Keeping Clarity During Long Waits

I have many repeat callers. I have found that these clients are sometimes checking in on the same question. That issue is obviously very important to them and they need constant clarity. As time is fluid and changes are occurring, I have found that the client will recall a statement I had said and if it changes, I will check the degree of change. Is it time, or the whole situation that has changed, has the person changed their mind, or has a dynamic change occurred?!

Example… I have a client who was beginning to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker and she was very interested to see if indeed he felt for her like she did him. It was building for sure, and it seemed to be growing to be a positive situation. The slow delay was due to the fact that both were department heads and office romance requires delicate handling.

I saw the budding relationship/romance… and also some obstacles. He was very hesitant — appearing as a careful person who would not move to fast. During this time she interviewed a gal that was perfect for his department, and within a short period of time, they were having a flirtatious, and to her, obvious liking for each other. This new girl had changed the dynamics and that in itself changed the relationship potential between them. The attention was put on someone else now and they had returned to a “business relationship” again and she had to endure the budding relationship between the two of them.

My goal when dealing with these slow moving, drawn out situations is to maintain the clarity for the repeated caller.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Clarity During Long Waits

  1. goldie

    i agree entirely with the clarity betweeen the calls, i go thru the same thing, like an oscilation thing, u start to doubt things without justification, your mind playing tricks with u, then i have to say to myself u know what u were told so y r u doing this to yourself?

  2. goldie

    after my last reading like 3months ago, i was wondering why this and why that and the reader really spelled it out for me, and it made sense, as for the clarity between readings ,life kinda spells that out for u, the reading becomes to life, its kinda like the writing is on the wall, u just need the reader to clarify it, my favorite reader hasnt been back on since last time i talked to her, but she was soooo on the button.

  3. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for this article, TeriLynn. It is really interesting to hear the reader’s side of this issue. Maintaining clarity is a little different for callers than it is for readers, but it is just as important.
    Like the callers you mention, I have called to seek clarity on the most important issues in my life. I, too, have called a reader more than once to ask the same question…sometimes many times to many readers! 😉 Looking through someone else’s eyes definitely helps to see things more clearly. It is the time between calls that where I sometimes have trouble maintaining that clarity. Sometimes emotions can cause the clouds to creep back in and then I feel like I need to call again.
    This may sound crazy, but I have found the more I obsess over some the less clear it becomes. To maintain whatever clarity I have gotten from a reading, I try to NOT think about the issue so much. If it comes to mind, I decide whether I am in the right frame of mind to think about it. If there is too much emotional junk in the way, I make the conscious effort to think about something else. If I am feeling free of junk, I might write my thoughts down and then set them aside. It seems like later on, I always find that there is a breakthrough somewhere along the way…like sunshine peeking through the clouds.
    Does anyone else (callers and readers alike!) have useful ways of maintaining clarity between readings?
    Duckie 🙂


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