Don’t Let Them Steal Your Man

Your grandmother might have told you if you want to keep your man, be his friend. That could still be the most important advice one woman can give another. Be his lover, yes. Take care of him, yes. Be your own person? That, too. But never lose sight of how another woman can get an edge and lure your guy away.

She, the female looking to horn in on any other woman’s relationship, will always and without fail begin with friendship. The busty co-worker whose boyfriend treats her like crap has her antennae out. She’s looking for the guy hungry for someone to understand him. She understands him too well.

She’ll admire his latest project at work. She’ll coo, bat her eyelashes and spout out “Oh, Robert, this is just fantastic work. Tell me every detail.”

She couldn’t care less, in all likelihood, but does Robert know that? Nope.

At a community group meeting, some buxom 20-something good citizen has every opportunity to flash her smile and attributes at your man. She has all the time on earth to appreciate his lively art of conversation. Maybe over coffee?

Now, at home, Robert’s wife, like you, is drowning in multitasking. She nurtures kids and sorts her own job woes. She manages home and hearth. She handles the bane of every woman’s existence – arguing with the cable company, phone company, and cell provider over billing glitches. When Robert comes home, the last thing on his wife’s mind is his latest coup at work.

Being His Friend and Soul Mate

No couple can thrive without a base of friendship. If you’re dragging at the end of a day, friending him will refuel you. A soft touch feels as good to you as to him. A brief moment to hear his latest news is worth the trouble – he’ll likely listen to you, as well.

Keep a corner of your mind on his interests. He knows you don’t want to be an expert in football, but it never hurts to commiserate on the official’s misguided call that stole his team’s rightful win. One ear cocked at the sports report as you take care of your own needs is all it takes.

Make a few minutes for yourself before your guy gets home. Breathe slowly and deeply. Put your feet up. If you have to bribe the kids with sugary treats, steal those minutes so that when he comes home, you look and feel like you’re happy to see him. Women of today, there’s wisdom in this classic advice. You’re the partner he chose. Keep a little place for him in your mind, your heart, and your day.

Men like life to move on an even keel. He loves you. He wanted you from the beginning, and still does. No prowling cougar or predatory spider woman can get to him if you and he are best friends. The bottom line reward is that he’ll fill your needs, too, and you’ll both live happily ever after.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Steal Your Man

  1. diadriel

    No “person” can be “stolen”. The mind and heart wander for many different reasons. The advice of “pay attention to your relationship and don’t take it for granted” is what I hear, and I most heartily agree. That goes for ALL our relationships. No matter how busy, frazzled, scattered, etc. we are, it is important to remember the person(s) who is/are standing beside you with support through it all. Remembering to give gratitude – say Thank you, tell them how they make you smile, bring your depth of feeling and remember to give it as a gift each day.

  2. misskrystal

    I agree with Gina Rose-we all can get into routines and by the end of the day-a lot of us forget about saving energy for relations…..very interesting article…Miss Krystal

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great advice……one more thing…try to keep a bit of energy saved up for the bedroom activities to keep the sex interesting and fullfilling.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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