How to Decode Women’s Emotional States

Are Women Really That Hard to Understand?

A joke being handed around social media sites goes like this: “How to read women—If she has her hands around your throat and is applying strong pressure, she’s probably ticked off.” Well, we’re not that overt in our feelings, but some theories say women are easier to read than men. Can you decode a woman’s emotions?

The empathizing-systemizing school of thought tells us women’s brains are hard-wired for empathy, while men are stoic. But should we believe men and women are built to feel or express emotions differently? I doubt it. If you can read a woman’s emotions, you can read all human emotions. Also pay attention to body language and facial expressions.

Maybe women express and read emotions more keenly. We girls are taught early that it’s okay to show feelings: to cry, pout, giggle, etc. We learn physical expressiveness, while boys are expected to reign it in. So, when little girls become women, how do you read the emotions behind the actions? Read on and learn.

If she leans back, even a little, when you offer physical touch—a hug, a shoulder pat—it’s likely she’s not receptive. Is she miffed? She may be too polite to say so, but surely the time isn’t right for friendly touching.

If she replies to your questions or attempt at a conversation with short, discussion-ending statements, one of two things is happening. She could be annoyed, but she may just be up to her hoo hoo in alligators and so busy clearing the swamp that she doesn’t have time for you.

If you invite a woman out three or four times and get an off-putting response—you can bet your Jockies she isn’t that into you. Get a hobby. Move on.

If she holds her arms close to her body in a hug-like gesture and she isn’t smiling, she needs comfort or human warmth. Approach gently and ask how you can help.

When you know something serious is challenging her, but she keeps saying, “No, I’m fine. No, it’s OK,” you can be sure she’s not and it isn’t. Find a subtle, unobtrusive way to lend a hand or provide support without turning the spotlight on yourself.

She’s pouting, which is unusual for her. Subtle? You might not think so, but the truth is that the pout probably doesn’t mean anger. Something has truly disappointed her and she wishes someone would treat her like a little girl for one minute and grant her wish, whatever it is. If she pouts constantly, she needs to mature, and you might need to cool the relationship for a bit.
Silly, playful, slightly raucous giggling? Hey, babe, that means she’s delighted with the world, with you, and with herself. Go with it. Right now, you can probably talk her into that new laptop the budget can’t really handle.

You’re out playing or shopping or whatever and she gets testy, snapish, and irritable. She’s hungry, dude. Feed the woman.

See? You don’t need your psychic advisor to puzzle through your woman’s emotions and responses. Just watch the signs. As long as she isn’t reaching for your throat and growling, you can probably work through most of her cues.

“It’s not about making someone else happy or them making you happy. You have to be satisfied and happy with yourself and your own life – you have to feel whole. When you feel whole you will automatically put out the type of energy which will also attract a person that they themselves are whole. Thus, two wholes can come together and form a greater whole – this is far more powerful than two parts trying to make but a single whole.” – Hayden ext. 5424

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2 thoughts on “How to Decode Women’s Emotional States

  1. donovan5524Q

    I have often had a hard time understanding women’s emotions. In fact, it is the emotional states – and changes – that many women go through that made it very difficult for me to be in a relationship with my ex.

    She was very sane (most of the time – say 55%) but there were times (45%) when she would say and do things that were totally based on how she was “feeling right now.”

    It seemed almost like a different person would jump in her body and make her do and say things that she didn’t really mean or want.

    I am convinced there is a science to the “Emotional Mapping of a Women’s Heart” (great book title for someone… $$$). Anyway… please help!

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    >>>>If you invite a woman out three or four times and get an off-putting response—you can bet your Jockies she isn’t that into you. Get a hobby. Move on.<<<<

    LOL – are his jockies short little friends or his tighty whities? either case maybe he needs to change to boxers…
    get a hobby, he wants a woman! and this is why men turn to porn.

    great lesson in body language, and decoding what us gals really mean.
    ~~~metta waves~~~


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