Don’t Get Suckered: It’s a Honey Trap!

In the U.S., the term “honey pot” is a pet name for a loved one—but this hasn’t always been the full meaning of the word. The phrase “honey pot”—better known in espionage terms as the honey trap—can have a more sinister meaning.

Recently, there was a fourteen page document distributed to hundreds of British banks, businesses and financial institutions by security services that describes a scheme to expose employee’s vulnerabilities, such as sexual affairs, to obtain secret information. It seems that spymasters, con men, and women have actually been trained in the amorous arts, to obtain private information, company secrets, large sums of money, and more. This has been going on for millennia.

On a smaller scale, many of us have been involved in this honey trap scheme ourselves. As I’ve been observing for many years, women have been scammed through contact with these types many more times than their counterparts. The words these victims want and maybe need to hear are the first weapon used: “I love you,” “you’re beautiful,” “I want you,” “what’s your favorite color,” “what do you love to do for fun?” and “where do you like to vacation” are a few that work—but if need be, the women will receive personal visits, including hands-on amorous attentions and passionate sex. She’s the one who pays his plane ticket also, depending on the intended return for the investment.

Some of these guys can handle more than ten women on this roller coaster of deceit. But as they tell me, it can be well worth their time. They receive lots of money from their honey pots, packages with tons of gifts, designer clothes and shoes, even cars—and yes, the Harley Davidsons. They score big on them, alright.

If you’re an online dater or use instant messaging, you could be a target for this particular “honey trap” scam. Please check your contacts before giving any personal information out. And no, you cannot trust the dating sites to have already checked out your match. A fairly high percent of these people don’t give the correct information when they apply.

Always remember:

“The best index to a person’s character is
a. How he treats people who can’t do him any good and
b. How he treats people who can’t fight back.”
(Abigail Van Buren)

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