Our Psychics Provide the Tools to Analyze Your Relationship

Should You Dump Him

You can’t always get what you want. The Rolling Stones sang that many moons ago, and it’ll be true to the end of time. When a relationship is over, it’s over. You need to know if this is truly the time to dump him. It’s up to you to see the signs and decide when the time is right, but here’s a little help.

Get in touch with your own feelings. Are the spats and sniping sessions all his fault or do you carry some ownership? Are you a bit crankier than you once were? Or is he truly not connected to you and fails to give you the respect you deserve?

Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 says, “The first step is to get quiet and go within. How do you feel the relationship is going?

Take out your deepest feelings and turn them over for inspection. Be scrupulously honest with yourself and determine how much you are willing to tolerate. It’s one thing to overlook human error, but quite another to allow someone to abuse you or misuse you, even verbally.”

How do you handle it when it’s time to call it quits? Expert psychic adviser Miss Krystal ext. 9192 offers, “We must be willing and wanting to walk away…if not, it’s time to start accepting them as they are.”

If you begin to see signs of non-loving behavior, it’s tough to believe your eyes, but trust your instincts. Listen, watch, and learn. Gina Rose ext. 9500 has your best interest at heart when she says, “Being observant and objective, in watching for a repeating pattern or cycle of behavior is key.”

When a partner strays, the evidence is usually pretty clear. It doesn’t take a genius to notice someone else’s perfume clinging to your man. When he’s always too busy to make plans with you, but has tons of time for private texting or cell calls, you cold be in trouble. If he’s willing to stray, you have to be willing to let him go.

Red ext. 9226 will tell you from experience, “Love truly can be blinding, especially when we want so badly to believe that the person we have given our heart to is actually worthy of the gift.” Experts like Red know that the only person you can change is yourself, and if your guy is determined to be controlling or disregards your feelings and isn’t interested in sharing ideas, he’ll be that way till the end of time.

Yep, it might feel warm and fuzzy to look back on the early days of passion and honeymoon behavior, but the reality of right now is what counts. Psychic Reed ext. 5105 says the Stones had it right. Reed says, “I often tell my callers that this is the real world. It can be cold and hard sometimes and you will not always get what you deserve—but you will always get what you settle for.”

When you’re deeply involved, but that tiny inner voice tells you to proceed with caution.. Slow down, say the experts, and take stock. That’s not always easy when emotions are involved — this is the perfect time to reach out for a skilled reading. Zofeya ext. 5351 says she relies on good advice when she’s in doubt, “The Tarot gets me started on what’s going on, and from there I pull in the bigger picture and the details.”

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20 thoughts on “Our Psychics Provide the Tools to Analyze Your Relationship

  1. sandra

    found out my husband is dating a women he won’t tell me how old she is he is 72 asked him what she looked liked he said tall,where did you meet her? I was introduced think he is lying(prob match.com) asked him if the Viagra was working Looked at me right in the eyes and said Oh we are not doing that!!!!

    Drive over to his condo looked in thewindow has a picture next to his bed I cried, told me he bought a leather sofa it is green with flowers why does he lie to me all the time and then I looked in the garage and saw 2 matching bikes I sobbed he has moved on I asked him if he loved her he said yes this is all in one MONTH?? I cannot stop crying in my sleep and IAM SO DREPRESSED DAY AFTER DAY HELP!!!

  2. Gregorio

    There’s a saying that says let yesterday be yesterday, let today be today nd tomorro will be tomorro.
    What has happen yesterday wont happen today. Both man and woman have heart and flesh they both can feel bain so we need to sacrifice and we’ll have solid relationship

  3. Max Manrique

    I see that all these relationship problems are all about men cheating on their women. What about the men, I mean I have gone through so many realtionships (or potenial realtionship). I was recently dump by my girlfriend of 9 months. We met at a wine bar and I was not interested until one day after being gone for more than a month on business we hook up. I thought this was the one. She was a widow, her husband passed 8 years ago. Well, that was the case, we broke up almost a month ago after a very nice vacation with friends. I am still hurting and do see her occasionally at the wine bar. I am not sure what to done other than move away from my friends. I need consul

