4 Female Sex Secrets She Wishes You Knew

Another New Twist to the Ageless Game

If you’re eagerly reading this to learn a few more tricks in the bedroom with the ladies you’re on the right track, but if you’re softly scoffing because you consider yourself an official sexpert, are you really prepared to pass up an opportunity for new insights into pleasuring a woman? We didn’t think so, so here we go!

1. Positions With Purpose

While fancy innovative positions and angles may look exotic and bring out your inner rock star, using the techniques that bring about the most pleasure for each of you is much more fun, and will get you closer to your end goal. Hey, experimentation is the spice of life, but being receptive to your partner’s responses to specific positions is ultimately the way to go.

2. Climate Cues Climax

Studies have found that women whose body temperatures are too low have a greater challenge reaching orgasm. Even something as slight as too-cold toes can severely slow down the hot-and-heavy pace you’ve set. As men are usually overly warm from physical contact, this discrepancy is easily overlooked. For a more “climactic” outcome, turning up the heat in the bedroom might very well cause a rise in your lady’s sexual thermostat.

3. Foreplay is King

Face it, guys, while a “quickie” does it for you each and every time, most ladies usually need more stimulation to reach orgasm than a few hot minutes. While the end goal may be intercourse and orgasm, it’s those efforts you make beforehand that make the difference between great sex and “great-for-you” sex. Think of it this way: You’ll have less holding out to do in the final act if you can gear her up to the average male’s state of arousal ahead of time; then you’re entering the game at the same speed.

4. It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

The sensuality of sex is just as important—if not more—than the actual act itself. The seduction, the foreplay, the discovery of one another’s bodies and turn-ons is a crucial component to communicating with the opposite sex. And as some women have a more difficult time reaching orgasm than men, to her it can indeed be more about the journey than the destination. You don’t have to have intercourse to be completely intimate with your partner, and the little discoveries along the way can be full of the sweetest of surprises.

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30 thoughts on “4 Female Sex Secrets She Wishes You Knew

  1. denj27

    That oral sex isn’t everything its just icing to a cake. the touch hopefully it is magnificently beautifully stimulating so the magic could begin. in other words men don’t just run to the Virgina.stimulate my body and my mind. read me something erotic or tell me something romantic.tell me your fantasy.blow my mind with words and then deeds.

  2. Yuliya Nikolaeva

    Top Ten for these four! Care for your lady, apreciate her, heat her up when she needs it and make your sexual relationship not just the fact og your Own satisfaction, make out of it a real Journey and the game where Both of you Win… After all, she Deserves to know and feel how Special She is for you… and everything you give to HER you will get a double in Return…

  3. Susan

    Thank you for once again providing the most useful of information. I personally do not waste time with a “mommy’s little minute man”. If a guy isn’t sensual outside the bedroom, that won’t change inside the bedroom. Though, there are those rare exceptions. It truly is all about the journey! And guys, if you don’t take this advise, you really are missing out on some amazing sex! Again………..Thanks!

  4. Jefferson A.B

    Nice one, the reward for luv is marriage but SEX is the footing. But most men neglect it. Infact this is truely a sex education for all. Ta for this research.

  5. Abel Ojo

    Hey guys, foreplay is it. It opens up and lubricates the most “frigid of sisters” Extra recipe is the use of the fingers and tongue around her ears, neck, nipples and down “there” in this order. Trust me, she will practically melt and explode in and out of you! The sweetener? You end up leaving a blissful memory that would always make her ache for you – over and over again!

  6. MyScorpioLover

    This information is absolutely true and thanks for the confirmation on what I have been doing. I have been having E D problems lately from prostate, but I still do my best to satisfy my Scorpio Lover. And she really appreciates it. I will give her a good body massage all over for at least 30 minutes or more, which she loves, and then she tells me through body movement that it’s time to massage her inside. I go slow and steady, hitting all her zones till she almost climaxs, then I move to another. She is in heaven thru all of it, and when she finally climax’s, it is very intense, and true. She screams, turns red, heats up, and shakes on bed like a flounder out of water. By this time it has gotten me so exited my erection is more than ready and she knows it. She pulls me to her and puts me inside her, and we continue. The best part is that all my forplay to her before I get my erection, has only got her prepaired for second round? I also have Pyronis desease ( Curviture of Penis ) it turns to left. I always though it was a problem in sense of site, but it is a plus with her, because it hits her G-Spot just right the whole time and it is very intense when she has another orgasm and squirts a beautiful warm fluid all over my pubic area. And that is what makes me cum. And when its over, I look into her eyes, and I can see that she is saying WoW Thank you – I Love You, and that’s with no words, just her beautiful green eyes. I would not be able to have a quickie, it takes me to do this to her to get me excited enough to get blood flowing into penis. I would love to have a quickie once in awhile. But all this before, is really worth the wait, Plus I can see that she is really pleased.

    So, Thank You My Scorpio Love !!!

  7. Robinson G. Guanzon

    See? Now we look! By the way I would like to say thanks a lot to all of the Psychics.com and their inspirable message for us Take care & God bless & more power!

    Robinson G.

  8. SinghSD

    I really appreciate and echo all the facts as stated in this write up. In addition to all this I would like to add one more thing ,’both partner must be chirpy’ during journey ,they must exchange something spicy words among themselves. And mind it I am into 24th year of marriage and it still seems as if we are just into the first year. We still enjoy sex every other day ,whenever we are together. One more thing we never fake orgasm and ensure both end up with full satisfaction , which is clear from the glow on faces of both .

  9. TeddyBear

    Guys!! If you want the best from your woman, you must give your very best to the woman, think of how you can please her, listen to her as you start your For play, she will let you know what you are doing right and doing wrong,

  10. Melo MP3

    California Psychics thank u a lot, u’ve saved us me nd the brothers out there. The weakness days are all gone now, its all about the greatest sex, greatest chemistry between me nd my lovely partner. Ms/Mrs/Mr Psychics I believe u were or u still a sex machine. Its a great article thanx

  11. jbizm44

    its still formatted to cater thier feminism and their control of tha bedroom its still a simplt task yet they say they r complicated make up your mind

  12. Ryannew Azada

    Wow, this is valuable information as this will definitely enhance our sexual relationship with my fiance. This will assist us in expressing our love with each other in the long term 2! I’m all in for this one!

  13. Ghee

    One more thing guys, I’m very proud to say I am one of the blessed n lucky woman in the world, I enjoyed sex too much makes me feel great everyday coz I enjoy till he don’t stop touching me!!! How about u guys

  14. Robinson G. Guanzon

    Good day!! Yup… everything written in this matters is really true… that was proven & tested to my self… Thanks…

  15. Thomas T Karczewski

    This really does make a lot of sense ,Im in new relationship that has been going on for about 8 years . yes eight years but have been intiment and we are starting to get very close again and I think this will help us very much thank you

  16. Emmanuel Yartey

    This is real sex education. I really appreciate it, because good and acceptable sex is the most enjoyable thing in this world. If it is done well, it translates into a good prayer because it increases closed knit relationship ( caring for one another). Thanks for your education once again.


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