Your Career Forecast for August 2012

Brilliant, Breakthrough Ideas Continue

Those brilliant, breakthrough ideas you’ve been having will continue through August. Business and home finances will be the focus in mid-August. So prepare to show your boss or clients the financial benefits of your projects, products or services. The end of the month brings a sense of relief and forward motion. Not sure if your ideas are brilliant or if they will make you a brilliant flop? Talk to Psychic Justine ext. 5402 to see how your ideas will come to life.


Your sun sign ruler, Mars, is in Libra this month, bringing you success through compromise. Listen to coworkers’ and partners’ apprehensions, empathize, and you’ll receive a new level of trust from them. Mars moves into Scorpio on August 23 allowing you to return to your “full speed ahead” approach to your career. Ready for a new level of trust from your coworkers? Talk to Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 to see what you can do to get it.


You’re seeing the benefits of recent, major changes. Your biggest challenge will be in convincing live-in loves and parents that everything is on track. Good communications will overcome their feelings of fear about your approach to what best suits your family life best.


During the last three weeks of August, you’re blessed with a much more optimistic attitude than those around you. You have a positive flow of communication, money and creativity where others are struggling. Help others find confidence in themselves and their careers with words, music, art or just supporting them by listening.


August brings you a number of challenges and changes at work and at home. While not easy, these changes are opening a new life for you. Keep a pad by your bedside and make note of your dreams. They are telling you about your future. Trust your inspiration. You’re dreaming a new world into existence for yourself. Need help interpreting your dreams? Talk with dream analyst Psychic Bridget ext. 5249.


Your birthday month brings a sense of renewed self-expression in the midst of the changes around you. Mercury turns direct in your sun sign on August 8, allowing communications and short distance travel to return to normal. With your entire work environment transforming, new opportunities arise. Use the new power you now have generously, and you will be a great success.


On August 22, the Sun enters your sun sign and your official birthday month begins. The following day Mars enters Scorpio in harmony with your sign. The skills you share during the first three weeks and your level-headed approach to work build toward the final week when recognition comes your way. A promotion or other reward could be a result of this long period of effort on your part.


While the challenges at work continue for you this month, particularly on August 6, 7 and 14, you’re building new structures that will serve you in the future. By August 23, you will be much more comfortable with those around you being less confrontational. You’ll be in a much better place by the end of September.


There are a number of activities taking place behind the scenes at work during the month. You’re not only full of empathy for coworkers this month, but you sense what others are doing to promote themselves in private. Remain cool through this and your efforts will speak for you without requiring that you do a lot of self-promotion.


After August 8, you’ll be off and running again, sharing your plans and ideas with others. Postponed trips can now take place smoothly. The generosity of partners could serve you well in the workplace. There’s a good chance that they recognize your flashes of creative brilliance and team-playing and are willing to lend their support.


The workplace is as demanding as it gets for the first three weeks of August, but your energy levels are high as well, so you’re up to the tasks. With your sun sign ruler, Saturn, in its exaltation in Libra still being activated, you will get due respect from those who count. Others are simply too upset to see beyond their problems.


You’re in the study phase of what you want to do with your great new ideas at work. August is a perfect time to cut away what isn’t useful to your career, restructure your plans and move forward at the end of the month. Your energies are high, and you’ll accomplish a great deal.


You continue to be sensitive to spiritual needs—both your own and those of others. You’re breaking new ground with your visions for the future. So the most difficult thing you deal with is getting ideas across to others. Beginning August 7, you’ll be powerfully using these ideas in a creative, truly beautiful manner. Trust your deepest feelings.

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4 thoughts on “Your Career Forecast for August 2012

  1. Virgo :D

    Wow this reading is amazing 🙂 I am finishing a course on the 17th of September. I will either be offered a job or be out of work. I have worked very hard to secure a job and this reading basically told me I would be rewarded for what i have done. this gives me great confidence 😀 thank you 😀

  2. virgo

    I will just have too wait and see for is for told for me during these long awaited days of August as time only tells of future events in the making.

  3. alberto

    just like to know if iam going to be the next 5000,00 dollas winner on aug 31 for life i know i well be an when i do then we can down an chat lve


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