Divorced With a Kid

Single parents often find that their children’s needs and issues get in the way of finding romance for themselves. It’s not unusual for just-divorced parents, eager to get back into the dating pool, to discover that their children have no intention of allowing that to happen — they’re angry, they’re needy, and the last thing they want you to do is to go out and date!

“It’s common for me to do readings with recently divorced parents and see that their children are making their lives chaotic,” confides Gina Rose ext. 9500, a tenth-generation psychic. “I really like this particular story, because my caller was a young mother, dealing with these issues — but she invested time in healing her child first, and ended up finding love in the process. I call it a two-for-one deal!”

“What am I going to do with my 13 year-old son?” the mother had asked. “How can I control him?”

Caroline (not her real name) had called the psychic in a spirit of weariness, clearly discouraged. “I told Josh (not his real name) about a man who asked me out at work, and my son just went ballistic. He’s been impossible, ever since we moved out of his father’s house… It took every ounce of courage I had to protect us both and leave his dad. And this is the thanks I get.”

Gina Rose tuned into Josh with her Clairvoyance and Clairaudience — and as an Empath. It was clear to the psychic that this was not the only battle Caroline was having with her son. “My guides tell me that your son needs an outlet for his anger.” The 5 guides sent Gina Rose a very familiar picture: Her own brother, a martial artist, along with his dojo. In doing so, they made it clear to Gina Rose that they believed Josh would benefit from the spiritual discipline of martial arts.

“Martial arts?” Caroline screeched. “I can’t handle Josh now. All I need is for him to learn how to overpower me…”

“It’s actually a spiritual way for Josh to learn to focus his energy in a positive fashion,” Gina Rose reassured her. “They teach respect and focus… he may actually get better grades at school after this.”

“It’s kind of strange that you mention martial arts,” Caroline remarked. “Because a Tae Kwon Do school for kids just opened nearby. Several mothers have already asked me if I planned to enroll Josh. I didn’t understand why those mothers were so excited about it; I thought it was just a form of self-defense.”

“The guides tell me that getting your son involved in the martial arts will also enlarge your social circle,” Gina Rose revealed.

“But what about dating?” Caroline replied. “I met this great guy…”

“Josh will see to it that you don’t connect with anyone until he’s feeling better. He’s bent on hating any guy you’re interested in. Put dating on hold for a few months,” the psychic suggested.

“But I like this man…” Caroline was disappointed.

“Honestly,” Gina Rose countered, “I don’t see you with this gentleman. You will meet someone through this new circle of friends.”

“I guess I understand… My son is everything. He’s my only child. I was thinking about his future when we moved out. I’ve tried to make Josh happier about our circumstances, but he’s not responsive. I’ll sign him up for Tae Kwon Do. He’s been watching his dad act out for so many years… maybe this will be good for him. Thanks.”

Several months later Gina Rose heard from Caroline again. “I don’t know if you remember me… but I have an entirely new kid now: He loves his martial arts. He has new friends. I have new friends. It’s exactly as you predicted. Josh is actually more polite and respectful. He seems to be gaining confidence… ” Caroline revealed.

“I saw that you have a good kid,” Gina Rose replied. “He just needed some firm direction. My guides were sending you in that direction, because they saw that both of you would do well with this experience.”

“And that’s what I want to ask you about,” Caroline confided enthusiastically. “One of the fathers asked me out. Actually, we’ve taken the boys to lunch after classes, and on several weekend outings. We’ve really had a great time, and everyone gets along. Josh even told me that if I wanted to go out with Andrew alone, it would be okay with him.”

“You should be very proud of what you’ve done for him. I really want to congratulate you for putting your son first!” Gina Rose responded, with heartfelt sincerity.

“I’m not sure that I could have done it so easily without your insight,” Caroline told her gratefully. “So what do you think? Is my son ready for this?”

“My guides tell me that you already know the answer to your question: Go out and have fun. You deserve it!”

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