How Men Communicate Relationship Needs

Decode His Behavior and Communicate Better

How can you give your man what he needs when he lacks the ability to express himself? Or from his point of view, how can he express his needs if you don’t know how to listen? Here are seven ways men communicate their relationship needs, and what you can do to make this transaction as painless as possible.

1. His Condensed Version of Happiness

A man’s life story is told as if it were Cliff’s Notes. He removes all the long, unnecessary details, and gets right down to the conclusion. So, when you ask a man to tell you how his day went, all he’ll say is that it was fine. That means it was a good day. When you ask if he’s happy in your relationship and he says it’s good, take it to mean that he sees you in his “happily ever after.” Just because you don’t get details, it doesn’t mean you’re not important.

2. A Man of Few Words

Women need to have conversations with their significant others in order to feel closer to them. Not all men realize this and they’ll only open up when their relationship is on the rocks. But even then, men have a difficult time finding the words to make things right. Just because he’s a man of few words doesn’t mean there are problems or that he has checked out emotionally. You may want to focus on his body language instead.

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3. The Golden Sounds of Silence

The guy who can sit in a boat on a lake with a buddy, fishing in silence all day and be happy is not going to be the greatest conversationalist in a romantic relationship. You can assume that your guy is happy when he’s quiet, most of the time. Guys don’t advertise their happiness the way women do, so go ahead and take his silence to mean that he’s content.

4. If He Needs to be Alone, He’ll Go Away 

Men will push women away when they need to work out a problem. This is why they can get angry if you push them hard to find out what’s wrong. Give him the respect and the time he needs to work things out for himself. Also, consider that men concentrate on one thing at a time. Sometimes you’ll be the center of his universe. Other times, it will be his career or his health. But just because he pushes you away, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He’ll be back.

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5. He Communicates Feelings Slower than Molasses

Science dictates that women speak about twice as fast as men, which translates to about 250 words per minute, versus his 125. This research was looking at everyday conversation, so you can imagine how slow men are at expressing their feelings. Taking the long route around an emotional answer is often the best way to get where a man needs to go. Keep in mind, when a guy is working through his emotions the worst thing you can do is interrupt his train of thought, because he may lose navigation, and wind up chartering course for the Bermuda Triangle.

6. Men Hint at Their Needs and Expand on Them as They Receive Approval

This is a typical scenario: A man expresses that he wants to try a new position in bed. He will begin taking the long route around what he is thinking in order to test the waters. As his partner suggests approval by nodding her head, this will drive him to continue to explore his fantasy, and possibly share more details than he planned to. The problem is, many women communicate via nodding, to express consideration and understanding. This can confuse a guy into thinking he’s getting approval, and when he is finished stating his case, he’ll be surprised to be shot down. Nodding is polite, but to avoid raising his hopes let him know early on that your opinion may differ.

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7. Men Focus on Being Right More Than Making Things Right

During an argument of the heart, tongues can grow heated as a guy struggles to prove his valor. Men have a lot of stake when it comes to their honor, and being proven wrong is a defeat to his ego. Rarely is an argument completely one-sided, so if you want to skip the trial and move straight to the sentencing, skip the part about who’s at fault, and just ask him how he proposes to make things right.

7 thoughts on “How Men Communicate Relationship Needs

  1. Patty

    This is for Gina Rose: Yes they need time alone but what if all their “time alone” is spent courting other women???? My boyfriend doesn’t want a one on one relationship. He is looking for his “soul mate” God how I hate that term! So even though his ex who still chases after him after six years says I’m his #1 girl, I’m still just one female in his life. I don’t believe there are ANY honest men out there anymore. There are too many desperate females who will do, say or pay in some way for a date.

  2. Marc from the UK

    Yep, time alone in the Bar! Huge time needed for this! Time alone in the Bathtub, Heaven! time alone when hunting for tools and on a hobby! Yep I agree we are unique lol !!

  3. Deb

    I wish I had this advise 30 years ago. I have been clueless about this stuff, relationships show. They should be teaching this in high school. More relationships may have lasted. Thank-you. Better late than never!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext9500

    Great advice, Eric

    I especially love #4 ,the need to be alone.

    If you really love somebody, male or female, then you also need to respect their need for space and privacy….and on THER timeline, not yours.
    Love and respect go hand in hand.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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