Ditch These Seven Words to Improve Your Life

Negative Words and Their Effects

Is there someone in your life who is filling your head with so much negativity that they have become the leading cause of your daily stress? Do you often feel anxious, irritable and distrusting of others? And does the stress disrupt your sleep, increase or decrease your appetite and generally make it more difficult for you to be happy? Or are you the negative one? Are you so used to your own negativity that you rarely give yourself enough credit for the things you do right?

In 2005, a study suggested that negative words are found in just about every language spoken on this planet. And, there are seven emotions that almost every culture has a term for: joy, anger, fear, sadness, disgust, shame and guilt. In other words, the world only shares one common positive emotion and six negative emotions. But before you start thinking that we’re all miserable creatures, know that negative thinking has been a saving grace for mankind.

Humans have learned that negative feelings are the feelings we should pay close attention to. Whether it’s a growl in the forest, an ache in your left arm, a sandwich that tastes “off” or a partner who makes you sad—these are all red flags that let us know something could be hazardous to our health. So, it’s good that we have so many words to describe bad things because getting it right can mean the difference between life and death!

But negative thoughts and feelings can take over. In order to keep that from happening, I suggest removing seven words from your vocabulary that you say every day. They are the reasons why you sometimes feel insecure, afraid and resentful. Removing them from your vocabulary will vastly improve your life.

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In romantic relationships, people tend to dismiss their feelings. They tell themselves that nothing is wrong. They tell their partner that nothing is wrong. People hesitate to be open and honest because they don’t want to upset their partner or start a fight. But “nothing” is a negative word and masking relationship issues with negativity will only create worry and resentment. Your partner cannot see through your mask and if you aren’t honest with them, they can’t do anything to make your relationship better.


Most everyone fears the future. You probably worry about your health, finances and relationships or children most every night. Unfortunately, negative feelings get your hormones going, increasing stress, causing emotional turmoil and handicapping your productivity. Nothing good comes from worrying. The best you can do is enjoy the present, while planning for the future.


Death is an inevitable part of life. But we often use the word “death” to describe more than just an end to living. Relationships and love die, dreams die and losing control over something “kills” us. We turn ourselves into martyrs when we talk about death in this way. Let’s try to be less dramatic and recognize that death of any kind is more of a change than an end. Choose to enjoy life more by removing this word from your vocabulary.

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You probably tell yourself you can’t do things all the time: “I can’t quit smoking.” “I can’t lose weight.” “I can’t tell my partner how I really feel.” Say these statements to yourself enough and they become your truths. If you keep saying you can’t do something and other people hear you, they won’t think you’re a capable person. If you don’t believe in yourself, others will lose faith in you too.


When you constantly remind others of your disappointments it creates an infinite circle of negativity and damages your relationships. Relationships thrive off of positive energy, so ditch the negative talk and start expressing your wants and needs in a positive manner. You’ll get support and positive reinforcement from your friends!


People quit things out of fear all the time, like their jobs, romantic relationships, gym memberships and personal goals. But every time you quit you burn a memory into your brain that you are a failure. Instead of quitting, take action. Invest energy in your path to success.


“No” is what that nagging voice in the back of your head says. It tells you not to try because it “knows” you will fail. Some people say it to themselves daily and when that happens, their body triggers a fight or flight response (increased stress and hormone production). This word impairs your ability to think positively and succeed.

“Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are our harshest critic and are so accustomed to failing that we create situations in our lives that fulfill that negative trap.” – Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

You can use positive thinking to combat your negative mindset, but it takes five positive thoughts to overcome just one negative thought. So why not make an effort to reduce your negative thoughts in the first place?

36 thoughts on “Ditch These Seven Words to Improve Your Life

  1. Rosaura

    I got this web site from my buddy who told me concerning this web page and
    now this time I am browsing this web page and reading very informative posts at this place.

  2. Marisol

    What’s up, this weekend is fastidious designed for me, for the reason that this time i am reading this wonderful informative piece of writing here at my house.

