10 Things Guys Love About Women

Guys Love More Than Just Your Body

Men love a lot of things about women. We think that you are absolutely amazing, fabulous and you really do deserve this article dedicated to all the things we find fascinating about you. If you’re expecting a lot of blubbering about big butts, boobs and shaved legs, you should know that us guys have put our second brains to bed in preparation to pay tribute to the many other things we love about you!

1. You Know Us Well

We don’t know how you do it, but within a few short months of a relationship, most women know what we’re feeling, what we need and how much to give us. When I pose this question to women, “What gives you the ability to know what we’re thinking,” I usually receive the answer, “We’re nurturers.” ‘Nuff said!

2. Damn, You Have a Lot to Say!

Don’t take this the wrong way, ladies, as this is not only something that fascinates and entertains us, but is one of the qualities we love about you. You may be wondering why it is that your guy like your talking so much, yet he rarely listens? Allow me to explain. Women have many wonderful things to say, but sometimes when our brains are full we begin to compartmentalize this information into a beautiful song. Your voice soothes us like a familiar television rerun, and we can relax and laugh at the funny parts, while tuning out the commercial interruptions.

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3. You Can Solve Problems We Didn’t Know Existed

Every guy has had the experience of going along thinking everything is fine, when suddenly he’s approached by his better half, and told there is a problem. She will raise her voice in concern, then perhaps add a little rage, but then she moves onto compassion. She has looked at every possible angle, and come up with the one solution she thinks will make things better. As long as it does not involve too much work, us guys will smile appreciatively and say, “Okay.”

4. You Put Up With Our Crap

I’m not saying that men are always the bad guys. However, sometimes when we do something wrong and expect a tongue lashing, you choose to let us off with just “a look.” We think, holy crap, I love this woman!

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5. You Put Others Before You

Men can be heroic and compassionate, but women are the true masters of putting others before them. There’s that nurturer thing again.

6. We’re Amazed at How Many of You Want to Sleep With Us!

Studies suggest that most men you know have at one time or another imagined having sex with you. However, what you may not know is most of them smile to themselves with the notion that you probably want to have sex with them too.

7. You’re Always Smiling

Testosterone may be what makes a man macho, and some scientists theorize it may also be responsible for those brooding brows you love so much (Think Edward Cullen of Twilight). Men are at a disadvantage when it comes to being happy. The responsibility may rest on a single gene associated with processing dopamine and serotonin, the stuff that makes people smile. Unfortunately, the testosterone in men’s bodies may hinder the success factor of this gene, limiting our happiness.

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8. You Care How You Look Around Other Women

Men understand the importance of a first impression, but it fascinates us that women seem so concerned about their appearance when going out with a group of other women.

9. You Remember Everything

My wife remembers everything. Me, I remember things the way I want to remember them, regardless of the truth. Unsurprisingly, there is research that suggests men and women use different parts of their brain when keeping track of events. To keep this short (so I don’t forget what I was about to write), women use their emotions to drive their memory to achieve greater detail. Men use a simpler “tactical” form of memory, which means we may remember where a street is, or what’s the best hot dog stand in town. However, when it comes to keeping track of dates, names and faces, our memory falls short. So, there you have it; forgetting anniversaries is not entirely our fault.

10. The Clerk Gives You an Extra Can of Tomato Sauce, and You Drive 20 Miles to Bring it Back

Once again, it is not that guys aren’t moral, but they just have different moral standards. Studies suggest that when men are in competition mode they are more apt to bend the rules in order to be the victor. According to research, this has nothing to do with testosterone, and everything to do with our socio-cultural expectations to be the dominant, macho man. Just remember ladies, everything we do, we do it for you (Insert song by Bryan Adams).

29 thoughts on “10 Things Guys Love About Women

  1. Michele

    All so very true!! I give the look a lot too. Love your way of putting it all so humorous so some types actually will get it too although I think the bad ones didn’t here,lol.:)

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    and on rare occassion you may even read where I tease Eric…. all in fun of course, the teasing goes back to an article he wrote on feet….yes, feet.

    I have ” duck feet “….LOL….size 5 , WW width….LOL LOL…almost as wide as they are long.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Eric does write with a sense of humor….

    I really enjoy reading his articles whether I agree with him or not….it is always interesting to me to read another’s point of view.

    ps…Somebody brought up IQ…..IQ has nothing to do with one’s perspective.

    I belong to Mensa by the way.

  4. Ella

    @ Fuad
    That may be how you experience women but do not generalise.
    It appears you are the one confused!
    Whats that saying?
    Oh yes!
    Like attracts like 🙂

  5. Laurs

    I think that most of the problems are due to conflicts over ownership and miscommunication stereotyping. Men are armed with a taste for killing for fun dominance and violence are agendas for male sense of superiority. Basically women are much smarter. Oh well

  6. faud is a joke

    First I believe you meant fraud. This and your remarkable spelling tells me you are an ass. You have limited experience with women and always will. I am a nurturer and material things mean little to me. Next time fraud I suggest you google women. You surely are clueless. I bet my iq triples in comparison to your own.

  7. arise

    The key to appreciating Eric’s articles is to understand he approaches all subjects with humor. Don’t take what he writes so seriously.

