Psychic Amanda: What Men Love Most About Women

What men love most about women isn’t what women love about themselves. It’s often unique to reach relationship such as something that women do that’s simple and loving.

It’s the Simple Things, Really

We women spend a lot of time on our make-up, our clothes, our hair, our nails, our weight, and so on—you get the picture. For the most part, we say we are doing it for our self-esteem and sense of self, and while that is most likely true, you may be among those women that also believe that it will help attract and keep “your man.” Over the years, I have learned from male callers that while these things are pleasing to look at, and that men do enjoy the physical attributes of their women, it’s not that new hairstyle, perfume, or lingerie that has him remembering you, long after the scent of your perfume has gone. It’s moments like the one below that make your man love you. If you don’t believe me, ask him, “What is it that you love most about me?” and then be ready to receive and not judge his answer.

About six months ago, I sat in on a panel of four men that were being interviewed by a group of women. One woman in the group asked each of the four men the same question, “What was it that you loved most about your woman?” Each man shared a little something. The story that really resonated with me was the story of a young man whose girlfriend used to wait at the door each day for him to come home from work. Every day she would be there to greet him, and he would sit in his car for a few brief moments and watch her quiet beauty as she smiled and waved hello to him from the doorway. He would then get out of the car, go to the door and kiss her hello. He never once told her how much that small gesture meant to him; however, he shared that it was one of the most endearing moments in his life. About a month before she left him, he noticed that she no longer came to the front door when he arrived home. He didn’t make the connection until she packed her things and moved out. He started to cry. He said that although it has been many years since this woman was in his life, this was the thing he loved most about her.

Perhaps the story resonated so much with me because it occurred to me that every time I come home from the supermarket, if my fifteen year old son was home, he would come to the garage door to greet me and see if I needed help carrying the groceries. I never asked him to come to the garage, nor to help me. He always did it of his own accord. I have learned to admire that quality in him and always thank him for coming to meet and greet me.

Imagine being that woman who gets to meet and be with a man that would appreciate her waiting at the door for him. I think it is a lovely and simple gesture of love. I think people often over look the “little” things in life that make love so meaningful and special. I have been learning that there is always a moment that brings love close and that makes love grow. Love can be found in a simple touch, a smile, a stroke on the shoulder, or even knowing when to speak or when not to speak. Love is intuitive.

I know that it doesn’t take much to be the woman who is able to greet her man at the door when he comes home from work.

24 thoughts on “Psychic Amanda: What Men Love Most About Women

  1. Aishah B. striggles

    I love you ,is the most powerful word on this earth.Coming from ones heart and soul,is aGod given gift.One can over come ,it’s an great investment can add to one’s life.We need to practice more love it adds to life. I’m love ,and life i’m Aishah

  2. Aishah B. striggles

    One can miss a good person after they have gone,because of not expressing their love.A i love you can take you far. Love is the greatest feeling on earth,evering want’s love keeps us going. we all do better with love, than without being loved.It’s power in that word i love you, so powerful.

  3. lll

    Love is nothing about doing!its about feeling!!love god,the divine and one will feel complete,blissful!!!!!!!!!!one will want nobody else.

  4. Natalie

    I think it’s a cute story, I relies he only remembers her waiting at the door because their are 5 work days. She did this all week long. It’s in the fore front of his mind, it’s the one constant she did each week. Their is only one side to this story, because only he was asked what did you love about your girlfriend/wife. This is his memory!

  5. teewhy

    I’d do anything for my man ‘if’ I know he wld do anything for me,am not ready to be treated lesser than a real woman.Nice article though

  6. Daniel Thompson

    As a man I was so thankful for the many things she did for me and other things she just did.
    my wife would bring me down my clothes that i was wharing that day, sit on my lap most days, when id get home esp in winter she would run me a nice warm bath, even when she cooked id eat it and tell her it was wonderful, Wow I really miss her. I was good to her also, but this is about what she did. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. We were married almost 13 years, the day before easter 04 she did not come home, (she was a stay at home Wife/Mother) so she worked just not at a job, anyway she had an affair, she broke my heart down to my soul, I cryed over 2 years, I cared so much and I told her all the time, we were young when we were married but even with all the pain I still miss her every day, about 2 years ago she called, and now we have become very close, sometimes maybe to close, she married two time after me and divorced both men, O talk to her frome 1-2 times to as much as 15 times a day. we hav not been togeathor sexualy but some thing have happend, after 8 years apart it is almost as if we were never apart other than the sex, I still feel as if we were married in most ways, but i find myself missing the smallest of things, the way she would move her feet in bed before she fell asleap, watching her put her makeup on. the way she would lather up her wash cloth and then ring it out and fold it up on the spout to dry, i miss watching her wash her face, even the way she would keep talking to me as she was peeing. not to mention our personal moments, Im sure most men love what their lady dose we just dont say it as we should. Maybe, (I dont know) but maybe God is bringing us back to one another, Id be so lucky, She would be too. Me wrighting this is more for my heart than anyone else. I love her so much after 8 years I never moved on, yes i dated 3 women but i had problem even keeping an E——-. I could not do it, I felt as of I was cheating, even 4 years after the big D. I am still single, although something is happening. My wife was My 1st, true GF when I was young, I was with a few women before she was my first and only GF, wife, lover, so I find myself alone at times, It was terrible for awhile. I never thought we would even talk again, we were in divorse court 5 1/2 long years, and now i have my Best friend again. I feel she wants us back togeather but I think she is scared as she is a 3 time looser, But not to me, she is has always been and always be my lady… I hope and Pray God will put us as Husband & Wife again, I tell you if he dose I will Never take her for granted again, I will love, care and live everyday as if it was our last. I have total forgivness for her mistakes, I could not go through this again, but I want to love her until the day I die and even after I want to love and care for her as a ghoast…
    All men are not bad cheatin ass holes, I cared for her more than she ever knew, although I think she has realized that now. Please say a prayer for a happy healthy loving relationship for A&D… Thank you all for my long winded loving rant.

