Love at the Gym

The US Census tells us that 42% of Americans are single. Ninety three million people over the age of 18 are going through life solo at the moment – but are very possibly looking to pair up. That being said, why is it so difficult to meet available people, our callers ask.

There really are plenty of wonderful single men and women to go around, reassures Pamela ext. 9578, a Psychic and Clairvoyant who uses a regular deck of playing cards to focus her readings. “It sounds so simple, but so much of it is about meeting people through friends and breaking the pattern of going to the same places over and over. It’s just a matter of keeping your heart and your eyes open,” she advises from experience.

Mimi, (not her real name), 32 and never married, made her first call to Pamela seven months ago. She was completely distraught at her loveless, dateless lifestyle. “It’s not like I don’t try,” she told Pamela, I go out after work for drinks with friends as often as possible. I meet men, I mean, I’m attractive, but they only have one thing in mind!”

The psychic told Mimi that she envisioned her as pretty and petite, (about 118) pounds, blonde with hazel eyes. “You have that right,” she responded. “But if you can, please tell me where I can find a man – that would be awesome!”

Pamela laid down the Ace of Clubs, which to her means a building often associated with health. “I knew Mimi wasn’t ill, so it wasn’t a medical building, but I kept thinking health club… Then I got it… Mimi needed to go to a gym to meet a particular man.”

Interestingly enough, Mimi told Pamela that a friend kept asking her to go to a nearby gym to join her in some fitness classes. But Mimi, not fond of health clubs or exercise, much to her friend’s frustration, kept turning her down. “There is a man at a health club that I see you meeting,” Pamela revealed. “He’s well built, with dark hair and hazel eyes, he’s not tall… he works out to stay in shape.”

A week later, Pamela got a call from Mimi. She had gone to the gym and been introduced to a man who looked much like Pamela’s description, by her friend. It had just been a quick introduction, so Mimi called to find out if this particular man was the one. Pamela suggested that she give it time, and in the meantime, Mimi needed to keep her eyes open at the gym and elsewhere.

After several weeks, Mimi called Pamela to tell her that the man she had met on her first day at the gym, Charlie, had started a conversation with her. He had offered any help she might need with the exercise machines and they had ended up having a fruit drink at the health bar.

“The conversation was easy and interesting, but I’m worried that he’s just like all the others. I’m really looking for a relationship,” she reiterated to Pamela. “He’s never been married either and I don’t know if it’s because he’s a player, or if he’s been waiting for the right person, too,” Mimi worried.

“Is he a banker?” Pamela asked.

“Yes!” Mimi confirmed with excitement.

“Then I believe he is the one,” the psychic told Mimi, suggesting that the word “believe'” factors in both people’s free will.

After several months, Mimi called Pamela to tell her what a great time they were having together. “Do you see this lasting?” she asked.

“When you’re out together, other people make a point of telling you that you make a great couple,” the psychic pointed out.

“Yes, and they even ask us how long we’ve been married! We think it’s great fun to get so much positive attention together.”

“Honey, don’t worry,” Pamela remembers saying as she set down the ace of diamonds… “you’re getting a ring. Now this ring could be a phone call or a diamond. But, I can almost put money on it… a diamond is coming.”

A few weeks ago, Pamela got a thank you call and an announcement from Mimi. “I got a ring on my birthday,” she told the psychic ecstatically. “Pamela, if you had not told me to go to the gym, I never would have met Charlie,” she cooed gratefully.

They may have eventually met, reveals the psychic who can pick up the past, present and future in her readings, “But I did get her to the right place at the right time!”

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