Ask Your Spirit Guides: The Basics

Marcia from Massachusetts writes:

Can you please lay out the basics of what Spirit Guides are, who has them, what relationship the guide(s) have to people who aren’t aware of having them, and so forth — the basics. I understand that there’s God, and there are other beings who aren’t incarnate now (or possibly ever). I understand past lives and connections with or “debts to” certain souls who are therefore important in this life. I just am totally ignorant about Spirit Guides, so please write a beginner’s lesson.

Bobbi from Michigan asks:

When does a soul move back into its physical incarnation once they cross over into the spiritual realm? Do some spirits move on to become Spirit Guides without ever being reincarnated? Are some spirits just lost souls without becoming Spirit Guides or being reincarnated? Are the spirits I see around me lately people from my past lives? Do people have certain spirits that are with them for their lifetimes, or do they change throughout our lives as we experience or fulfill our purposes? Finally, why are some spirits negative while others seem enlightening?

Dear Bobbi and Marcia,

In the fantastical world of Angels, Spirit Guides and other spirit presences, there are few hard and fast rules. Everyone I have personally read has had a Guardian Angel and at least three Spirit Guides, usually with one main spokesperson.

Spirit Guides can be recent or past-life family members, friends, lovers, or someone brand new. I’ve encountered animals and even aliens, plants and conscious, intelligent geometric forms. There are lifelong Guides, “special project” Guides, and occasionally family member Guides who only hang around till their next adventure, rather than remaining for the rest of your life, as is more common.

Whether or not you believe in or are aware of Guides, they are there, doing their best to teach and assist you based on the dreams and desires you think about or express aloud, on their view of your past and future, and on their understanding of your soul tasks.

When and how Souls decide whether to incarnate again quickly, or to spend time in study or as a Spirit Guide, is a matter of individual choice and the “story arc” of their evolutionary journey. Each individual Soul seems to evolve in stages, through tasks and adventures and learning experiences that they have chosen or created, and then moving on to new stages and evolutionary tasks.

For Bobbi specifically, you are awakening as a very talented Medium, and you need to get some training and assistance to sort out who’s hanging around you and how to deal with each type of visitation. Spirits are like people — some positive and helpful, and some not — and the ones I see are definitely not all from your past lives. You really have nothing to fear, but it’s easier to believe that when you have some knowledge and techniques to work with, the Guide who was your mother will help you find a teacher.

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