  4. Eelectrixx

    Why does it seems to me that men has lost their respect for women you know want he’s cake and ice cream. Well here ismy petpive My man love to look at other wman booty every time we are out together, even while in church. I have discussed this issue and express how disrepected i feel when he exhibt this behavior. We have had three agruments and now I’m to the point that I rather not go out in public with him. Isn’t thst just crazy. Now mind you we are in our early 50ties not that age should matter but does it ever stop. When do I man who really feels he’s in love with his woman stop watching other woman walk by or otherwise. I feel totally taken in by this man. However i can’t ignore those signs. Help what do I do. I’m nobody fool just I love to love.

  5. dolly


  6. Phillip Mawut

    You have once more relieved me from all kind of stresses ever I experienced since I began all Kind of the relationships in love.
    Thanks once more.

  7. Mac

    It’s the most difficult and the hardest thing to let go of someone you used to be with and seemed to love and expected to stay no matter what… but, letting go is the first step of moving forward. Just put in mind that everything happens for a reason. There’s always a plan for you ahead and sticking to one person is more dangerous than letting go. Be strong enough and be prepared for every possibilities… Love is just mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it really does not matter.

  8. MJ

    To love ourself more, by letting him/her go….is the goal here. I have and continue to learn that going outside of ourself for love is selling ourself short. Learn to love yourself by not allowing any one to take your power away from you. You are the most important person in your life and when you love yourself first, then your light will shine through and attract a similar soul / soul mate. If you don’t love yourself….then please take the time to do the work. The secret to true love is…..Love Yourself First!! You are awesome and the perfect person is waiting for you to shine your light their way. Good luck!!!

  9. cj1010

    it’s hard to let go of someone you loved. specially when you had devoted yourself for that person/relationship. when i experienced this kind of situation I almost give up but life has to move on. God will not let us experienced it if he knew that we could not survive or surpass all the trials of what we called “LIFE”.

  10. Sheyla Salcedo

    It’s been 8 months and it feels like we just Brock up yesterday, but my question is if my ex feel the same way? because there’s no way I could no if we have no type of comunication.

  11. Dsexy

    Your comments are accurate. I knew in my heart that the relationship was going to crash, but I was holding on in fear of loosing my boyfriend. He was verbally abusive for a year. I got fed up and hit him. I was wrong and sorry I let him cause me to explode, but he fails to see that he has cursed me and said mean things for a very long time. Hopefully this time, I can walk away and gain my self confidence and self esteem that I can survive alone until someone is deserving of my time, talents and love.

  12. Shelly .H.

    To let go of something that once was so awesome is very hard for me, but I know things always work out for the best. Thing is if we leave the relationship at the point where the communication is still in tack, then instead of becoming bitter towards eachother there still might be a friendship to savor. When its over its over no matter what we try to do to salvage the relationship we have to accept it for what it is or isn’t.

  13. jsr715

    The hardest thing in the world is to let go. I have been facing this over the past 6 months. I am scared of the future and wish things could go back to the way they were. While she is already moving on with her life, I am still stuck thinking about what coulda, shoulda, woulda.

  14. sweetz1

    I find it hard to let go. Even though in all reality he has moved on. It’s almost six months, but it feel like yesterday. Yes, I too, wish it could all go away! But it’s easier said then done. I’m afraid to let go. I guess it scares me to move forward, because I don’t want to let go of what we once had. Is that crazy or what? Nice column.

  15. bambilynne

    I stayed long after the verbal abuse. Until I got my ass kicked last night. I knew he was violent but I love him. My heart is broken and he’s going to jail. It should have ended long before now. I needed his financial security. Sad so sad. I have my daughter to worry about. Being alone is better than living with abuse. Thanks for the topic. Peace

  16. Taisha

    Thanks you guys. You are helping find myself again, and having me answer the most important question in my relationship now. Thank you once again!!

  17. Michelle Straka

    I’ve never had anything I’ve read hit me harder. Its depressing, knowing that I’m being an idiot by staying. I wish there were a fast & easy way to get over someone who hurts you everyday.


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