Fun Sexcapades!

Need to get your groove on with someone special? Whether you’ve been together one night or 10 years, try one of these three tips for spicing up your sex life – tonight! You’ll feel like when you first fell in love, all over again.

Dinner in the dark
Sometimes it takes not seeing someone to really see who they are! Even if you’ve known them for years (and have seen them in every position you think possible), this sensual suggestion will let your imagination run wild.

Start by making a simple meal at your place (something easy that you won’t have to cut or fuss with while you’re eating, like penne pasta) and set the table as usual. Then turn off the lights, close the blinds and put a towel under the door to hide the light peeking under the crack. The room should be totally dark – no candles, no fireplace, no emergency exit sign. Then, when you’re ready, guide your date to the table and settle in for a leisurely meal – in pitch blackness. The idea here is to remove your vision to heighten your other senses.

Since you can’t see anything, use the rest of your senses to really soak in the moment. Savor each bite of your food and every sip of your wine. Tune into your date’s voice while they speak and laugh, notice their breathing. Feel their skin while you hold their hand or wiggle your toes on their’s underneath the table. You’ll be surprised how sexy it is, even when you can’t see your beloved.

A little game of dress up
A little game of dress up never hurt anyone! So this evening, why not set your boudoir ablaze by taking your date lingerie shopping? Every girl likes treating herself (or being treated) to new things, and tailoring your wardrobe to your mate’s taste is certainly a step in the spiced-up (fantasy fulfillment) direction!

The shop itself can be as dirty – or as vanilla – as you both dare. The point is to allow you to create a fantasy together and turn each other on, before the night even begins.

For her, don’t be self-conscious, allow yourself to let go and bask in your hotness! There’s nothing sexier than confidence. Even if you’re a little shy about it, your partner will certainly appreciate the effort (and the peep show). Plus, the thrill you get may surprise you. Simply being desired can be a huge confidence booster – in the sack and beyond.

For him, don’t be afraid to tell her what you like. Shop around the store while she’s in the dressing room and pick out a few pieces to suggest. Even if she doesn’t groove on the exact piece, she’ll get an idea of what you like and maybe surprise you in the future with something that pleases you both…

Romantic reading
Like so many other things, sex is often in the stars. So why not tap into each other’s secret desires with the help of a psychic astrologer? Put together a meal of fancy finger foods, open a bottle of your favorite wine or bubbly and spread out a blanket on the floor for a candelit picnic.

Then pick up the phone, call and let the adventure begin! Get a sexual compatibility reading to learn your strengths and weaknesses as a physical couple (or ask about something else you feel is affecting your relationship). The insight you’ll gain will bring you closer together for the night – and the long term.

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