Your LOVECAST™: Feeling Fickle

Sun in Taurus teams up with Venus to bring a slow and sexy sensuality to relationships this week. But if you’re suddenly feeling fickle by the weekend, it’s because Venus has moved into flirtatious Gemini. Try adding a scintillating brain-to-brain connection to fire up passion. Just watch out for the Venus-Neptune square on Friday, which can heighten both fantasy and confusion in relationships. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Aries: Monday’s afflicted Moon in Cancer can cause feelings to erupt out of control, so strive for objectivity. Romance beckons toward the middle of the week as Moon in Leo makes passion sizzle. A misunderstanding with a friend is likely during Friday’s Venus-Neptune conflict. Your way with words, either naughty or nice, inspires romance this weekend!

Taurus: Moon in Cancer awakens your flirting skills at the start of the week, if you don’t let an argument spoil the fun. Entertaining for two brings enjoyment toward the middle of the week. Your Venus ruler colliding with Neptune on Friday heightens your allure (and elusiveness). Your playful, sexy side invites romance this weekend!

Gemini: The moody vibe at the start of the week can be a drag on your airy nature. However, Moon in dramatic Leo mid-week brings romance when you share your humor and overall brainpower. Flirting during a trip can inspire passion as well. Venus entering your sign this weekend makes you a magnet for admirers during the next few weeks!

Cancer: Afflicted Moon in Cancer creates a power struggle on Monday. Expanding your relationship vision on Tuesday brings insights that can help you manifest love. The mid-week Leo Moon brings out your flair for the dramatic (in the bedroom?). Starting this weekend, Venus in your past-life sector can reveal a karmic connection with someone you’re destined to be with.

Leo: If you’re feeling off balance for no apparent reason on Monday, the Moon-Pluto opposition is to blame. A watery ambiance (fountain, hot tub, lakeside stroll) can deepen love on Tuesday. The Moon in your sign mid-week makes you especially dazzling in the boudoir. Venus can bring romance through activities with friends this weekend (and beyond)!

Virgo: Socializing is weird on Monday, but romance can be found during a friendly gathering on Tuesday. Hidden feelings may burst forth to be expressed during the Moon in Leo mid-week. Sharing a lively fantasy can ignite passion as well. The Moon in your sign energizes your self-expression this weekend, while Venus brings some delightful mischief to romance!

Libra: Monday’s Moon-Pluto opposition can help you release negative emotional patterns that block intimacy. Moon in Leo mid-week awakens your need to connect with friends, who in turn can help you meet someone special. Venus transiting into Gemini this weekend may bring romance through an online connection or during a class or trip.

Scorpio: Feelings of vulnerability can unhinge you on Monday. A psychic nudge illuminates your future on Tuesday, if you take some time to go inward and listen. A Sun-Moon square can evoke a clash of wills on Wednesday, but expressing your appreciation makes love bloom on Thursday. Venus transiting into your sector of intimacy deepens passion this weekend!

Sagittarius: Your freewheeling nature gets a dose of depth from Moon in watery Cancer at the start of the week. Your fire is back up and blazing from Moon in Leo mid-week, when your sense of adventure makes you irresistible! Venus moving into your partnership sector this weekend sweetens your current relationship, or helps you attract someone new (and compatible).

Capricorn: A conflict of wills can lead to a deeper understanding of your relationship on Monday. Exploring a new activity or locale inspires/attracts romance on Tuesday. Moon in Leo fires up your sector of intimacy mid-week, an excellent time for a saucy romp. Revealing both your sensuality and wit ignites romance this weekend!

Aquarius: Using intuition over logic helps you understand those close to you at the start of the week. Moon in Leo lights up your partnership sector mid-week, bringing joy through activities shared with a lover or close friend. Venus transiting through your romance sector this weekend energizes your fun-loving side and heightens your powers of attraction!

Pisces: Romance can get rocky on Monday, but a Moon-Jupiter connection opens a door to love on Tuesday — if your heart is ready. Moon in Leo amplifies your courage and creativity in romance mid-week. Venus colliding with your Neptune ruler on Friday can derail love through mixed messages. Daring to verbalize your desires accelerates romance this weekend!

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