The Boy Who Lived Before

Cameron Macauley is a truly unique child – when the Scottish boy was only two years old he began recounting his past life experiences… of the island of Barra off the coast of Scotland. Macauley, a native of Glasgow, had never been to the island. Evidence of reincarnation? Child psychologists were stumped…

Ever since he could talk, Cameron has been telling stories of his life on Barra, a remote island in the Outer Hebrides, some 220 miles from his current home in Glasgow. He describes in detail his childhood on the island: the white house he lived in, the black-and-white dog he walked on the beach. He talks about his mother, seven siblings and his father, Shane Robertson, who died when he was run over by a car.

Nothing strange about all that. Except the fact that Cameron is only five years old now; his memories seem to be of a former life. Cameron’s stories have become increasingly more detailed since he first started telling them, and the shock of him insisting “I’m a Barra boy, I’m a Barra boy” has worn off a little. But his emotional attachment to his ‘Barra mum’ concerns his mother, and there’s clearly something going on in the poor kid’s head when he says, “My real barra dad doesn’t look left and right.” Intrigued by her enigmatic son, Cameron’s mother Norma has decided to investigate his claims.

(Read another article about the boy here, and check out video here.)

What do you think – is Macauley’s case evidence for reincarnation?

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One thought on “The Boy Who Lived Before

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Really cool article !!!!!

    I’ve read many, many stories like this……all lending credence to past lives and reincarnation.

    Yes, Macauley’s case is REAL evidence for reincarnation…….

    …..also notice how this child doesn’t launch into account of being famous or of being anyone outstanding taken from TV characters or media characters……..just recalls a simple basic past life experience in extraordinary detail…..

    Great article….

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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