 13yr strate we have four kids an he just left us will he try to come back is he my soulmate

  5. ruby

    ok not sure where to start I have been married to the same man for 9 years now. over a few years I have fell out of love because he drinks a lot and he really had not paid much attention to me. well I left him for someone much younger than me I really love him I guess but I went back to my husband cause he treated me bad. the younger man says he changed I do not know how true it is. I just need to know what I can do to change my situation. I really would like to sleep with my husband and not be sick to my stomach. please help

  6. Allan

    Instantly connected with a girl 43 years ago,when I was 18 and she was 15.She came to my neighborhood with a friend of mine.I never met anyone like her before.The next time I saw her,she came to my neighborhood alone.I asked her out and she accepted.We went out a few times.I was crazy about her, and she seemed like she liked me a lot.One night,I saw her walking with a friend of mine,holding each other and laughing.They both saw me.I decided not to call her anymore, even though it killed me.She saw other friends of mine and told them to have me call her, which I did not do.She married my friend, and then they divorced.She is now remarried. I am also happily married, but always think of her.I found her email, and contacted her.She does not remember me.Do you think she is one of my soulmates, and that we experienced past lives together, and we met in this lifetime to help each other.Thank you.

  7. Vivian Foster

    Dear Deejay, your article sealed my existenced for me. I have felt so content since I met this person in l977 in CA. He was hired where I was working. I did’nt recognize him at first as my soulmate because he was wearing beards, so after two weeks he removed them and I had to turn away because such a funny feeelin came over me. The next day I said to him he was a February Pisces. I felt like I had been looking for somethinge or someone all my life. We both had lived in five different states, from West Virginia to California. He was married,. so we could only be friends. He said he wished he had meet me ten years ago. After 32 years he is stillon my mind. Like you said some soulmates are not to be together in this previous life. But I am so glad we met.

  8. Vickie

    Daerest DeeJay,
    Imust say I do believein soul famlies. My friend Jana, its like we have known eachother for ever! And my friend Krystal is the same way. It sounds kinda funny but I call them my soul sisters. My name is Vickie and my bday is 2-14-70. Can you tell me if they are part of my soul family? It would explane soooo much. thank you for your precious time.

  9. Rere

    Are there such a person as your soulmate and if so are there signs not just physical, because that gets old after a while.

  10. Aishah

    Life is a journey, i met two soul mates .Thi life time one has past to the other side. The present one, is such aage differents.Yet,we share few a lot, my sum in scorpio, his moon,mars,saturn and pluto in sco. our venus conj. We both have our nodes in the same signs. We both are artis. Sometimes he feels like my twin.

  11. Patricia

    I do feel like we have soulmates, for when I was 17 I had 2 first loves and didn,t connect with either one of them, for being 17 and not knowing what love was really all about threw me for a loop. Both wanted to marry me and I ended up marrying for the wrong reason of having a baby by one of the first loves, I married a Bad Boy type man that said he would be a father to my baby. Bad Move on my part, but now after 42 years one of the first loves has came back into my life, the other has passed on, we get together and it seems like time has stood still, we have the same feelings that we had when we were kids, I am so confused, I don,t know if he is my soulmate or not, if he is then I made a big mistake 42 years ago. Thanks for your article it has helped me alot.

  12. julien

    deejay i completely understood this artical and that pull to a certain person, the thing is im still super young and have felt that connection twice already im not sure if there will be anyone else that ill feel that attraction to. i feel lost and like ill never feel that inner peace if you could email me and give me some insight that would be great thanks you. (also im a guy) just to say sine i know the name can be both male and female.

  13. linda

    What a great article. You explained it very well, in a way that is easy for every one to understand what your saying. Nice work…

  14. Laura

    I am glad I read your article. I have found ny soulmate except he married someone else. We met when we were in high school but he married someone else. He then divorced her and married again. I found him again and have we have been calling and texting sine 2000. He knows he is my soulmate too. I hope we can eventually be together and get married.
    I don’t want to hurt his wife but I am tired of being with bad hurtful men also. After 2 bad marriages. I want happiness.
    Do you think we can be together on this lifetome as well.
    He wants that and I do too. I don’t know if he will leave her though.

