9 Insights That Could Save Your Relationship

9 Insights That Could Save Your Relationship

Don’t Reach the Point of No Return!

Every relationship has its low points but how you handle them as a couple will determine whether your relationship has long-term potential or is destined for Splitsville. So how do you fix what’s wrong? You can either learn the hard way, or you can take advantage of these nine tips that can save your relationship.

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1. Accept Their Quirks
Some of your partner’s most unique attributes may become some of your biggest pet peeves the longer you stay together. But rather than trying to mold your partner into someone you feel they should be, try cherishing who they truly are instead. Wouldn’t you like to be accepted for who you are, quirks and all, too? If you truly want to save your relationship, you need to be accepting rather than criticizing.

2. Get Some Sleep
Sleep is so important to a person’s health, and to the health of their romantic relationship. People consistently low on sleep take a hit to their overall well-being. The key is to discover what’s keeping you from a good night’s sleep. Is it stress at work, at home, a snoring partner, or bad sleep hygiene? Whatever the reason, quality sleep can do a lot to save your relationship.

3. Be Soft on the Person, but Tough on the Issues
If you feel attacked by your partner, you may be inclined to act out, hurting them more than they have hurt you. But one of the keys to a long-term relationship is to attack your issues together. Instead of attacking your partner, try to see things from their perspective. What’s the underlying issue between you? Once you discover what it is, you can take steps to resolve it and save your relationship.

4. Think of Positive Solutions to Your Problems
Every problem has a positive solution! You just have to look for it. Get a little creative if you have to. Whether the problem involves your relationship as a whole, or you or your partner as individuals, a little positive thinking goes a long way. Incentives can take you even further. Praise, sex, small gifts, etc., they’ll be more inclined to do what you need them to if they’re working toward your positive praise rather than in fear of your wrath.

5. Don’t Argue With Them When They Shut Down
Have you ever had a fight with your partner and they just shut down? No matter what you throw at them, it just bounces off the wall they’ve built around themselves. They aren’t listening to you and you can’t bulldoze your way through to them. So what do you do to get your point across and save your relationship? You walk away … for the time being, that is. Set a time to revisit your issue and give each other some much-needed space.

6. Dispense Doses of Sunshine and Good Deeds
One of the mistakes people make when their relationships start going south is to bombard their partners with gifts and grand gestures. Often, it’s too little, too late. Instead, inject some sunshine throughout your time together. Give them attention in the form of compliments, listen to them, and throw in some backrubs too. These are all good memories they can refer back to when times are tough and your relationship is strained.

7. Be a Team Player
If you have a partner who does all the chores, you aren’t a team player. Seeing you watching TV on the couch or sleeping in on the weekends while they clean the bathroom or drive the kids around will make them resent you. They’ll feel like they’re making sacrifices for your relationship while you aren’t. Get off your butt and pitch in! Anything you can do to lighten their load will help them. But if they won’t let you help them, remember to say thank you and show your appreciation for all they do.

8. Display Reminders of Your Happy Times
An easy way to boost positive feelings and increase happiness is to display mementos of your happy times together. Hang up photos of the two of you and display souvenirs from trips. Put the gifts you’ve exchanged to good use! Place a happy memory in each room and even in your office. You’ll have visual reminders of the love you share.

9. Say “I Love You” Every Day
Relationships are work … even the good ones. But if you’re happy together it won’t feel like work. It’s a good idea to begin and even end every day telling your partner you love them. It’s easy to do. Just tell them when one of you heads out to the office and right before you turn out the lights at bedtime. Saying “I love you” every day is a reminder of your faith and love for your partner.

Insights That Could Save Your Relationship

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2 thoughts on “9 Insights That Could Save Your Relationship

  1. Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    I appreciate all the suggestions and am open to implementing as many that it will take to breath life into our relationship. I just wish that I wasn’t the only one to have to do all the work. We both have been married a couple of times before and I know what can kill the relationship, but I don’t think my husband is aware of his responsibilities in the failing of the other two…he still places all the blame on his past partners, as we all know it takes two to make a relationship and two to break it. I am feeling, that just like everything else in our home, it is my responsibility to keep things going. So I am going to put these suggestions to work..and see if there is any response.

  2. Deb

    Thank-you for sharing such wisdom ! I am looking forward to using this inspired advise in the years ahead ! I’ll be praying I have the maturity and strength to stop and think to unselfishly use these ideas!


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