Your LOVECAST™: Complicated Lust

Romance may sizzle over the weekend, but it’s the wild and crazy Full Moon on Monday that complicates (accelerates?) lust. So hang on for a wild ride all week long.


Week of May 17 – 23, 2008

Taurus: Your willful streak emerges on Saturday. Love is divine (and lusty!) on Sunday. Monday’s Full Moon accelerates your relationship, but heightens irritations, too. Love needs plenty of freedom on Tuesday and Wednesday – be spontaneous. A discussion about your future will transform your outlook on Thursday. Think “exotic” when planning a date on Friday.


Gemini: Rash words can derail romance on Saturday. Instincts take over on Sunday, so get physical! A work or gym flirtation may heat up during the Full Moon on Monday. Your relationship is energized on Tuesday and chaotic/unpredictable on Wednesday. Intimacy is complicated on Thursday. Love needs thoughtfulness on Friday.


Cancer: Your naughty side takes the lead on Saturday! Socializing brings romance on Sunday. Lust escalates during the Full Moon on Monday, so get creative between the sheets. Adventure beckons in love on Tuesday. Work may rattle you on Wednesday. Your relationship undergoes a transformation on Thursday, but don’t go to extremes. Twosome energy soars on Friday.


Leo: A clash of wills is likely on Saturday. Throwing a party shows off your artistry on Sunday. Willfulness derails (or accelerates!) passion during the Full Moon on Monday. Your creativity inspires love on Tuesday. Avoid extreme actions in romance on Wednesday. Watch out for power-plays at work on Thursday. Lending a helping hand inspires love on Friday.


Virgo: Unexpressed feelings can upset love on Saturday. Flirting and travel rev up romance on Sunday. Flirting turns naughty during Monday’s Full Moon! A trip can heighten passion then, too. Home activities are emphasized on Tuesday, but family feels chaotic on Wednesday. Passion escalates (with complications?) on Thursday. Romance is blissful on Friday.


Libra: A spending spree (for your sweetie?) is likely on Saturday. Your sensuality attracts admirers on Sunday. Monday’s Full Moon shuts off your brain and turns on your instincts! A trip can heighten romance on Tuesday. Choose your words carefully on Wednesday. Cocooning at home with your lover deepens your connection on Thursday and Friday.


Scorpio: Your daring side either heightens or derails romance on Saturday. Love flows easier on Sunday. You’re the flame for circling admirers during Monday’s Full Moon! Your generosity inspires romance on Tuesday. Watch impulsive spending on Wednesday. Take some alone time to recharge on Thursday. Romance is slow and sensual on Friday.


Sagittarius: Be cautious of hidden agendas on Saturday. A healthy activity heightens romance on Sunday. A serene, sexy retreat for two makes passion percolate during Monday’s Full Moon! You’re on fire on Tuesday. Willfulness can upset love on Wednesday. Your deepest instincts emerge on Thursday. Take your time between the sheets on Friday.


Capricorn: A clash with a friend may occur on Saturday. Emotional, sexual intimacy brings bliss on Sunday. Friends bring out your wild side during the Full Moon on Monday. An outdoorsy ambiance heightens romance on Tuesday. Love needs freedom on Wednesday. A personal transformation begins on Thursday. Your sensuality proves irresistible on Friday!


Aquarius: Love is complicated on Saturday. Letting go of expectations makes love bloom on Sunday. Monday’s Full Moon derails logic and amplifies your deepest desires. Partying with friends is fun on Tuesday. Unpredictability surrounds socializing on Wednesday. Review and heal your past on Thursday. Love gets physical on Friday!


Pisces: Love may feel overwhelming on Saturday. Follow your instincts about relationships on Sunday. Monday’s Full Moon deepens (complicates?) love. Share your vision and ideals to inspire romance on Wednesday. Chaos reigns on Thursday. A profound discussion with a friend brings insights on Thursday. You’re a people magnet on Friday, so get out there and socialize!

Aries: Love is tempestuous on Saturday. Passion and romance combine blissfully on Sunday! The Full Moon on Monday takes passion to a new level (and may make you feel vulnerable). Doing your own thing brings excitement but can also upset your relationship on Tuesday and Wednesday. Communications are stilted on Thursday. Feelings are deep on Friday.

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