Dating After 50

So your career is well on its way and you have (enough) financial abundance in your life. The kids are (relatively) out of the nest and it’s time to enhance your romantic life. But Dating at 50 isn’t like dating at 20…

And you know what? This is excellent news! You know who you are now and you know what you want. You’re also acutely aware of what you don’t want. You know what really interests you… what is meaningful to you… and how to make yourself happy. All of this translates to an ineffable, internal confidence that makes you very alluring to men.

If you’re ready to date again, use these suggestions to kick-start your new frame of mind – and ultimately, your new life:

Indulge yourself
Meet with a personal shopper to give your style a new edge, have your make-up done at a department store with a cool, new product line that specializes in hip looks over 40 (like Bobbi Brown). Take a regular yoga class, hike every week or take up golf. All of these fun activities will add to your vitality and make you more attractive. Plus, they’ll make you feel fantastic. And we all know there’s nothing more attractive than confidence.

Sing it loud
If you’ve been single (or single mom) for a while, it may not occur to friends, associates or family members that you’re looking to date. So let your personal and professional circles know that you’re ready to go out and about. You can even go so far as to ask them if they know anyone you might be interested in. Also, go through people in your mind and contact list who you’ve met in the past and see if anyone may be suitable for your present (new!) state of mind. Say, a casual business contact that was attractive, but you weren’t ready to date yet. Look some people up from your past… you might be surprised!

Just do it
Follow your current interests even further. For instance, if you love to sail (or always wanted to learn), take sailing classes or join a sailing group who take trips together. Or simply join a travel group (research them online). If you’re concerned with the environment, get involved in a group that does green activism or education. This political season is full of surprises. Go to a rally, volunteer to campaign and get involved, you’ll meet folks of a similar political stripe and expand your range of contacts. Expanding your territory will naturally put you into range of new people, and since you’re pursuing a genuine interest, there’s likely to be a deeper connection if you do meet someone through these channels.

Should you or shouldn’t you?
You’ve thought about it. You’ve head the horror stories and the success stories. But you’re just not sure if online dating is for you. Ah, why not give it a go? What have you got to lose? A lot of people have met their partners through this channel. Use these tips: Stick with the established sites. Have your best friend write your profile so that it includes your most charming qualities. Post a realistic picture of yourself that shows your spirit coming through (not too revealing unless you just want sex). If you decide to meet up with someone you met online, make the first meeting for coffee in a public place. Trust your gut instincts. Don’t mention your address or workplace until you’ve done a bit of online research on your suitor first.

Change your habits
At the very least, take advantage of little opportunities, instead of grabbing a latte on the go, go to a Coffee Bean & Tealeaf near work and linger over your coffee, something to read or your laptop. Instead of piling out to lunch with co-workers, slip off to someplace off the beaten track to explore and observe others. You may notice someone, or they may notice you! In other words, creatively use your daily routine to put you in the orbit of new people.

Basically, be your best, keep your eyes open and have fun. It’s really as simple as that!

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