Your Money Horoscope for March 2012

March is a Month of Abundance

March 2012 will be a month where finance is the focus in the world and in our personal lives – not that it’s ever low in importance. But the middle of this month brings truly good news financially, as well as in resolving relationship issues, whether they are between nations or people. This is a month to look for abundance, joy in a special area of your life, whatever your Sun Sign. This is a special time for very charismatic figures to rise to sudden fortune. Maybe that person will be you. 

While Taurus is the lucky sign that will have Venus’s blessings with Jupiter in a wonderful triangle with her lover Mars (also great love and sex at this time!) and “windfall” Pluto, every sign receives this gift somewhere in their chart. Just be certain to include others in your good fortune, and your dreams may just come true.

Aries: Lucky you! Venus is in your 2nd House of money matters where she is right at home. The first part of the month will be cleaning up old bills from the past, but the last half will be great for your investments, cash flow and career.

Taurus: Wow – this is your month! Mark your calendar for March 14 to make any type of presentation from a doctoral thesis to a creative project, or to just rely on your sex appeal to bring a windfall of some sort. Want to make the most of this month? Talk with Psychic Tansy ext. 5289 with a strong background in business.

Gemini: This month, you will see money from the past, inheritance and investments, possibly even an old settlement you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to enjoy things earned in the past.

Cancer: You’ve had so many challenges during the first part of the year that this happy sky pattern is for you. Friends, partners and communications all bring delights and benefit to you.

Leo: Career, career, career… money, money money – Your special gift from the skies is all about your workplace and public persona… Shine on Leo, everyone loves what you’re doing. Just remember the “little people.”

Virgo: Nothing can stop you now regarding your finances, creative endeavors, education and travel. Put that creation of yours before the public and reap the rewards.

Libra: If you’ve been waiting for that investment or inheritance to come in so that you can buy or sell your house, this could be exactly when it happens. Real estate could bring a windfall.

Scorpio: If you’ve been waiting for a marriage proposal or simply wanting great romance and sex with your partner – late April should do the trick. If the marriage proposal falls short, expect a gift to make up the difference.

Sagittarius: Your financial health gets a boost, and either a great trip or good news regarding your education, health and career/workplace will brighten your month.

Capricorn: About that creative business deal or project you’ve been pursuing… You are about to see the wonderful benefits to all that work and planning, and through that, you will “transform” who you are.

Aquarius: You will see surprising, yet beneficial endings of things this month. What is born of that will be a true blessing to you, your home and your investments.

Pisces: Your outstanding communications will bring you a bonanza with partners, friends and siblings. Expect kind and appreciative things to take place from your total loving generosity.

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31 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for March 2012

  1. mike

    i could use the money to get my finances back in order nlive a better life which includes helping the less fortuneit.

  2. Andrew

    How i wish this will come TRUE. I PROMISE I WOULD MAKE GOOD USE OF THE MONEY AND I WOULD BE SO GLAD HELPING ANYONE THAT NEEDS HELP. I am looking forward to the end of the month. GOD BLESS.

  3. commy

    I know this will happen because i can hear de sound of aboundance for my career and my finances,restoration will come so i can help those in need, put smile on their faces.

  4. sandraG

    I think you all are wanderfull and i am so happy to have the daily horoscope to read yhen i get home at night ,i am sorry i dont have the money to get a full reading from one of you .can you tell me my b/f ishaveing problem i love him very much can you tell me if we are going to get back together and get marry . could you help me to win some money ,could you give my my numberod the month.

  5. Gyne

    It is not very hard to share our blessings to everyone especially to those who are really in need. . . . if our blessings are flowing or more than enough. I really Love to see someone or everybody who are also happy. FEEL na Feel! Ang sarap nang Pakiramdam parang laging bagong paligo.

  6. bertha

    why am i so unlucky , when it comes to winning a little money a bingo, and when i do i can’t
    hold on to it at all. i always get close early in the game, but the next person always win.

  7. Cathy

    I need a windfall so bad maybe i could learn the have a Life again. Well as much as possible with my illnesses.

  8. Carole A Hugo

    When you have nothing, always believe you have something! If the thought is brought from the invisible to the visible, then believe you have what you have thought! I truly believe, that I am about to receive a financial breakthrough! I have been without any financial assistance since the 1st January 2012, so ask and you will always receive, seek and you will always find, knock on doors and they will always be opened for you!

  9. Michael

    I would be happy to finally see if this psychic stuff really works. As for the money if it is just a fluke that I receive anything from anywhere. I get things in my inbox that I have inherited millions from someone I don’t know everyday or I have wont something. But they are things that don’t come true because someone is always trying to scam someone for something mainly money.

  10. Lisa

    Reading the previous comments, its kind of nice knowing I am not alone. I am at the brink of total disaster. I beleive that one day I will be repaid for my honesty and morals. A windfall ( I just want a job in my field and get paid as well as I did before got laid off. I hope everyones dream comes true sometime in thier life. We all deserve it.

  11. Richard McMahon

    I am in desperate need for this wind fall. My life depends on it. I do not need a huge one, but somthing to get me by in life If it is large it shall go to others that are in need. I promise.

  12. Jeffrey

    I burning with desire to experience windfall (in monetary) at this time of the year. I have struggled too much in life to help myself and many other miserable who come to me for solace.
    If windfall /luck strucks me, many other people who come to me for answers will also benefit a lot .
    Still dreaming of luck and abundance in life.

  13. dorothy

    I really wish I could afford to have a full reading because I so many things going on in my life. First I’m unemployed I had to stop working to take care of my mom and sister who both have chronic heart failure and many more illness. My finance is bad. And I’m on this dating site and I think four men are trying to scam me. If you can advised me on what to do I’m so lost.

  14. barbara jenkins

    i think all of you are amazing. i just wish that i could afford to pay you for a full reading. I do feel that i am going to be blessed by the universe with a settlement that i have been told i may expect due to an unfortunate injury. i am not trying to get something for nothing, but i know that i can help others with my good fortune, and that means a lot to me. If i am blessed by God and the universe, i always pass on my good fortune to others. i believe that is the only way to be thankful for what i recieve. Money is nothing unless you can help others who need good fortune too. thank you for all the time you have spent with me.

  15. Anne

    I hope there is a windfall. I don’t want to be my b/f prisoner forever. I’d like to go back to school. Find a job. I’d like to make something of myself. Be something in this lifetime. I want my freedom and independence.


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