Your Weekend Horoscope for February 28 – March 2, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Enhanced and Awakened Minds

Warm, loving Pisces energy makes for a spiritual weekend where our minds are enhanced and awakened. We look around and see with whom we are aligned. Our fellow soulmates—be it in friendships, family or love relationships—really pack a punch. Sharing our thoughts and ideas helps to keep financial burdens lighter than if we did not have the help and support. A good cry might be worth having in order to get all the negative vibrations off your chest and make it easier to resolve issues. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope, but for personal details and the answers to your burning questions, give Psychic Quinn ext. 5484 a call!  


Skating around the issues will not make them go away. Be mindful of your situation and you will find more than one solution. March into the new month with a positive attitude. It will bring about an ease that will last for the rest of the month.


What a great time for you! The watery energy softens you up. Being flexible lends itself to getting favors from someone you care about. A helping hand with a move would serve you right and all goes smoothly.


So many are on board with the spiritual activity needed to promote an event you’re putting on. Grand energy encompasses you as you delve into the deepest of areas and pull the most positive healing energy to the surface.


This weekend is right up your alley, emotionally. It is okay to go overboard by showing how much you care. Splendid gestures are taken with care and given back with sincerity. Love keeps your world going round, according to your Weekend Horoscope.


As your flame simmers down you are able to take care of matters that are more work-related. The weekend is a good time to promote an idea you had. Having the attention of someone who really gets you is a good thing.


Getting a little mushy over how much someone takes care of you and loves you puts you in a romantic mood. Put your spreadsheet away. Then let the love flow with your mate and family as the attention is on you.


Let others take charge just for a few days. It’s a good time for you to relax and balance your body. Work is going well, love is good and you have a strong spiritual foundation. Give your body a chance to catch up with the rest of you.


Getting in touch with your feelings takes over your Weekend Horoscope as you ponder life. There are different ways to go and thinking about the best move for you takes precedent. Know that in the end you pick wisely.


Watch where you step! This could be a tricky time in managing everything that is on your plate. Enlisting the help of others makes perfect sense. Delegating the jobs requires some forethought, giving you a chance to think before you take action.


“Perfection” is the word for you, according to your Weekend Horoscope. There is nothing you touch that does not turn to gold. Your creative nature is calling, so answer with love. Even if you have to work, you light up the environment.


A double wallop of spiritual vibrations puts you in a clearly insightful position. If you are going to share your energy, it will be taken with great care as you bestow words of wisdom in any situation.


Having as much fun as possible is what your Weekend Horoscope is calling for. With the month shifting you might feel off balance a bit. Don’t worry. Just lean to the side. You’ve got this.

6 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for February 28 – March 2, 2014

  1. Blackie

    I am a Sag. and rite now I really don’t know whether or not to cry, guy that 56 yrs. old . I just watched castaway again and I can’t tell you I know just how that fills. It goes off when he is standing in the cross roads an knows he has to live but witch way d you go?

  2. Allen

    Here a day or two ago I received from California Psychic a column and it was titled why you never got your soulmate if you can please send it to me again to my Email I accidently erased it and want to reread it thanks for any help youcan give me Allen

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    good weekend everyone.
    mercury is about to move forward, so hang on as the shift can cause a bump or two.

    if you are looking for some inspiration there are lots of new videos to check out.

    enjoy your weekend and I am here with all the other readers to assist you in whatever way necessary.
    metta waves ~~~


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