  15. Eden

    Hey, DeeJay. I read your article. I get the whole concept, but how will you or your soul know if that’s them? Is it just at first sight? Or do you have to comb the whole world to find them and even then you don’t know if it’s them or not? It sort of confused me.

  16. Cynthia

    Hi Deejay:
    Read your article. It is very informative. Would like to reach you by e-mail or letter as I have a question to ask.

  17. chuck

    Hello Deejay, I was married to a wonderful women for 33 years. At the time I thought she was my soulmate, wouldn’t even look at another women prior to her passing away. I met a wonderful lady 16 years my junior. I fell head over heals with her, never new love like that before, she’s everything I’ve ever dreamed about. I must of misread the signs she was putting out, example calling and texting all hrs of theday and night. Her wanting me around all the time n I mean all the time day n night. We have been good friends now for more than 2 years n still have this same relationship. That to me alone is amazing by it self. We had gotten so close we even could start and finish each other sentences. Alas she was already in a relationship with kids, but not married. She knew how I felt but the only thing we have done was hold hands, hugged n kiss be cause she remains faithful do to them being in a relationship with kids. I guess id like to know if she is my soulmate n are we meant to be together.

  18. blackie

    deejee I think there is something else to this twist and turn also. It could have desvistating conciquences. When I was young and didn’t know better I found someone who I thought was what my life was all about. Well kinda like one of the girls talking about the 2yr. tthing. Well when it really ended it left me lost and nowhere to turn and nothing seemed to matter anymore. Execpt Canadian whisky. Well lucky for me I came through that as well and do not have any problem with drinking anymore. I don’t or haven’t drank pretty much in over 30yrs. Fast driving 180 or more is not a problem. I’m going to say this and I believe after 2 failed marrages my inner light is slowly growing dim. To start with they say it might be a small cognitive impairement. With all the restrictions I carry It seems to be much more. Some people may call this broke hearted. I think It is because my soul never found happines and is tired. I really don’t give it much of a chance at 55. I think I will slowly die in 10 yrs. are so but like I said I’m realy tired. I did have a great career but this to was not good enough for my soul. I’m not sad about it I just think that’s could be the other side of the coin.

  19. jeanette

    Thank you for your explaintion. I have been feel the pull and the desire not to leave him alone. He feels the same and we can’t explain it. He says i have bewitched him and i am trying really hard to be under foot.
    But, are very familiar and similar in our make up. We like the same things carry the schedules…just reading your articule made a lot of sence and cleared up a few things.


  20. Pamela

    Very good explanation! I would really like to hear what you have to say about twin flames as well. Many people are encountering both souls mate and twin flame relationships at the present time during this shift of the ages in order to balance out karma or to unite with their twin in order to fulfill soul contracts and commitments!

  21. gopinathan k

    It was interesting.The law of KARMA PREVAILS.To tryto explain this in such a mannerseems
    to be incorrect.Almost all of what she has written are correct.But the whole drama of
    births and re-births are an enigma which cannot be solved at our level.The way how the law
    of nature operates (is it any hard and fast rules or are they based on some loosely but
    genuine directions for matters to manifest in a not so tight frame of rules)is inexplicable yet
    for the ordinary human beings.Even for souls both liberated(last but one birth left before
    salvation is the liberated stage)or the souls who have attained salvation(no more births-
    free from the cycle of deaths/births) may perhaps know about this but won’t be able to put it in aconvincing transparent and easy and simple manner to other human beings.Otherwise
    the article was informative and for people who believe only in terms physical existence
    this may all seem but some illusion and nonsense.Fortunately for me I donot belong to the
    last mentioned class/group.

  22. Chris L

    I have only know this once in my life. When My Anne was alive. She passed away 10 years ago and I have tried to find such love again but have not done very well. I would like to find that love and share my life again but I am in so much hot water I do not know what to do or which way to turn.

