Have an Affair With Your Husband

Re-Finding Love With the One You’re With

While daily routines and survival issues are always in play in our lives, there’s no need to saturate married life in mediocracy. Your comfortableness with each other can easily place sexual and romantic efforts on the back burner, leading to bedroom boredom and potentially straying eyes. Bring a newness and playfulness back into your relationship by experimenting with your mate. What better way to do this than planning an illicit affair full of discovery and excitement? Apply these principles of a first-time affair and watch how your sexual relationship flourishes!

The Lure

In the beginning of a connection, everything is exciting! The wooing, the unknown, the coy flirtation intensifies the sexual energy of your interactions. Seeing one another in this way is essential to your affair. Akin to playing poker, you never want to show your entire hand until the end of the game, so keep him guessing, and don’t be overly available to him! This means that even though you live under the same roof, limit your exposure to one another. Take a class, go to a lecture, make plans with friends, if that’s what gets you out of the house.

The Kiss

As the wooing becomes more physical, focus on how electric first kisses can be! This means putting everything into these smooches, in the same way you would with a new male interest. The kissing lays the groundwork for all other intimacy to come, and gives you a taste of your true sexual chemistry and compatibility, so celebrate that!

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The exhilarating discoveries about a new lover come with effort, creativity and curiosity on your part, so find a way to recreate this with him. Change your scent, buy new underwear, alter something about your physical appearance that makes him interested in discovering these new territories.

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Star Gazing

Falling for someone for the first time can be the most amazing experience because now your body and heart are involved. Romance takes work and commitment, which in the beginning seems easy because everything is new. Rediscover what it’s like to invest some effort and then reap its rewards. Romantic dates laced with seduction from both partners doesn’t have to cost a mint or require elaborate planning; rather it’s about setting the best scene for you two to express your sexual and spiritual chemistry.

If you are able to apply these electric elements to your marriage, the sexual spark you will recreate between you two, coupled with the love and deep connection you have nurtured over the years, can leave all other first-time affair experiences in the dust!

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  1. is my husband having an affair

    So I am in a touristy type/barber shop with my girlfriend. We’re both getting our hair done and my girlfriend states that they heard among the women that labored in the barber shop carried out dental sex on my small husband. (In tangible existence, my hubby scammed on me once before we’ve got married as well as in waking existence I’m not worried he is going to do it again. I trust him.) To the dream. I am shocked and unbelievably upset. I attempt to him but his number is not within my phone. And So I attempt to punch in the number, I recall seeing the screen on my cell phone clearly when i attempt to punch in the number again and again again, but in some way the incorrect buttons are pressed. I cant appear to enter in the right amounts. I am getting very inflammed with this and opt find him by myself. i finish up finding him and begin questioning him about stated girl. I believe I requested him something similar to “Are you currently connecting track of other women?” or something like that. He’s staying away from the issue and being catty beside me, but he finally confesses into it. I start beating him within this alley/parking area type factor. I am striking him again and again again, this intolerable rage comes over me. I beat him for any very long time once he states “okay, okay…” And That I stop. I throw my ring at him. The scene changes and I am walking up stairs to my mother, she asks if I am okay and I only say I am fine, despite the fact that I am crying. The scene changes again and we are in the police station. I am having a very good friend. My hubby is drunk and being obnoxious.


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