Men Enjoy the Hunt: 4 Ways to Make Yourself “Hunt-able”

Make Him Hunt You

We all know that men were hunters, and women were gatherers. But, what we all don’t realize is that we are still hunters and gatherers, but just in different forms. Men still get a huge thrill from a successful hunt. And the most rewarding “catch” is the one that took the most time, energy, and skill to finally get! Thus, the woman of his dreams is the one he had to win over. With that said, when a woman chases a man, the man will likely run, because it is unnatural for him to be chased. So, here are some strategies on ways for you, the woman, to be more chase-able and attract a sexy hunter!

1. Dress the Part. Dress for just the right kind and right amount of attention when you go out. Please don’t go overboard with the make-up, perfume, stilettos, and cleavage… This is an easy hunt, like a deer that just stands there in headlights. Choose one asset, your best one, to show off. For example, since I have a flat chest, but a great rear, I tend to wear skin-tight pants as part of my out-on-the-town outfit. In addition to showing off your best physical asset, you also want to wear something that is a conversation piece; this could be a unique hat, an interesting necklace, a classy well-placed tattoo, a cool scarf, some unusual drink, or anything else that sets you apart from other women showing off their best features as well. Guys are relieved when they see something on you ladies that makes for an easier approach for them.

2. Proximity to Men. When you see a man or group of men you are interested in, and you honestly think you have a chance with one of them, put yourself in the proximity of him and his friends! Stand in his line of view, but not too close or too far, though. And don’t get super loud or attention getting on purpose. Definitely don’t become that loudmouth drunk girl that nobody likes. Remember, you want him to see you as a confident woman but also his innocent prey; he is the predator that will come to you—but only if you look appetizing, are smiling and appear approachable, and can hold your own ground in the initial conversation, without dominating the dialogue or being too shy. I recommend one drink to loosen up, two drinks if you nurse them over the course of a few hours, and three drinks if you intend to stay single. I know some guys order a small ice water because it looks like “vodka on the rocks.”

This way, they can save money, and this also helps them stay sober so they can meet girls with a better head on their shoulders, or stay sober so they can take advantage of drunk, desperate girls… Case in point, be sure that you stay sober enough to spot these creeps that desire a new hunt every night.

3. The Chase. Once you do begin communicating with the target, let him lead the conversation just as if it is a dance! Of course, you can ask and answer questions and make jokes, but do not dominate the conversation. This is a turn off. Let him eventually ask for your number. If he digs you, he will ask for it. A popular line that guys use now is, “How do you recommend we keep in touch?” This way, the girl can decide whether to give him her number, e-mail, or Facebook contact… When he contacts you, you can respond to his text (but not too soon), and call him back (only if he leaves you a message), and accept his friend request (after several hours have passed at least). Don’t respond right away to any method that he reaches out to you with. Be chill. Respond when you have time. Make him sweat a little bit. He will like it. Trust me. He wants to think you are a busy girl with your own life and other prospects. He wants the challenge! He wants to earn you. When you are hard to get, it suggests to him that you haven’t been with many other men because they don’t make the cut, and this categorizes you in his mind as girlfriend/wife material.

4. The Catch. This is key! And I’m sorry, but this is a list of essential don’ts:

  • Do not be the first one to call or text him after your first meeting.
  • Do not ask him out on a date first.
  • Do not ask to be “exclusive” ever—that is his duty.
  • Absolutely do not have sex with him until he gets his STD tests done and/or asks you to be a couple.

Just go on being your awesome self with your own life, and if he feels that you are a confident, independent, sexy woman who doesn’t need him, then and only then will he want you and try to tie you down by jumping through any hoops you put before him. In sum, let him come to you, chase you, and catch you—it will be more rewarding for both of you in the end.

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8 thoughts on “Men Enjoy the Hunt: 4 Ways to Make Yourself “Hunt-able”

  1. inspiration

    Nice read what if you are into fresh relationship and the guy becomes dominating and starts taking her as granted

  2. Abigail

    Ïm a lightworker, a taurus and have very much faith & confidence. Committed to an Aries who “thinks” he is above everyOne & tells me I talk way too much. I’ve always even talked to myself outloud, even had a boss once that called me once to ask me to after being away for a week. I Love to communicate as it ïs key I know to any relationship. He has an air about him that is about justice & I’m exactly the same in this area. He does Love me & we agreed to be in a committed relationship. I have the patience of an angel & tenacity. However he can’t stand me talking & always tells me to “shut up”. So I said I’ll stop talking all together. He is has just divorced a controlling ex wife as I have done many years ago, so he doesn’t want to show his feelings by covering it up. I can have any man & having a balanced female/male brain am somewhat like a man with the chase, its won. Now where do we go with not communicating? Wait until he says something before speaking? Isn’t that a control thing? Please give me direction hear…we do love each other a lot & are opposite signs. Seams I’m always attracting Fire, lol!

  3. Galina

    Hi Melody,

    I think that what you have said is interesting, but only partly acceptable to a woman whom you describe as confident and independent. What confident woman will count the minutes or hours before she responds to a guy’s text/ email. I thought that by being a woman, you would be more voiciferous about women’s equality, even in such a delicate matter dating.

    I am not saying that a woman needs to be a pest. There is some truth in the fact that men get satisfaction from a successful hunt. However, this sense of satisfaction and achievement wears off after a while – he cannot keep trying to catch his wife forever for example. Men need stability too. And what if the hunted turns out to be just a pretty face, with not much in the brain department…

    So I think that all these tricks are naive to say the least. A confident woman will remain confident, and her confidence will show in her attitude, since she will want to be treated as an equal. If she does not respond, then she may have a sincerely busy life. Men are not stupid. The behaviour you have described is fake and a bit pitiful. If a man does not see it straight away, then he will see it later – that the woman is faking it. I mean her supposed lack of interest, or pretence at being busy and unavailable. How about this same woman creating a life for herself when she is really a hot catch – independent, interesting, vibrant…

    Of course, there is always a market for women described in your article. A weak, childish man who lacks confidence and needs constant reassurance that he is a man. A truly strong, confident man does need any tricks. He aspires for honesty and lack of manipulation. Such a man needs a true challenge in his life – winning over a woman who is genuinely confident, strong and independent, while at the same time wise enough to be approachable, funny, gorgeous. I have heard that men who are truly worth ‘catching’ find such women impossible to resist. And there are always enough fake women for the weak ones!


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