Proposal Season: Will He Ask?

Get Yourself Engaged!

Taking matters into your own hands may be necessary in your relationship if you feel you’ve reached a plateau. There’s a delicate balance to this though, so let’s look at some proper techniques!

Paving the Way

Before anything else, you must first lay the foundation for your approach. Broaching the engagement topic can be awkward and potentially backfire if it’s coming completely from left field. Try the backdoor approach instead. Mention another couple’s engagement, bring up some potential, future couple plans, etc. The goal is to get him thinking about the topic, and of you in his future. Wondering if he will ever pop the question? Psychic Anasela ext. 5154 knows if there are wedding bells in your future.

Marriage Views, Check

You had better get his opinion on marriage at the outset. There’s no need to waste your time with someone who never intends to get married, or has such a negative view of it that it would take a monumental amount of time and energy to crack away at his pessimistic beliefs.

Talk Over His Fears

Whatever his views on marriage, address any issues. Perhaps he thinks he’ll lose his identity and freedom, or that you’ll eventually become bored and unhappy with one another. If you can get him to talk about his views, you’ll have the opportunity to clear up his negative thoughts and set him on the right path—to the altar with you.

Meeting His Needs

Don’t forget the dynamic of your relationship—the whole reason for your current wedding-bell contemplation! In every partnership, each person meets the needs of the other. Support him, encourage him, let him feel in control too (but not like you’re trying to manipulate his feelings). Remind him through your actions why you two work so well together and belong with one another.

Family Discretion

Make sure your family doesn’t sabotage all of your strategic efforts. While they love you and want what’s best for you, their methods can easily undo all you’ve striven for. Don’t allow them to tease or pressure your guy about taking the plunge. At best he’ll think you don’t respect him enough to protect him from your family’s rude behavior, and at worst he’ll think you put them up to it!

Don’t Beat the Dead Horse

If you’ve done all of the above, give him time to soak it all in. He’ll work through his feelings about you and your future and be confident in his decision, instead of resentful or freaked out about your inability to give him room to come to his own conclusions and make his own choices. Is your partner pushing you towards marriage but you’d rather just live together? Psychic Scarlet ext. 5314 has the tools to help you communicate your feelings to your partner. 

Prepare for the Worst: the Breakup

Sometimes you need to be willing to break things off. It’s a sad fact that often a man won’t appreciate the woman he’s with until he thinks he’s lost her. If all of the above has gotten you nowhere, see how he feels without you in his life. If you’ve been good to him and truly love him, he’ll feel the gaping hole in his life you’ve left behind. While it’s definitely a risk, if he’s not committing, what have you really lost?

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