Mars Enters Aries

Expect things to heat up, as Mars enters Aries on April 22, 2009, infusing us all with a surge of energy, until the intense planet leaves Aries to visit Taurus on June 30, 2009. Mars is certainly a celestial power player, often referred to as the God of War.

So, what happens when this sphere of strength transits stubborn Aries? Why, it’s perfectly at home in the realm of the Ram, a sign the planet happens to rule. This Fire-meets-Fire union can be put to good use, lending strength and determination to any area of life you choose to improve.

Mars and Aries
Mars energy is fairly tangible, because it strongly influences our physical energy levels. Mars governs our adrenals as well as our sex drive, and encourages us to feel what we feel – but with more passion. Aries tends to be an adventuresome energy, but is also well known for its stubbornness. When these two energies blend, it is a recipe for success, if properly utilized and channeled.

Fire and action
Fire is symbolic with creation and destruction, and with Mars in Aries, we’re getting a double dose. This energetic infusion is likely to cause a chain reaction, as we find creative ways to express ourselves and the courage to put our thoughts into action. If you are feeling restless, put that energy to work! Tackle a project, large or small, because what you put your mind to, you will get done. From spring cleaning the clutter out of the house, to exercising the stagnant energy out of our souls, we all will find ways of breaking out of the same routine. With this influence, it will help many of us to simplify our lives, shedding light on areas that have been clouded or causing concern.

Men on Mars
If you’ve been tired, run down, or in a sexual slump, relief is on the way. This Martian infusion of energy should give us all a mental and physical boost. If you’re feeling frisky, make time for your mate because these passionate times can be a stress shedding mini escape. For those who are searching for love or just out to date, your prospects should be improving now – because others are feeling the urge as well. Even though passion can be direct and filled with emotion, don’t make big-love decisions in haste.

Playing with Fire
Mars has a reputation for being aggressive, and Aries can be quite impatient and brash, so when these two energies are flowing, there is a chance of some kind of clash. Whether you need to be mindful of your actions or words, remember the old adage of reaping what you sow! If you should find yourself on the receiving end, trust your head and your instincts to determine whether you should stand up for yourself, or just let it go.

The Fire Signs
Aries can conquer any goal, but may be challenged when determining what is a reasonable pace. Leo will be purring along, seemingly loving life – and the mall. Be careful not to over-spend! Sagittarius is heading for a heightened health kick, and more likely to wander to places that are warm or exotic.

The Earth Signs
Taurus will discover clarity where there was confusion, and business plans will unfold. Virgo may be about organization all throughout the day, but night is when they cut loose and welcome some bedtime play. Capricorn is all about money and finance, but may take a moment or two to consider an office romance.

The Air Signs
Gemini is likely to finely tune their financial affairs, floating with the knowledge that success is in the air. Libra’s enthusiasm is going to be infectious, and the risks they take are smartly calculated to bring about rewards. Aquarius is likely to be more emotional than usual, but still a joy because they are determined to share experiences and fun.

The Water Signs
Cancer and Scorpio will find themselves more focused on hearth and home, and will be loving in a spiritual kind of way. Their romantic side is showing, and it’s a glorious sight to see! Pisces will channel their energies toward career, and perfection of their deepest fantasy.

Fire in the sky
If you do nothing else with this Mars/Aries gift, take this time to really let yourself live. Explore your creativity, really let yourself feel – use this time to improve and release old hurt and fear. Whether you’ve been thinking about a new job, business, love mate or life – this double dose of energy can help bring your plans to light. Neither Mars nor Aries believe in the word “can’t.” So follow their lead and focus on your dreams. When you pull on this Mars in Aries energy, you’ll discover that even if you thought you couldn’t – when you’re determined to succeed – yes, you can!

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