    Rose Ann, I dated an Aspie. Like you I didn’t realize it at first. Luckily, as a double Gemini, I’m more than willing to state the obvious. On one of our early dates he demand to know why I was trying to “stare him down”. I explained, “when people are in love, they look into each others’ eyes.” He said, “Oh. OK.” :^)

    But do yourself a favor, and read Tony Atwood’s book on Asperger’s, if only the chapter on being in a relationship with one. You should know what you’re getting into.

  8. Juli

    Wow, so many snippie people, gosh open your hearts a little to the possibility of genuine thoughts of someone else…. It is sooooo much easier to pen what we really think and feel than to verbalize it……
    Most people need to find the positive ness in themselves first…….way before thinking about relationships…..
    Good luck and happy new Year!

  9. sue

    you are so right……..honestly its all true what you say. Really ladies let go of your ego and read these one more time and you will see yourself in some of these comments.

    its actually nice to see that he took the time to actually be honest and admit that is what they love about us.

    Happy New Year

  10. Fuad

    Dear confused man,
    Let me tell you man. women are like small kinds with a lot of shortfalls. they see the material world and not like men who think deeper when it comes to issues. men plan to win while women plan to lose. the article you have above does not reflect the other perception of reality with women. i don’t agree with your attitude towards women IQ. they believe in heresays and can easily be swayed by other women ideologies. Bye Happy new year

  11. Laura

    Ah,this doesn’t have anything to do with this particular article,nor am I talking about this article alone. … but are some of the responses written by staff at Californis Psychic in general? Seems as though they may be.

  12. mary m

    Wow I’m shocked at the reactions to this article. Give him a break these are his thoughts publicized for you. Everyone who has read this article can most likely add or subtract things from it to make it fit for them. BUT THIS IS WHAT HE LOVES ABOUT WOMEN. I didn’t agree with every single thing but I enjoyed it for the most part. Happy New Years and ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!

  13. Rose Ann Farese

    some is true some and most not! my friend has Aspergers and I did not realize this until I asked my son (he is a therapist)what does it mean when someone doesn’t look you straight in the eye and does not like to be hugged or kissed or cuddle or touched in certain ways! He told me they were symptoms of Aspergers syndrome! We have terrific chemistry!At first I got angry at him but now I understand his quirks! we have been seeing each other for almost a year now and the chemistry is still there
    Aspies are notoriously bad communicaters and lack social skills so I got angry for nothing!
    communication is the key to any relationship and honesty!
    It doesn’t matter who is doing the communicating as long as you keep it up!

  14. gory


    this one man i loved for over 20 yrs, not until 2009 , did we get together than only because he
    said he was single, i fell for it, i am divorced. we dated for 10 months, one day he leaves me and takes a trip not telling me left me in a bad crisis, to find out he left with another women when he came back he left me, i was sick to my stomach. one year later i got cancer than he called , i let him back in because i wanted to know reasons. now he claims he is alone and wants me back i dont trust him anymore, i think he is still with her she is a fake blonde from SI. she also works for this person (Fran) she is stuck with this loser, new year new path.

  15. lillian

    Why is it that a guy wants to date two women at the same time? And they both live in the same area,only one knows about the other.

  16. Marge

    My husband and I have been speared for two year this coming may, I still love him for he was the one who left. Where do I stand? 🙁

  17. Angela

    Good article I may so so myself. I do agree with what this article is saying about men and women just the same. Women are more on top of what guys consider to be trivial matters.

  18. Barbara Benschop

    Does my ex partner still love me enough to be together with me.
    me….., 03/26/1944
    Fred Fuhrmann ……… 05/05/1950

  19. RVG

    What a foolish and feeble attempt to distort reality!
    What kind of dumb asskisser are you? Do you really believe that your deranged concepts of womens greatness are the standard for all men?
    What balls! (or lack of!) Did you get caught in the cookie-jar and need to kiss your way out?

    Get off it pal. Your comments, if even partially true, only apply to the very few and very seldom.
    You seem to have left out the dozen other things that make life with and appreciating wonen, so difficult.
    The hardest parts are the apologists and b——t dreamers like you.
    Happy New Year…Mr. Inferior.. you don’t speak for me or the zillions of other men with open eyes and working brains!

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Happy New Year, Eric….

    I didnt know whether to laugh or cry over this article, I think I did a bit of both….especially over #’s 4 , 5 , & 6.

    Interesting article.

  21. Ladylou

    Sorry! Most of this is alot of crap. If I have an issue with my mate – verbal communication at a private time is imperative and not just a look. Driving 20 miles to return a can of tomato sauce is ridiculous – far too busy. Always smiling – not so, sounds like a Barbie doll to me or maybe the Stepford Wives. Easy to bed – maybe that is the major problem with beginning relationships today. Get to know each other first – than experience the sex of a lifetime – (if you like each other, or course) When I work out at the gym – I do not dress to impress other woman ever. I am dressed to work hard. Remember everything? Hardly! you just think we do because of the way we deliver it. My husband remembers dates much more than I do. As far as knowing you well?! I have been married for thirty years and my husband still gives me some surprises. As far as what I would like you to love about women the most – I would hope it would be as a friend on the feminine side of the equation; instead, of a male bonding experience at a football game. Don’t let this article take away your individuality – because you are an unique person and will be respected by a woman for being your own leader and not a follower.

  22. Lynda uk

    Hmmmmmm ! Looks like you’re bigging us up to get the best deal for yourselves…all that mummy nurturing stuff..bit of a turn off H.appy New Year anyway always


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