Just Married – Again!

When a true love connection gets difficult, even couple’s with the best of intentions, can back off wondering if “happily ever after” is really meant to be. Rather than working through their frustrations together, they just give up on their faith in one another – and run! “But why would anyone let a great relationship get away because of setbacks?” Abigail ext. 9570 counsels. “Anything worth having is worth working for, in every aspect of life, including love.”

This couple’s love story transcends time and distance, but impatience over their second wedding tested the power of their love, the Empath reveals about Tanya and Ryan (not their real names), a couple originally from Australia, who had first married and divorced in California when they were both twenty years old.

“Shall I take my wedding dress back?” Tanya asked the psychic, telling her that her fiancé and first husband who had moved back to their birthplace after they split up thirty years ago, had been trying to finalize his divorce from his second wife for several years. “I’m so frustrated! Is it anything he’s doing or not doing right?” she wondered.

“Keep the dress, you will wear it!” Abigail assured her caller using her psychic gifts and the suggestions of her spirit guides. She cast out the Tarot cards to read beyond Tanya’s fear that once again her relationship with Ryan would be intruded upon by bad luck. He had followed her family from Australia to San Francisco when they were teenagers. “We were so in love, but the marriage ended badly. We weren’t ready for that kind of a commitment while we were both pursuing an education,” she told the psychic.

Abigail, laid out the Tarot to look for timeframes and saw there would be even more delays, before they could marry. “You will end up together… his lawyer, is dragging his feet.”

“Are you sure? You’re not just saying that,” Tanya asked several times in response to her reading, adding that she still had the receipt for her dress … she could still get her money back if she returned it now.

“Have faith,” Abigail suggested about the future of their reunion.

Tanya and Ryan had kept in touch over the years through friends and relatives as Ryan had moved back to Australia to finish his education when they divorced. He had remarried after college and joined the family business in Sydney. When they met up again on American soil it was 28 years later. Tanya was divorced and Ryan was in the process of getting one. He told her he had thought about her all the years they were apart – and they spent the last two years trying to make up for as much time as possible. His children had settled in Los Angeles and he was planning to make the move to California to be closer to them. Recently he and Tanya had decided to marry and were eager to go through with the ceremony.

On her next call to Abigail, Tanya was in tears, saying that Ryan had called off the wedding. He asked her not to take the long, expensive trip to Australia over the holidays, as he had also lost a great deal of money and it seemed, his divorce wasn’t getting any closer. All of this waiting, might go on forever, he said, so they may as well date other people. He had already asked out a woman who worked in his office. Tanya was heartbroken.

“Why didn’t you or any of the other psychics I spoke to see this other woman?” she cried.

“I was blown away at what happened,” Abigail admits, but when she looked into the cards she saw that Tanya and Ryan were not over. “It’s because this woman doesn’t mean anything to him,” she told her client. “She isn’t going to be in his life. No other psychics saw her because she’s not in his heart. You’ll go there in a couple of months and when you do, pack your wedding dress! Everything will happen quickly.”

“Are you sure. Are you sure. Please promise me…”her caller pleaded.

“Psychically, this is what I see happening. Just don’t go sabotaging yourself, when he calls you. He’s frustrated. He did this out of what he thinks is fairness to you… “

When Ryan called to apologize to her days later, he also admitted that he had made the date out of his anger and frustration with his entire situation. He ended up calling it off at the last minute. He appealed to Tanya’s heart by asking if she would consider visiting him – ASAP! He missed her and was lonely, and would set up a ticket for whenever she was willing to take off from work. Thinking about Abigail’s reading, she suggested February.

A month later, Tanya called Abigail to say that she was thrilled that Abigail had put the bug in her ear to take her wedding dress along with her on her next trip to see her fiance. She had arrived on the first of the month, the divorce was settled on the 5th and they were married two weeks later. She had come back to the US while Ryan took care of all the business and paperwork that had to be settled before he could legally move to California.

“Once the paperwork is final, he’ll be here in three to six weeks. It’ll be boom, boom, boom!” she told her client, thrilled that her client had the chance to wear the dress she had been waiting to wear.

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