Father’s Day: In Praise of Men

Fathers Day

All That’s Wonderful About Men

In a world where men are often overlooked for their importance and, simultaneously, sought after for their strengths, it is easy to forget just how rare and wonderful these individuals can be—and usually are. There seems to be a prevalent way among our current culture that attempts to quell the wild and impassioned fire that is exclusive to these enigmas. They began as the legends of the ancients and now walk as mortals, yet so many have forgotten their splendid gifts. So many have listened to the medias that declare men little more than bumbling Neanderthals and believe that they are unworthy of love or responsibility in their lives.

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Now is the moment to declare that the special light belonging to the hearts of real men is as powerful and as divine as it was when it was formed in the fires of the heavens. Men should never forget their rare and golden gifts. However, when much is given, much is required. It is easy to get lost in a world that can be confusing in its directions.

Paralyzing Fears

Should I let my emotions show through? Should I tell her I love her? What if I am not cut out to be a father? What if I can’t make her happy in bed? These are just a few of the potentially paralyzing fears men have shared with me. My heart breaks for these powerful and lost beings!

Real Strength

Strength is often translated into monetary power, as opposed to the real purpose of spirit. A powerful and pure spirit is real strength! So many of today’s young men are coming forward to sire countless children and yet these same young men have no idea how to accept the responsibility for their actions. Where are the voices of the Great Generation? What has happened to chivalry and honor?

I am delighted to say that they still exist and are making a comeback. Men are beginning to understand the challenge ahead of them and the importance of the task at hand. They begin by cleaning up their own back yards and then offering a strong hand and a well-thought-out point of view to aid their brothers who are trying to find their ethics and destiny.

Proud Men Once More

As a psychic, men usually feel very comfortable sharing their hearts with me. I have a very special vantage point to observe, support and advise. The men I have had the honor to know have been great gifts to this world and, so many times, they are often unseen by the world at large. This is beginning to change. Men are being called to correct the errors so much of our past actions have caused. Men are finally beginning to be proud to be men once more.

Support From Women

Women cannot become men nor should we try. Making such an attempt not only belittles a woman’s own power and beauty, but it also creates a very unhealthy imbalance of a most unnatural bent. An apple does not try to be an orange and an orange appears to be quite happy being its own distinctive flavor. When women try to force men to experience life by a woman’s perspective, a grave disservice is done in all directions. Women, regardless of sexual inclination or orientation, have a very rare and special opportunity right now: we can celebrate our divinity and support these men stepping from the shadows, too.

A Wonderful Man

When my father died, I felt the loss throughout my soul. He was funny, intelligent, wise, and so greatly connected to the earth and all the animals around him. My very best aspects have their roots in him. I do not mourn his passing; I celebrate the honor I was given to know and love him.

Honor Your Special Man

Seek out a special man in your life. Look into his eyes and let him know he is honored. He is making the world change just by being true to his personal divinity. Celebrate that power with him and love what is within him. Send this article to a man you love. Let men be men and let them express their love in their own way—not in yours.

Happy Father’s Day!

Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day: In Praise of Men

  1. Atticus x6414

    Thanks for sharing the male perspective from a gifted female psychic’s point of view. Men are too often seen as weak for needing and even craving soulful validation. I think you make the point beautifully, that we are all in this together and we can all help each other to grow – not despite our difference but because of them. Great article.

  2. Marc from the UK

    Thank you to Psychic Jesse for a nice article about men ! 🙂

    I have just had what we call Fathers day here in the UK, My stepchildren whom I bought up from 5 and 8 to now in their 30’s, have given some amazing cards with heartfelt and specially chosen words. It is tough being a man, harder being a father and harder being a stepfather !

    So to hear from this site some positive news about men, I am touched.

    As I told someone on this site before, I am not where I want to be in life, my goals of a big house, great income, and all the toys us big boys want, are not yet within my grasp, however, a lifetime of sacrifice, pain, courage and endurance, has allowed my stepchildren, to become amazing, talented, clever and they are achieving great things in there lives that i have not.

    However the moral is, as a man I am so proud of them, and I can take that with me when I die, as there love and respect for me was earned not for free 🙂

    See us men really can be the man in the relationship ! without expecting a payback or a payment, I was selfless. they are the product of that .

    :0 )

  3. Kathy

    I too, miss my Father greatly. He was a proud man, he did right by his family and lived in the light of being the best he could be. My problem is that I have been searching for a man with his qualities and attributes. I have yet to meet one that could live up to that.

    I would love to meet a great man, one who can stand in his own truth and be who he truly is. Maybe some day that will be a shared joy in my life. Happy Father’s Day Dad. I miss you with all my heart.

  4. Paul Greenhall

    Jesse, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your article. Many years ago when i was young and stupid, and left the imperfect perfect mother of my son. She passed May 19 of cancer, my son and me mourn her still. I look back on my past and realize that I never remarried as I must have been doing a penance of sorts for the hurt I caused her, even though she re-married I never did. Perhaps now I might as “…until death do we part . . ” has great meaning now. Again, many thanks for your article.

  5. gsdmom

    Bravo Jesse on a beautifully written blog.

    I, for one, adore the true masculine nature and honor all good men for what they bring to this world.

    I also agree wholeheartedly that women are women and we should honor our feminine power without trying to be pseudo-men.

    It has long bothered me that men are depicted on TV as blundering idiots that women need to constantly correct. It is so disrespectful of men. It is time for men to be proud to be men as stated in your wonderful blog.

    Thank you for writing it.

    Thank you to all of the men who may read it and this comment. You are appreciated by this woman.

  6. Chandulal.Shah

    A wonder and helpful site, Always looking forward for the u.s.a. to wake up and start work, so that I can read what the stars have in store for me. Thank you

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    A very unique and exceptional article !!!!

    I greatly enjoyed reading this, it reminded me of my Grandfather and Great Grandfather, both of whom I knew well, and who had a big part in raising me from a child.
    ( My Great Grandfather, born 2 years after the Civil War ended, still very active in his 90’s, taught me how to train horses and I have many fond memories of him)

    Thank You, Jesse, for this lovely article.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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