Your Career Forecast for 2013

2013 is Full of Surprises

In a time of phenomenal change like 2012 and 2013, your life is full of surprises and opportunities. Don’t sell your dreams short because they haven’t been fulfilled yet. What you were envisioning, particularly in June, November and December of 2012 is still in the process of being born. You’ll see major shifts, particularly in January, May, June and November that create openings to a new career life that seemed impossible in the past. Get the details of what will happen for you in 2013 with a career reading from astrologer Psychic Kennedy ext. 5519.

You’ll have challenges as the world is changing at a breathtaking rate, and you’re not just along for the ride. You’re a voice in the course that the world will take and you wish to contribute to this new course through your career. So much energy is being poured into the Internet and other places where people co-create that you can find amazing prospects. Get involved with organizations and develop your computer skills. If you work in psychology, medicine, teaching or the creative arts this is also a year for you to shine.


2013 offers tremendous energy to promote your public image as a truly powerful force in your career and others will be very impressed with your innovative ideas. Don’t be so overwhelmed by ambitions that you fail to take care with others at home, particularly in early July.


While a partner’s demands can be a challenge in 2013, April and May bring a harmonious stream of energy from power planet Pluto. Strong forces in both May and November bring surprising changes and gifts to carry you onward and upward. You’ll be releasing old ways of living for something more fulfilling.


Jupiter continues in your Sun sign through late June 2013 expanding your popularity and bringing inspiring friends and opportunities from working with organizations. Great communicator that you are, you find others’ confusion around your career plans puzzling, but networking and your quick mind have you in harmony with a very fast-moving world to grow your business.


While partners and your career continue to be full of energy and surprising revelations, you’ll keep growing through travel and education. You’re really building a solid future and are in the process of being released from old burdens, so don’t lose sight of your special gift.


You’ll be seeing major breakthroughs regarding your career in May 2013 when a solar eclipse happens in the area of your career driving matters forward after a bit of a frustrating period. While some of the changes may be rather shocking at first, you’ll be free to really pursue your deepest desires and enjoy life even more. Want to know more about those breakthroughs and what to expect? Talk with astrologer Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 today!


You continue to have positive activity in your career through June. You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings that drive your ambitions at times, but exploring these areas will be worth it. Friends are a true joy in the latter part of the year.


Balancing changes in career and home, along with your personal and relationship needs have made you feel like you were constantly juggling for a few years now. While 2013 will still be full of surprises, by the end of June you’ll have more energy flowing into your career and finances.


Your strong sense of personal responsibility and your serious efforts at self-analysis and healing will continue in 2013. In late April and early May, you’ll experience a release thanks to these efforts and a new beginning in your career opens. By November, you’ll have already started building your inspiring new work.


You may feel as if your home and your job aren’t clearly defined in 2013, but there will be a number of opportunities to build something important from the fantastic revelations you find in your own creative efforts. This year that nebulous feeling about what your career aims are and your finances will find more grounding.


Finally, things are becoming a bit more settled at home in 2013. In January, both your personal and your career focus is like a laser with the energy and strength to find those breakthroughs you’ve been working on. Friends and networking bring opportunity.


You’ll be pleased with the new sense of freedom to pursue your career dreams that 2013 brings. Don’t get caught up in what has passed as much as you may have enjoyed some of the old work benefits. Your unfolding gains will expand beyond what you ever had.


2013 will be a year to keep your creative juices flowing. Your beautiful work over 2012 will be topped with your new concepts and artistic efforts. Special opportunities arise in late April to share your career plans and ideas with others with beneficial results.

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  1. Reemu

    Hi I really want your help ….it’s been 2yrs left my job. feeing bord ….. Now I want job and get busy in my life want to know when I”ll get the job……

    Thanks …. Waiting for reply…..

  2. Thembi

    thanks a lot i’m looking forward to this I’ve been waiting for it for such a long time.I’m planning to move in with my partner of 15months as we are far apart from each other,however prior to that i have to get a job closer to him as well as a suitable house for both of us.Do you see that happaning for us in 2013 if yes then which month?i will appreciate your spiritual guidence & help.


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