Perfect Seduction by Sign

Spoil your love for an evening or help them celebrate a birthday or a special event in the perfect romantic setting designed to appeal specifically to their senses. You can set the mood, the table, select the menu and soothe their soul according to their astrological sign. It’s a sure thing for showing your love… and getting kudos and kisses in return.

Set the mood for the perfect sultry Scorpio evening by decorating the table with shades of purple, deep red and black. A dark room with tall candles burning brightly is just the ambience in which to serve an aromatic and flavorful meal that includes a variety of seafood. Dark chocolate and red wine is the kind of seductive dessert that goes with the exotic music and careless whispers they are moved by. Let scents of geranium, or woody and musky oils waft through the air as the seduction goes on and on.

Tantalize the intellectual archer with a venture into the unknown. Intrigue and charm them with an ethnic evening planned around music and a different country’s faire for each course, served on a table filled with a variety of flagrant flowers and setting of indigo and royal purple. A nice warm fire, titillating conversation and your good company will feed their need for emotional warmth along with a gooey, warm dessert that satisfies their very sweet tooth. Make them laugh and the evening will end as romantically as you planned.

This steadfast, loyal sign appreciates the comforts of home. Simple, earthy, home-cooked eats brimming with sensuality and texture will satisfy them. Think warm and hearty soups, baked bread, apple or orange teas. Stock the hearth to keep a lasting fire burning in the fireplace, and keep the music playing. Set the table with touches of green and brown to complete the feast for their eyes. Later, intoxicate their sensual side even further by filling the room with the fragrance of evergreen or jasmine.

Present the water bearer with an evening of diversity and excitement where the table is large and set in an airy space. An open window with a view of the stars or the city will add glamour to their celestial soul. An orchid on the table among the silver pieces added to touches of blue will not fail to please them. Not one to sit for too long, urge them to wander about with their drink as you dazzle them with a variety of appetizers as other-worldly music fills the rooms. Keep the evening light and loose and their free spirit will be dazzled – as will you.

Make this an evening of fantasies come true with an ethereal presentation of enticing foods (mostly seafood). Serve them a meal of several courses with all of the indulgences from bread to wine. Start with a table set in sea greens with sea shells scattered. Serve them an imaginative meal a la stuffed salmon, trout, or perhaps a seafood gumbo. Play rainforest or ocean sounds as you rub their feet with an aromatic oil of amber or ylang ylang. To a Pisces, this is better than dessert.

Keep them guessing and keep things playful by romancing the room with some big fluffy pillows and a few silky scarves draped over lamps to colorfully dim the lights. The fiery ram loves red, so add candles, napkins or even a bowl of all red M&M’s to the table. Consider making tapas or a menu of appetizers, so you can serve them, one tasty surprise after another. After a soothing massage, with jasmine or peppermint oil, leave the rest of the evening up to them.

Create a cozy, comfy, environment by setting the scene with earthy browns, greens and a hint of blue. Bring even more of the outdoors in by decorating the table with plants, leaves and a basket of healthy nuts in their shells, to give the room a down-to-earth feel. Feed your Taurus rich foods that are both savory and sweet. Try meat stews with dried fruits and salads topped with cheese and fruit. Scent the air with lavender oil and snuggle deep into the sofa piled with throws and pillows wearing whatever you have that is soft to the touch.

Appeal to the twin’s desire for a full, dynamic evening that appeals to their intellectual needs by planning the evening around a playlist of music that’s new to their ears in an elegant ambience of candlelight and cocktails. Mix and match your china, use colorful napkins to be sure the table looks festive and elegant. Dress up for your love and keep the chatter lively, with fresh gossip, opinions and verbal challenges. As the evening winds down, release a relaxing verbena or honeysuckle scent into the air, accompanied by a warm cup of ginger tea and some loving words.

Treat your ultimate homebody to an evening that caters to some watery pampering. Candlelight, seashells, sponges and a bottle of wine chilling tubside as the bath fills with salts scented with the essence of orange or grapefruit. Roll a towel for your Cancer to rest their head on, and have a warm robe waiting (hot from the dryer or heater) as they step out of the water and into the clothing. Finish the evening with a plate of homemade comfort food, or a warm fruit tart and sorbet as their thoughts of you warm, too.

Create an evening fit for a king or queen, by setting a lavish table with hues of gold, purple and ruby. Cover the table with elegant linens and pull out all your showstoppers for the evening – a divine floral centerpiece, candlesticks, crystal champagne glasses and your finest china and silverware. Serve a dish scented with fennel (one of Leo’s favorite herbs) like chicken and rice toasted with almonds and of course, a show-stopping dessert to make your lion or lioness purr like a smitten kitten.

An evening of relaxation and romance is always the right mix for this conscientious sign. Treat your thoughtful Virgo to a gracious presentation of foods in a setting colored with their favorite blues and greens with a splash of red (a lovely bottle of wine perhaps?). Burn jasmine oil and surround them with sounds of classical music as they settle into a comfortable chair as you mill about the kitchen serving up a healthy meal – one that you can feed each other. Your Virgo will be so appreciative of your efforts that they’ll be sure to truly enchant you later on.

For a special evening like this, these lovers of luxury, will feel sensually balanced at a table set with your good bone china, silver, candles and silk napkins (preferably in a creamy hue). Have a variety of salty and sweet treats for them to nosh on, and plan the main course around simple yet elegant fish, chicken or pasta dishes flavored with lemon. Relax them with dim lighting, soft music and soon the talk of the day will turn to love.

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