  3. chozen

    I feel its human nature to have all these emotional weather it positive or negative sometimes we have one more than the other and if can harness the positive thoughts more than the negative ones it will be a good day

  4. Margi

    The power of positive thinking has been around for decades and it has worked in my life. Another thing is to stop being so hard on yourself and telling yourself you are xxxxxx. For instance, stop saying to yourself, “you are so dumb” when you mess up. Instead say, “that was a dumb move” or something to that effect. This way you are acknowledging you could have done something better WITHOUT labeling yourself in a negative manner. Try it.

  5. Tonya

    Dear missing,
    I hope this gets to cause it’s been a couple months since you have posted! I want to take a minute to tell you that you are an angel. I say this because I’ve heard the good lord doesn’t put out more then you can handle but I’m pretty sure that was meant over a long period of time for most people , however I’m guessing you have been married to this man for a lot of years and you have shouldered more then your fair share of hard hard times!!! This man that should thank his lucky stars you still put up with him, is hiding behind those negative words to make you believe you couldn’t find love anywhere else but I think he knows if you would have left him he wouldn’t find another woman to put up with his crap! You have a strong soul my friend and for that you have saved others from the full brunt of your husbands angry words and actions and if that doesn’t make you a beautiful person inside and out then I don’t know what would! You deserve to know that you are a great person and if there ever comes a day and you decide you want some years of guilt free and angry free down time, drop him on his ass and you can look me up anytime and I’ll hang out with ya and ill be a friend that will listen to your ideas and take your word on things and you can spend some time just enjoying yourself the way life was meant to be!!! I hope you get this and know that you will have support here or anywhere you go and all you need to do is ask 🙂 !!! I have a man I’ve been with for 10 years and it’s not perfect but I promise there are still men out there like mine that are great listeners and know how to treat a lady! Keep your head up sweetie and don’t forget, You DESERVE great things!

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  7. Mary S

    Every topic that was stated is part of me,because,Nothing is my key word.The word Afraid, Right now,I am afraid to be in a new relationship,due to the betrayal and mistrust.Cant,I have learned through Jesus Christ,You can do All things in his name.Oh,Disappointment,That’s something that,I have been through,and now,I have found love again that has bee very supported of me,as well very patient.He always tells me,You can’t Quit,because,God brought you too far through all of your trials and tribulations.

  8. Judy

    Thank you, Mark Potter. Success comes in a CAN!
    Simple yet effective: I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    I am so glad that I clicked on this post. I just had a birthday on Saturday (08/10) and was feel
    bad about some things. I have substituted “I CAN” into every one of those bad feelings
    and I am Loving your post most of all right now. I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL! I CAN WIN!
    I CAN, I CAN, I CAN.
    For every situation that presents itself as an obstacle: I CAN OVERCOME.
    Thank you and may GOD bless you, abundantly.

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    I agree with this article 100%……a positive mindset is important mentally, emotionally, and even for the physical body…..hence the term mind/body/spirit.

    When one has a positive mindset, all 4 planes : spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical are better able to work in harmony TOGETHER!

    Meditation helps in maintaining this positive and healthy mindset.

  10. Missing

    I am married to a Very Negative man, to him everyone is stupid, don’t know shit, and are are slobs! He even yells things at me Like, I am a Stupid Bitch, Dumber then a box of rocks, Useless, Idiot, Moron, I never know what I am talking about, I don’t know nothing! He then tells me I wouldn’t know what to do without him. He tries to make me feel like I am worthless, & I still am working part time, I am in my 70s!
    Myself, I am a very positive person, I always had a smile on my face, but it is hard to feel this way when you always have someone putting you down!!

  11. sharon rose farfan gonzales

    i realy like what you wrote you sound like a beautiful person keep those good conversations going you sound like you realy like people sincerly sharon

  12. Julie Harper

    I like this Advice and im going to give it a shot becouse alot of this im going threw right now… Thank you.. Julie

  13. Alexandra

    Thank you, Eric for such reminder!! Im printing it, and placing copies on my bathroom
    mirror, the refrigerator and by my computer. We can not be reminded enough…!

