Honoring Our Soul Contracts

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Have you often wondered why you got involved in certain relationships? Or, why you seem to be drawn to this one person? As we journey into the physical form, we make agreements with other people we know to provide lessons, teach, or help us along the physical journey. These are called spiritual relationship contracts—where one spirit teaches another while living a physical life.

Each person we meet holds a contract with us and vice versa. We usually do not know what type of role or contract we’ve arranged before meeting in the physical world. This is all so that we start fresh and have the opportunity to explore and relate with the intent of finding our highest potential. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

With romantic relationships, the lessons generally include trust, betrayal, honor, love, unconditional love, and passion, to mention a few. For example, we feel romantically drawn to someone and we don’t understand why there is such a magnetic attraction. There’s a pull that you can’t even put into words. This can be for several reasons. One reason could be a past life relationship where you both held an important role in each other’s lives. Now, in this reality, you both still feel that importance. Another reason is to teach a major life lesson. This example comes up frequently. Perhaps the lesson of trust is to be learned. We are drawn to a person to learn what trust really means. There are various reasons for the intense pull toward someone but the important thing to note is that whatever the reason is, there is a relationship contract that has significant meaning to your spiritual journey.

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to learn from our relationship contracts so that we can continue to spiritually grow for our highest good and potential. When we ponder or think upon what our spiritual contract is with someone else, we move past the physical issues and open ourselves up to answers from spirit. Sometimes, what happens in the physical is just that—a physical representation of a deeper meaning. Take a moment to step back and look at the relationship in a different light and try to understand the contract between both parties.

Once there is a perspective of a higher good in the relationship, we see ourselves in a light of love. The lessons, which are sometimes extremely difficult for us, now are seen as a higher purpose. We learn that relationships are filled with love regardless of the strife and conflict. We see that how we choose to react or choose to participate to the relationship reflects the spiritual journey of love, trust, and understanding. We also understand that there are many aspects to the relationship.

Honoring and thanking whatever form the relationship contract holds allows us the vibration of gratitude which can only aid and help us along our path toward understanding each other.

Take the moment to fully see relationships from the higher perspective of the highest good. It is an amazing gift that will forever change how you participate with others and within yourself.

5 thoughts on “Honoring Our Soul Contracts

  1. marc from the uk

    This article helps me to relate to past relationships, I have learned to forgive , not forget, but forgive. I have learned we always can get past past hurts with time and being open to Calfornia Psychics wisdom. A great article and well written.

  2. DLH

    I know this is true but its hard to love someone alot and know your meant to be together but he non stop cheating so uforgive then get counseling but he never stops cheating and lying. I stil love him and its been 3 yrs, i just couldn’t take it anymore all the moving in an out. Not real sure what the lesson was 🙁

  3. KTM

    That was a great article Gretchen. My soulmate and I are separated right now due to him being married to someone else. We have unconditional love for each other so we have let each other go. But maybe sometime we will get our time together if it is meant to be. We are the mirror of each other.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article on soul contracts, Gretchen,

    … it’s ALL about learning Karmic life lessons here on the physical earthly plane.


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