Create a Couples Journal

Remembering Your Milestones to Create Perfect Intimacy

Sex isn’t the only way loving couples can express the intimacy of their relationship. Sharing your dreams, accomplishments, and milestones forges a golden bond strengthened even more when mutual gratitude is in the mix. Writing a private journal, only accessible by the two of you, is one way to put a big red bow on the gift of your love.

Choosing Your Media

Keeping a journal isn’t tough to do. It takes time, but one of your pleasures is spending time together. One lovely thing about starting a journal is choosing the tools to use in the writing. Spend a comfy evening together planning your project and selecting the pleasing things you’ll use.

If you’re a technology-oriented couple, you might search online for journal software. Some programs are free, some have a small up-front cost, and some are subscription based. Two I like:

LifeJournal — Cost for the full version is about $45, and you can download a free trial version. LifeJournal is as satisfying as a paper journal, and much easier to deal with. It has lots of ways to customize the software. I found it fun to use.

My Journal — Costs under $20. I haven’t used it myself, but it has gotten nice reviews online and is certainly worth a look. There are others; search around.

One huge advantage to using digital journals is that either partner can quickly sign on to the journal and jot down some thoughts at his or her convenience whether at work, traveling, or at home. For me, this means more chances to add entries. Later, when time allows, you can come together and read the latest. Sip a glass of wine or a cup of incredible coffee or tea, and treasure the moments.

If technology just won’t cut it for you in your intimate moments, grab your lover and head for the mall or your favorite book store or gift shop. There are as many types of journals as there are personalities. You’ll find gorgeous covers with photographs or graphics in full color. The pages range from plain paper to gold edged and highest quality papers. Journals come with and without locks, though digital encryption is way more secure than a keyed lock. Don’t forget to buy a couple of wonderful pens with a slinky flow of ink.

Paper based-books give tactile pleasure. You can snuggle on the sofa while you pen your entries. The book can be slipped under your pillow to inspire dreams. We can agree it would be a challenge to slip a laptop under your pillow.

What to Journal

You have the journal, now what? There’s no limit to what you can preserve for all time in your precious book, digital or tactile. Here are some quick start ideas.

Begin with a testament of your love. Write an entry telling your partner why you fell in love with them and how much that love deepens day by day. Add to that often.

Pictures. Each is worth a million memories. Add drawings or photographs that underline your feelings and express your joy, your sadness, your hope, and your challenges.

Affirmations. Whenever you need a little help or a boost over a rough place, ask your partner to create and journal an affirmation for you to say each day. The affirmation expresses his view of your value. Example: “I am a lovely, intelligent woman who will find my way through this challenge and discover something better.”

Special happenings. Journal the things that make you a couple—events, activities, vacations, triumphs, failures. Write about how you experienced these things as a couple.

Sexy and passionate moments. Need I say more? Whisper of your pleasure.

Expressions of gratitude. Spend a few moments writing about how grateful you are to have each other. Be specific. Be loving. Be sincere.

“Most importantly, live each day in gratitude.” – Lucy ext. 5353

Why an Intimate Journal is Essential

We’re all busy, and it’s easy to take life’s blessings for granted. You can’t predict what will come as you journey through your time here. When, together, you share your vulnerable secret thoughts there’s an expression of total trust. What a sweet way to preserve your intimate life.

“Believing in love is often a theme interwoven as we go about our daily routines.” – Althea ext. 9582

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This is a great idea…..makes for wonderful memories !!!!

    A scrapbook type journal would be nice too.


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