Learn to Love Yourself Again

Re-Establish Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem trashing goes on in many of our heads, day in and day out. It is what I call a VOJ (Voice of Judgment) based on the negative people that you were raised around, the constant social pressures to “blend in,” and the indoctrination of advertisement. We have all been told repeatedly that you must be a size 0, own a luxury car, wear designer clothes and eat junk food just to be worthy. What a load of… manure. But our unconscious mind soaks up each commercial, each comparison, each negative voice telling us we are not okay as we are, and it creates a tiny committee in our heads that judges every word we say, how we look and what we do. It can get a person to doubt their own unique wonderfulness.

So let’s stop it! Here are tried and true tools that I have been teaching for over 20years. Like they say, if you work them… they work!

7-Day Self-Love Reset

First thing when you get up, go look in a mirror. Relax and gaze into your own eyes. Once you connect, say out loud, “I love you.” Do that every day for seven days. If you miss a day or just can’t seem to connect with yourself, you must start over until you have seven days in a row. This is an unconscious “reboot.”

Rewrite Those Old Tapes

The brain is a repetitive machine. It takes what it knows (how to walk and chew gum at the same time) and does it without asking you to prompt it. So when it gets a “line” of old tape (For example,  “You aren’t smart enough.”) it will run it whenever any situation comes up that it could possible apply. So you need to put in new new tapes to run.

New Ideas

You need to identify those negative phrases and make a list of positive ways to deal with those situations. Then be vigilant, and when you find yourself going to the old tapes, stop yourself and refocus on the positive, new saying you want to use to replace the old. (For example, “I am smart and willing to learn new things.”)

Start a Love Affair With Yourself

List the things you like about yourself and add to this list every time you find something new. Journal about the actions you are taking on a daily basis to improve your life and self-esteem. No matter how small the action, it counts towards a positive shift.

Reward Yourself

Find ways to reward yourself that are positive: a pedicure, a movie or a walk in nature. Stay away from rewards that could harm you, or set you back, such as fatty foods, liquor, or bad company.

These are just a few of the tools you can use if you want to learn to love yourself again. There are many, many more options out there. You could try doing an Internet search for other ideas that may appeal to you. Building a new and more positive crew of voices in your head can turn your life around. You will learn to love yourself in innocence again (as we are meant to), as children of the divine light.

8 thoughts on “Learn to Love Yourself Again

  1. Steve

    It seems that there is some truth to the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Very timely article, Yemaya. I thank you for addressing this, and for supplying the tools for improvement! Gratefully….

  2. marc from the uk

    I liked this and often practice these, I remind myself, I am what I eat, I am what I drink, I am what I think! I am learning that to be tolerant of others, and to do so, you must understand yourself, for it helps to accept and understand lifes trials!

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ex.9500

    Another great article, Yemaya……I really liked this one, and eagerly look forward to your future articles.


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