Online Dating: Score the Perfect Date

A Virtual Dating Pool

There is an art to catching potential mates with an online dating profile. Moderation is key. You want to give enough information to catch your prize, but you also don’t want to overdo things and freak potential mates out. Remember that you are painting a picture of yourself in x amount of words (and photos), so be selective and purposeful, and be aware that how you present yourself is not necessarily how others see you. How do others see you? Find out if you’re giving off the right kind of energy with a reading from Psychic Devyn ext. 5303.

Be Honest, But Not to a Fault

The trick to pitching yourself in the best light has to do with being honest and knowing how to spin it. Perhaps you have a job that pays less but is impressive, a more athletic physique that comes from being active and adventurous, or an abnormal number of pets, which is due to your huge love for animals. There are the facts, and then there’s how you portray them, so take the time to present yourself in the best possible light.

Pictures Say a Thousand Words

Post too many pictures and you may look narcissistic. Post ones with you and multitudes of the opposite sex and you may seem like a player. Post ones where you show a lot of skin and you can be seen as trashy, or not looking for a serious relationship. Post ones where you’re drinking and partying hard and you’ll look like you’re just looking for the next great party, or worse, you’ll look like an alcoholic. You get the point. When you choose pictures, choose a few that show you are an attractive, open and interesting person with people in your life who genuinely enjoy spending time with you.

Don’t Do These

There are certain approaches to building your profile that will likely get you nowhere and may even scare people away. Being the comedian might be one of them. While humor is extremely attractive, not being able to take your profile (or your life) seriously just says you aren’t serious about finding someone, and don’t have a very mature outlook on life. Complaining about the opposite sex as a way to announce what you are not looking for in someone is another. While it’s good to be honest about what you know doesn’t work for you, coming across as a neurotic, intolerant date will not net you any points.

Another thing to watch out for is the “me, me, me” syndrome. While you want to share yourself in an attractive way, a long list of boasting and reasons as to why you are a great catch may make a potential date wonder if there will be any room in the relationship for their needs. You’re a great catch, you just wish other people realized it. Psychic Scarlet ext. 5314 has the tips you need to widen your dating pool!

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