Numerology: Love by the Numbers

Find Love Using Numerology

Looking for someone who suits your needs by your personal number vibration is a great start in determining that perfect person for your life. You will likely share birth, destiny or heart’s desire numbers or a combination. You’ll be amazed at how you seem to find your way to your birth number in relationships with special locations and treasured people, since you will naturally express your inherent energy in these places and with these people.

Your destiny and heart’s desire numbers are determined by your name as it reads on your birth certificate. Life-period influences appear in your and your partner’s professional and marriage names, so use those to consider your harmony with your love as well.

Finding your birth number is simply taking all the numbers of the date of your birth and adding them together. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9 for your and your love. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3)= 6 and you have service number 6.

Here are the letters and their numerical values:

1 = A J S
2 = B K T
3 = C L U
4 = D M V
5 = E N W
6 = F O X
7 = G P Y
8 = H Q Z
9 = I R

Birth Path 1

Others who share your birth path, destiny or heart’s desire will be challenging in a good way and will have a natural affinity for you. A 5 adds the spicy response to your fearlessness and a 9 offers the wisdom to guide you on your next conquest. A 2, 3 or 7  can offer balance and beauty to your life while an 8 is the power figure that appreciates your heroism. Are you feeling less than heroic? Talk to Psychic Miss Krystal ext. 9192 and get your inner hero back!

Birth Path 2

When you meet someone who shares your 2 birth, destiny or heart’s desire number they will share your interest in partnership and balance. A 6 will delight you with their work on your behalf and a 1 helps you take decisive action and move forward. A 7 can bring grace to your life. A 3 or 4 offers a gentle love, while an 8 brings amazing passion to your life.

Birth Path 3

As the trinity number that brings inspiration to all life, you will love creating with someone who is also a 3, whether you’re creating art or making beautiful babies. You love the sacred nature of relating to a 7 and the adoring qualities of a 2. A 6 can bring form to your magical ideas, while you love the energy of a 1, 5 or 9.

Birth Path 4

With your shared love of natural form and intelligence, you resonate with other 4s, and what they create with you is what you treasure. You can partner well with powerful 1s or 8s  as long as they appreciate your natural understanding of the flow of life. A 6 will appreciate your amazing stream of wisdom and an 8 will love your organizing talents. A 3 can form a wonderful current of love. Feeling under appreciated? Talk to Psychic Teagan ext. 5318 and she will help you communicate your needs to your loved ones. 

Birth Path 5

You are all about the spirit and love of life and another 5 can celebrate with you. You tap into the energy of a 1 or a 9 easily and help them express who they are. A 3 can create the essence of what you want to convey to others, while a 2 or a 7 offers a balance to your energy.

Birth Path 6

You inherently want to reach and share your talents with others. Another 6 can collaborate with what you want to accomplish in life. A 2 is sensitive to your purpose while a 1 has the energy to help you get things done. A 3, 4, or 8 can help you meet your goals.

Birth Path 7

You see a mirror image of yourself in others, as those with other number energies strive to do. However, you are the master. Other 7s will be on your path to spiritual and magical interaction. A 1, 3, 5, or 9 could offer language and substance to your discoveries.

Birth Path 8

8 partners can double your amazing powers of life and leadership as long as you are aligned and honest with each other. 2s, 3s and 4s can come together with you to create a life and home that you will cherish.

Birth Path 9

You want to share the wisdom that accompanies your gifts with everyone who falls into your generous, loving realm. Other 9s can share a truly exciting life with you. A 1, 3 or 5 can move your great ideas forward and a 2 or 7 shares your joy in partnering with others for a better way of life.

Aligning with people who share your energy will bring you breakthroughs and life-long partners. When you are clear about who you are and why you are here, others can’t help but respond to you. Yet, there is something so special about those who naturally hear you as you can resonate perfectly together in life and love—love by the numbers.

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17 thoughts on “Numerology: Love by the Numbers

  1. lori

    I have a problem figuring this. My birthday is june 21, 1973 and i keep bringing back the number 11. How can that be if im looking for a number 1-9? Please help me find my numerology birth number…..

  2. Kimberly

    Jerry, if your number is 11.. than 1+1=2!! YOU are a 2. And Troy, if your number is 10… 1+0=1!! YOU are a 1.

  3. sobit

    my no is 5 and wife no is 8.what does its makes.I don’t like her attitude any more.what should i do any suggestion?

  4. michael

    im #7 &29yrs old…never knew i could have better chances w/ acompatable #s email me if your a 1/3/5/or 9 we could try it out oyea & im a lebra

  5. z steeve

    my num is 9 (1976-7-6 )and my husband was 6 , we hv been separated , any chance of we will be together again???

  6. Meka83

    My kidd father has been staying with us for the past month he say he dont live here but I dont see him leaving yet he talks to me like were together im so confused help.

  7. sherri

    To Troy and Jerry
    You have to keep add the numbers until you get a single digit. Troy is 1. While Jerry is a 2.

  8. Troy

    Oooppppps! I thought this was a email form. I’d appreciate an email response if possible! I like your astrology & have been reading it. It’s real close! One of the best one’s I’ve read! Thank you!

  9. Troy

    I was born on 3/27/1969! Which according to your system adds up to 10! 3+2+7+1+9+6+9=37! 3+7=10! I am probably missing something! I am a bit foggy this morning! But, could you help me out here?I am curious! Thanks!

  10. sid bird

    i am sort of seeing a woman right now she says that we r together but i dont feel that we r .are we compatible or not and is my life going to change for the better or not?


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