Infidelity Causes Heart Attacks?

Instant Karma?

This might be the last thing many wanted to hear, but a new study from the University of Florence suggests that men who cheat may be more likely to suffer heart attacks—and, yes, during the act.

The Huffington Post reports:

Could cheating on your spouse cause a heart attack?

A new study by the University of Florence indicates that “sudden coital death” is more common when a man is engaging in extramarital sex in an unfamiliar setting than when he’s having sex with his spouse at home, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

The researchers found that infidelity outside the home was associated with “a higher risk of major cardiovascular event,” including fatal heart attacks. Heart attacks were less common when a man was having sex with his wife in a familiar setting.

Though they weren’t able to pinpoint a precise reason for the correlation, the researchers offered some possible explanations, including a guilty conscience, stress related to keeping the affair under wraps and keeping up with the demands of a younger lover.

“Extra-martial sex may be hazardous and stressful because the lover is often younger than the primary partner and probably sex occurs more often following excessive drinking and/or eating,” researcher Dr. Alessandra Fisher told the Daily Mail. “It is possible that a secret sexual encounter in an unfamiliar setting may significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate, leading to increased oxygen demand.”

It’s not the first time infidelity has been linked to heart failure. In January 2012 study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed autopsy reports of 5,559 people who died abruptly from heart complications and found that 75 percent of those who died during sex were engaging in extramarital sex.

And in 2009, Italian researchers found that men in longterm extramarital relationships were more likely to experience a serious heart event than other men.

What do you think—can cheating really cause a heart attack?

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5 thoughts on “Infidelity Causes Heart Attacks?

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  2. Sue

    Back in March, I consulted a psychic at a mind-body-spiriti fair, and she said my ex will have a heart attack in early 2013. Sweet justice, just hope he lives long enough to finish paying off the maintenance payments. But then again, how can one have a heart attack if they don’t have a heart with warm feelings (from the horrible way he treated me before he started cheating on me AGAIN and I finally left??). Enjoy the karmic bite, dear Ex!!!!

  3. somima

    Heart deseases are never caused from loving someone. In my opinion the opposite is true. But our rigid moral view produces a lot of guild and poor judgement to people who find themselfs in situations to love more than one person at the same time. The moral preassure in our oh so modern world causes a lot of damage to our hearts. Mature people can be able to deal with multidimensional relationships. But an immature person will probably act badly to the persons involved. I think that whatever desease appear it is a warning sign that we are not on the right track in our live. And sometimes this evan means that maybe the relationship we are in is unhelathy or finished. Many men and women have extramarital relationships because they do not have the courage to leave a dead or unhealthy marriage or to work on theire issues, or they fear the social accusation. Whatever the facts are, I believe that a warm an caring heart may break from time to time, but do not get seriously injured. Cold, callous and rigid hearts are far more endangered


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