    Thank yu for the article. It does give me hope. If only I can stay the course.

  23. mary

    Our soulmate is ourself in a different dimension- we are searching for something we already have just not here with us .

  24. libby 5288

    Libby-5288- Very well said Deejay-Loved your article, thank you for this information, it will help several relationships understand why some relationships don’t work and why some turn out to be the best they ever had. Love & Light:)

  25. miriam

    I know my soul mate & I have met we both know it. There is issue with immaturity/hurt between him & his father that is still unresolved. Could you please explain about twin flames?

  26. J. Jones

    Deejay, I just read your comments about Soulmates…and found it facinating! You see, I was with someone for 13 yrs, and as for me they were the,” love of my life”! However, they needed to move on, (which I thought would NEVER happen to us?) It’s been about 2-1/2 yrs now, and I’m still sadden by the loss and have struggled, “letting go!” What you mentioned above about some souls need to move on to fulfill their destiny, I believe is so true, even though it’s hard for the one being left behind! It felt so magical, all those yrs., for me, as you stated above! Unfortunately, not for her. Thank you, J. Jones

  27. Ana

    Deejay, I really fell in love with this article.

    I recently found my souldmate. i am pretty sure he is the one, my souldmate and the love of my life.

    I’ve never had a reading before but will with you. I want him to be with me by the time i call, because eventhought he also believe we are souldmate, i want him to hear what you have to say.

    Plz email me what is the best time to call from Florida.

    Many thanks for such an important article.


  28. dede schuhmacher

    I would like to call you, but my budget is very small. My question is: Is Charles Edward Marsh III in my soul goup? If he is, will I meet him this lifetime and will it be soon?

    Dede Schuhmacher

  29. Bissy

    Deejay, hello. I am struggling to understand this soulmate idea because of a relationship I experienced 4 years ago. The meeting was electrifying with an instant recognition, followed by a deep friendship, and love. The relationship ended after 2 years because my partner was unwilling to accept it and desired his independance. Since then, despite mutliple short-lived relationships for both of us, he has remained a part of my life. We are friends with a deep understanding of each other, often able to pick up where we left off, even if it has been months since the last contact. I have a sense of him and can actually anticipate when he will make contact – it has happened too many times now to be pure coincidence. And he has demonstrated the same connection to me, contacting me when I am at the point of making path-changing decisions, especially ones that may impact our (non)relationship. Because of this connection, I have been unable to move on to find a mate, yet he insists that we will never resume our relationship and will, at best, remain friends. My question is not are we soulmates, but how to deal with connection when the other person denies that connection? I also have to add that he is a black and white, non believer, and avoids spiritual discussions. He claims it is all coincidence!

  30. Amy

    Thank you, Deejay! Whenever my family hears of a death, my children naturally have lots of questions. I loved your explanation of “soul groups” and “soul families”! I’m definitely going to incorporate that information into my “talk”! I think they would really find that to be a comforting thought. I know I did.
    Thanks again!

  31. maria thornber

    I have just read your article on soulmates having never really thought about this to much. i now think I’m some one
    who won’t find that deep kind of love. but i do believe my best frienfs from the same soul group

  32. Marc from the UK

    Thought provoking and reassuring , well written and put over. My life’s journey is viewed differently now, read the book Journey if Souls. Amazon !

  33. Theresa

    Deejay, loved your article. I do know that feeling of completeness and harmony. I also know the longing you feel right before that you wish you could define! Being with different people for me has been like having the flu, I don’t know what is wrong, but something is! I do feel like a lot of my interactions have been to “clean-up” in a sense and have been for myself and a lot for others. In the last couple of years, I have met someone with a lot of energy, and I feel that we resonate on very similar frequencies. Almost an electrical current if that is possible. I would think our symbol would be like 2 suns intersecting! hahaha. It is so strange how we are given a longing to understand our roles here, but then in a manner of teaching us more, it sometimes can be hidden. Always trying to learn more, thanks for your article.


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