Love Vampires

Let’s face it we’ve all fallen prey to a love vampire at some point in our lives. As consumers of energy rather than blood, these vampires exist in many guises, but with one common trait – their own inadequate energy system compels them to tap into – and feed upon – the energy of unsuspecting victims. So how do you know when you’re in a relationship with one of these thirsty energy-suckers?

More importantly, how do you escape?

In the beginning phases of these love connections, it can be quite tricky to detect those nasty little warning signs. But as time goes by and the relationship progresses, however, you may notice that you start to feel as if someone has sucked the life right out of you – find out if it’s time to drive a stake into the heart of an unhealthy relationship.

Red flags
Read the list below to know if you are in a toxic relationship with a love vampire. Do you…

1. Feel drained and lethargic or fearful and anxious when they are around?

2. Feel bad about yourself, or begin to dislike yourself because of what they say?

3. Begin to behave in ways that you dislike, or feel as if they “bring out the ugly” in you?

4. Feel pressured to do what they ask?

5. Feel like running away from them?

6. Feel like you never get your needs met, yet you’ve given them everything you’ve got?

7. Ask yourself why you are with them, but find that you are afraid to be alone?

Intuitive insight
The most reliable method of deciding if your relationship is draining you is to get in touch with your own intuition. It will never steer you wrong – though sometimes we choose to ignore that little inner voice that says “things are very, very bad.” Usually, we know deep in our hearts that we are allowing ourselves to be victims of circumstances – but we all do, still, have a choice.

If you want to “give it another go” – with the insight that your relationship isn’t quite healthy one – you’ll want to open up the lines of communication, and work on your issues together. Because of the pain this process can cause, you might even seek the help of a professional counselor who can be a third party in helping to resolve conflicts. But if you’ve decided that you are at the end of your rope, and you know that there is no good that can come from your union, the best thing is to leave.

Cut all ties
Breaking up is hard to do – it truly is – especially if you have love and ties and bonds and a history with this person. But there comes a point when we all need to walk away from a toxic situation, for our own emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. After you have made a conscious choice to leave, implement this spiritual technique to aid you in your healing process.

“Cord cutting” is one of the best methods for disconnecting the energy between you and your love vampire, and will probably grant you emotional closure. Often, when people “break up,” they don’t realize that they still have emotional bonds. So for a while you may have to “cut the cords” between the two of you – and that means any type of energy you share – from sex to indulging in some mutual hobby, to texting the other person when you can’t sleep. Those cords keep a channel open for continuous feeding on each other’s emotions and anxieties. The trick is to sever that conduit so you can forgivingly move forward with your life. By doing this you will no longer be susceptible to your vampire lover’s debilitating energy.

Love vampires can take a hold of us because we are vulnerable to their charms… or we just lose the strength to shoo them away. They can be a difficult force to reckon with, but once you decipher the depth of their selfishness, it becomes easier to shut the lid on the draining connection.

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