How to Meet New Lovers

When You Don’t Want to Find Love Online

I have heard a lot of great love stories about online dating, however many of us are not really “online dating” types. Some of my clients are truly three-dimensional folks with a wonderfully rich style and full personalities. When they try to compress these three-dimensional people into a two-dimensional database online it leaves out some of the best parts of them, and they end up without realistic connections. So here are some ideas for those of us who don’t fit into that formula.

What do you like? What subjects, hobbies and creative paths do you follow? Asking yourself these questions will help you to find people with similar interests. There are clubs for hiking, travel, eating out, dancing, wine tasting, photography, etc. If you can get a bit out of your comfort zone and check out new groups, classes, seminars or workshops, you will meet new people who may have friends or family who could make good dates. 

The key is to open up to new possibilities; go beyond what you are already doing. The more contact you have with new people, the easier it is for the universe to bring you the lover that your soul is calling out for. You cannot sit inside your own living room and expect that person to come walking up to your door, and even if they did, would you be ready to welcome them in?

Are you ready? Many of us hunger for love, fantasize about it, dream and pray for it, but look around you. Is your home ready for a lover? Do you feel ready to be with a lover? Many, if not all of you will turn that last statement into a body-bashing episode… stop. I am not talking about your figure, nor your wardrobe. I’m talking about shining that light—the light that is yours and yours alone—to attract them on a spiritual level. If you want a shallow, mundane relationship, then by all means focus on clothes and body. If you want a lover to really love and see you, then focus on your inner light. The stronger your light shines, the easier it will be for your lover to find you.

And the final piece to the puzzle is what to do when you meet. Open Your Eyes Already (or O YEA!). Don’t look away or down. Don’t make an excuse to turn away and talk to someone else. Stop. Take a breathe. Ground. Center. Now look into their eyes and let a friendly smile light your face. This is a spiritual, cultural and subconscious signal that you are open to receive more contact. Without that, they will not come any closer to you. Open the door.

I would love for you to go out and try some of these tips. if you do, be sure to share your adventures in the comment section of this post. Now go open up your world!

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2 thoughts on “How to Meet New Lovers

  1. Marc from the UK

    Yep that’s me doing this and growing with it at a safe and steady pace! Great read and correct in its content.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    These are all great tips, Yemaya, thank you for sharing them.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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