Psychic Zariya: The Fool Card and Your Seasoned Relationship

A Seasoned Relationship

The Seasons of Your Relationship and the Wisdom of The Fool

The air is growing crisp and the leaves are starting to drop from their trees. I cannot help but think back to the warmer days of summer when flowers were in full bloom and I was surrounded by ripe, juicy fruit. It was overflowing in abundance. But autumn brings with it its own sense of warmth. I look forward to warm socks and hot apple cider while I enjoy the summer’s final harvest. Like the earth, romance has it’s seasons. You may no longer be in the summer of your love, but the autumn of your love can be just as great. Love, like the seasons, evolves. Embrace the familiar and relaxed nature that comes with relationship maturity!

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Beyond Young, Budding Love

Why is it that when in a long-term relationship we start to crave the energy of young, budding love? Was it the mystery surrounding your partner? Was it the excitement and the belief that there was so much to explore about each other, that you would never get bored? Like the leaves changing from greens to deep reds and oranges, your intimacy will deepen too if you dare to look beyond what you think you know about your partner. Get ready for a whole new level of intrigue if you break free of the expectations you have about relationships. Now is the perfect time to release yourself from the fear of change!

The Wisdom of The Fool

The Fool card is the Tarot card that represents breaking free from expectations and releasing ourselves from the fear of change. It often shows up in a reading when the time for a new perspective arises. It may feel like you’re about to jump off a metaphorical cliff, but if you have long-term love,  you have the loving embrace of a deep, seasoned relationship to serve as your safety net.

Seasoned, long-term relationships are filled with unconditional support and trust. If there is trust a midst the chaos of change, as predicted by The Fool, this shows that your relationship weathers whatever storms life—or the seasons—have to offer. The Fool card indicates an ending of course, but it also indicates a beginning filled with new opportunities to not just rekindle your romance, but to stoke new fires together.

Obstacles are Adventures

The Fool sees new beginning and obstacles as adventures! When it comes to love this autumn, why not challenge yourself to expect the unexpected. Take a vacation to a place you’ve never thought of visiting or try a new kind of food. Invite more spontaneity into your romantic relationship. While you can’t force your partner to break their routine, you can lead by example.

Fresh Energy is Contagious

Invite the profound wisdom of The Fool into your relationship. What you’re feeling is contagious! Your better half will not be able to ignore the fresh energy you exude and then together you will enter the new season of your partnership with open eyes and likely a renewed sense of passion. Of course, this will take some communication, patience and understanding. Change, even positive change, triggers resistance and fear. Be compassionate when you can, and remember that fear and excitement create similar physical and emotional responses. And, isn’t it more excitement what you ultimately want in your love life?

Express Gratitude

As you embark on this transformation that moves a summer fling into a stable maturing relationship, please remember what you are most grateful for and express it! The more creative the better! And if you feel unappreciated, this is the season of gratitude so begin appreciating all that YOU do. It will help you communicate your own evolving desires and ensure as your relationship grows you choose to stay present to who you are TODAY and not who you were last season.

I wish you deep, romantic love.

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  1. Bernie

    I am feeling a lot of changes in my life now. Specially with my emotions and feelings for someone Will this new beginning in my life will come true. Will he come to my life.

  2. Rose Loewen

    I had a on again- off again relationship with gentleman for 17 years. We finally broke up out of the blue a few weeks ago. I guess that is what he wanted. I want to know if I should even consider trying to get him back or does he or did he ever want me?


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