  7. Ondine

    This article is all about one thing – the importance of non verbal communication. Men are creatures of action. She always waited by the door and he always kissed her. He probably thought that was enough and maybe she didn’t. Stuff happens in relationships, sometimes it is not the fault of either one. Communication is key but men and women don’t necessarily communicate in the same ways. You need to be able to feel the love without verbal communication and when you meet someone you can do that with you won’t have to wonder if he loves you, if he is cheating, if he appreciates a certain gesture, etc. it will become a comfortable intuitive knowing of the depth of your love.

  8. lori

    Responds: am i just kiding my self in a relationship that i have been in for 2 y 4 mos..sometimes i dont understand him ..i have done so much for him i always tellem i love him.he has no plans to marry me at least for know..if things dont work out in tha future it is wrong of me to make him repay me what he owes me .close to about 10,000 dol ..always promising he will one day repay me ..some of my friends just say to let it go but i cant because i feel he owes me back that money.. I dont trust him he lies and am i in a loveless..hopeless..relationship ? Thanks patty for ur responds ..we are givers..

  9. patty

    Lori. Quit giving this man stuff, material things, texts, special comments. (If he appreciates YOU, he will reciprocate in his own way.) Some people are just “Takers’ and will take everything you have and more… Doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it, but they have a hard time giving back. You belong with a ‘Giver’, Lori, ’cause that’s who you are. 🙂
    I am in a similar situation right now, and I’m finding out it’s more and more about CONTROL– his control over me,,, the situation. Hope this makes sense. Good luck.

  10. lisa sommerfield

    That really is what it is all about..the simple things like kindness and caring…and thats why some people love their laps dogs more than their partner…GREAT STORY!!!

  11. Hal

    Its nice!!! But with all those Gazillion things that a woman can do to make her man the happiest being in the universe;;; only a single task that came out why man loves a woman!! Soo Sad!!!

  12. lori

    I have a man who gets nice things from me all tha time i tex him lots of compliments still not enough he is ungreatful is only 10 min long ..any suggestions ?

  13. mary

    It’s an ARTICLE folks, not a semester course on love. The gestures we remember are unique. With both parents and my husband deceased leaving me a widow with two girls, the things we remember are exactly what the article is trying to say: we remember the gestures.

  14. Irish Lassie

    Oh to be able to do that now….I miss my soul mate dearly….I believe he knows now that I should have communicated more what we both left unsaid….life just got in the way….and for me….in a heartbeat if he would desire me ….. I’d be by his side, and NO history does not repeat itself if you have learned and grown from your mistakes…..I always put notes in his lunch until he said he wasn’t carrying his lunch anymore, but I did write notes and leave them on the dashboard of his truck….I miss him so….

  15. Amy Van

    This is such a one dimensional sentimentalized story. After all, she left him. Lets talk about that. Was it when she found out how boring it was waiting by the door for him? Or because she knew how bored he was knowing she’d be there waiting for him. Or because he never expressed to her what that meant to him at the time, in the moment, and so she gave it up, feeling it was an unappreciated gesture?

    In my personal experience, I find that women do a lot of things for men believing that the man will get the emotional importance that the woman has attached to the act…not necessarily so…. even if its a rote habit, at least, not until its too late. If a meaningful gesture is made, the best hope is that it wll be taken for what it is and appreciated as such and recognized out loud. We all need positive reinforcement for positive, supportive, extra attention behavior. Otherwise, it becomes something destructive, taken for granted, regretted, resented, and in the end abandoned as a lost cause at best, as wasted effort unnoticed or unappreciated at worst.

  16. Sheila

    Yes thats it … To the one that said “thats it what a disappointment”, you missed the point, the little things are what matter because they re the big things

  17. Mary Anne DiMiia

    the article is great I was looking for more ways that men appreciate women
    for instance I believe that a man would appreciate a woman who caters to unexpected needs he doesn’t even mention …like birnging him a coffee or a meal at work without expecting that its like a surprise…also, a call that brings you closer like unexpected phone messages left or a note written in email or a small letter enticing him in some unusual way that he doesn’e expect maybe a new way to express your love for him say taking him out to dinner or lunch as a treat for a change instead of him always taking us out..I believe that men should ask woman what she likes in particular to what the conversation is aimed at like do you like my gray hair most women like gray hair on a man a little if not how do you like me to have my hair etc. and she should ask him the same do you like me with my hair this style, or color etc., aim to please how he likes you too. bringing home a little treasure for his girlfriend or wife without expected is nice surprise for her too or taking her out to a movie of her choice or shopping with her so she can show you what she is going to wear for him even langerie he may like to see you in …or a sexy skirt or blouse he likes with cleavage etc., just ask and communicate how we feel is the best that is the sexiest animal alive.

  18. Marc fron the UK

    Preferably greet me at the door with a nice cup of green tea ! I am a tactile person and being warm and affectionate is my nature, so to recieve is something that counts especially when money simply never will buy you genuine warmth and love.

  19. meahz

    I use to wait at the door for my EX. he never commented on how he felt about it or the little notes I put in with his lunches. Well…doesn’t matter now. I wonder if it matters to his 3rd wife!

  20. Yvonne Parra

    While that story was nice, it was also a bit degrading. He loved that she waited at the door like a lap dog. Instead of sharing many of the other loving small jestures one gives regularly, he loves a dog and should probably invest in one.


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