Don’t Be An April Fool!

People use them with finesse. They use them unwittingly. We even use them on ourselves. Start the month off right! Get wise to these lines before thy make an April Fool out of you.

I’m not looking for anything serious (but you seem fun)
This is as close as it gets to initiating a casual physical encounter, no strings attached, without actually coming clean about it. Few of us are dreaming of domestic bliss in the first few flirtatious exchanges, but there’s at least an opening for something deeper than “fun.” It’s called connection, chemistry, rapport. That’s the stuff that leads us to “something serious.” Your frame of mind when you first meet is fairly irrelevant… unless your would-be suitor already knows he’s not really interested.

Come on, even the most footloose of socialites is up for being swept off their feet! It might not always be on the agenda, but it shouldn’t be out of the question, either. Now if all you’re really in for is a roll in the hay with a ship in the night, give those metaphors a whirl. Take it up with those free spirits who can’t be tied down (with you). But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

I don’t mind if you date other people. But I’m only seeing you.
Okay, sure. Your partner is so taken with you that he’s taken himself out of the dating pool, but he’ll be happy to sit idly by while you share your time, your feelings and your body with someone else? Get real! He may not be comfortable admitting it yet, but this one wants you all to himself, and he’s hoping his patience and understanding will pay off. If you’re not ready to complete that pair, don’t let him string himself along. Make the call!

Why can’t we just be happy with how we are?
Relationships change. Because people change. They grow together or they grow apart. If half the partnership wants to amp up the intimacy, stop seeing other people or tie the knot while the other is asking why you can’t suspend the present indefinitely, you have a problem. Being happy “how you are” is only ignoring the fact that the two of you have different ideas about what that means.

You’re so easygoing. That’s what I love about you.
No, really. ‘Cause it means I can enjoy you, use you and disregard you at will — and you won’t have anything to say about it. If you do happen to develop an objection, you’ll no longer be quite as endearing, now will you? Watch out for users whose attraction to you has more to do with what you aren’t — like confident, upfront and assertive — than who you are.

Why does it matter where I was?
Um…if you don’t want to talk about it, it matters! Funny thing about people who act like they have something to hide: they usually do. Don’t fall for the defensive act. If your partner disappears, she doesn’t have a right to remain silent. And if she insists on pleading the fifth, you have a right to take yourself out of the equation.

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