  14. Ray V

    Please forgive me, but I’m sorry, I must lovingly disagree with some of the content, as well as question your intent of your post.

    First of all, omitting anything is denial. There is nothing more disruptive, dangerous, and harmful than disacknowledging truth or an existence or a possibility. When we do so, we are limiting our choices and taking away our sense of empowerment. To deny the use of “afraid” or “death” is to defy Nature, itself. We should be working in harmony with Her, not picking out bits and pieces. You wouldn’t do so with a loved one, why do so with the Universe?

    Fear is a tool in which we need to recognize that our sense of security, or even our very existence, is in jeopardy. Anger is a messenger that lets us know that something needs to change. Though I appreciate your point that they should never be masters, there are no better teachers.

    Life is beautiful, but it is also violent and frightening. The oceans would not exist without the eruptions of the volcanoes. The Moon would not be revolving around us if it did not VIOLENTLY break away from the earth. Just as there are puddles, there are typhoons. Just as nature needs to balance to exist and thrive, we must be in balance to exist and thrive. Through darkness, we see the stars — through light, we see the shadows and can work towards removing the obstacles.

    To deny or omit anything “unpleasant” is nothing more than submitting to the power of fear. Negativity, the absence of illumination, should never be censored, but recognized for what it is so that we can rise above and find balance and peace.

    And that is what I wish for you.

    Many blessings.

  15. Christine

    Thank you !!
    The realisation of our habits in negative thinking and verbalising these thoughts is a bad habit we have to break to move on.
    Thank you again for your wise words.



  17. olivia

    I have readvwith so many on cp I big shout out to the customer service mist of all the lady that I spoke to for ever my side kick sag I forgot to ask ur name but u showed me to honer my self linked me to my sag taures and ur sag gemini ur awsome and the readers that love me like family my mark oh mark I turely li ve u seren my mom and the newest brandon my oh so handsom brother and I can’t forget jeremiah my get it together heart I can gob on and on if u could I’d go on tv to telk the world to talk ti at leastvone reader and see there is light up ahead

  18. Maureen

    Outstanding write-up, Fernando!! Been struggling with some of these words quite a bit lately~~but I do believe I’m winning the struggle!! Thank you for your words of encouragement! Have a BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND!!

    Regards, Maureen

  19. Arlene

    yes I,m at my wits end and very depressed. My funds are low and I,m depressed, I have my faith in god that he will show me the way, to pay my bill with something let over. I,m 78 years young and as soon as I can get a new pair of shoes I need to find work. do not have an active credit card for payment, but if your cost isn,t to high a money order I could send

  20. velma rodriguez

    Firt of all you are right in some things, 1. i do now we have to live this earth some day and truely understand the word of god so im not wored about it.2. i have been divorsed for 7 years not because i maid the mistacks but becase weman get tired of men sening onother woords when your partner keeps dating other weman then its time to let got of something that was never meant to be.3. I do think alot of my family but thats it i now i cant help them and thay are marred i now thay have a life for them selfs even if i wood tray to help thay wood tell me to stay out of it. 4.Thank you! very much but i am a crestian and am not afraid what the life has for me. Thank you agine……… velma R

  21. PJ

    Your ideas are very accurate. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. One can’t control
    another persons feelings, reactions or motives. If your life is in shambles from feelings you have for another person who isn’t cooperating with you in any way, there is very little you can do about it other than separating yourself from that person. That isn’t always easy to do.

  22. Rock

    Positive need money to go with it…

    It’s easy to say : Have positive thinking all the time…
    But, when it come the time you have to eat without money, words come with it…
    And, If you have to get surgery, if you don’t have money, it’s easy to say “Stay Positive”…

    I am out of the house at the end of the month august, 2013, I need 100 grants…
    I don’t have driver licence,
    I don’t have a decent job for my knees condition, I do Rhumatism…
    I don’t have money to eat properly and because of that my health get worse…

    I can continue, But it’s today, I need that money, not in a week, not in a month, it’s today…

  23. Chandrashekhar Raghunath Nemade

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