Manifesting the Love You Want and Deserve

Learning to Manifest the Good Things in Life

What does manifesting mean? You can use your imagination, and I think that’s part of the secret. You may know the perfect partner your desire, but you’re afraid all the good ones are taken or that you’re in a place, either a physical location or mental state, which prevents you from finding the one you desire.

Take a step back. Breathe and focus on what you want, and don’t bend out of loneliness, hope for the one who’s not quite right, or your own insecurities. You may have to wait for the perfect partner. Isn’t that person worth the wait?

Of course, you may feel you’ve been waiting forever and a day for that one to pop up, but envisioning through meditation, writing about what you want and deserve, and knowing deep down you can find the love you crave are all steps to manifesting that perfect person into your life. It won’t happen overnight, but by manifesting, imagining and building your confidence in what you have to offer another person can greatly change the course or your love life.

Don’t settle. Sure, you can have some fun dates and enjoy the flattery of others, but you know within yourself if these people giving you attention are what you’re looking for.

Again, don’t settle. Being alone is, in my opinion, better than settling. When we settle, problems crop up, arguments about how we don’t really get each other grow as the relationship develops, and eventually you may say to yourself, “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?”

Many clients who call want to reunite with people who have hurt them. I see into some of these clients a deep insecurity they may never find the one who fits them perfectly, well, as perfectly as can be. You can hang on, project into life and social interactions what you want. If you keep this positive attitude about yourself and keep a keen eye on the potential partners you meet, you have such a better chance to get what you most deserve and hope for in a partner.

It takes time, and you may have to fight insecurities from past relationships which didn’t work out. By manifesting in your imagination what you want,  I have a good feeling you’ll find it.

It all comes down to believing you are worthy of the kind of love and affection you have to offer that perfect partner. This is manifesting. The stronger you feel in yourself and your gifts and inner beauty, the more you will attract the right kind of lovers.

5 thoughts on “Manifesting the Love You Want and Deserve

  1. Miss B

    I feel as if this is directed to me. I feel that I have to wait for the right one who deserves the love I have to offer. I was wondering why am I attracting commited men these days and I haven’t got an answer to that. It’s kinda frustrating and somebody told me maybe I am a marriage type.

  2. mags

    to find the perfect match?people should not find them but wait until they come to you,because no matter what you do, you will not find them until the right time comes by itself to fit you…there is a meaning in ever happenings in our life so do not use much time wondering when the right person will come but welcome it when it matter when. in the meantime use your time to care for yourself and activities so when the right man comes ,you are ready to entertain ….enjoy life in the meantime,why not ?you have all the time and ffreedom to do what you want while waiting so why waste your time for negativ things when you can be happy with positive ones…

  3. prince adex

    i just want 2 no what really affect my love affair..i’m love with my wife but we always get misunderstand each other…are we not compatible bcuz i love her so much but don’t really no why am always annoyed with her,she also love me so much,pls may i no if she is my true love or someone else.

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    i like the way you equate manifesting to imagination –
    we can actually manifest who and what we want by using our imagination.
    imaination is greater than knowledge –
    “just think about it” 🙂

  5. irene

    i would like to no who it will be i will being getting married to an when ? will i marrie this year i ambeliving in a arage efor his yr. is up or next year for sure to a man with a secure job an future , and to who will love me like i will love them . ica”t ut wonder if it it wil be a man y te name Eddie B. santiesvans or who ? please i would like to no ..


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